Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP


ADs for WP is an Advanced Ad Inserter solution built for WordPress & AMP. Easy to Use, Unlimited Incontent Ads, Adsense, Premium Features and more


  • NEW: Ads Performance Analytics with reports & insights (supports AMP as well)
  • NEW: View Deep Insights of your traffic and Revenue with reports and data. It gives an overview of Mobile VS Desktop, AMP vs Non-AMP of your Traffic & Ad revenue including the comparision of previous time.
  • NEW: Conditional Display to help you target ads.
  • NEW: AD blocker Support
  • NEW: Ad Revenue Sharing that supports all the ad networks and AMP.
  • NEW: Infolinks Support Added
  • NEW: support added
  • NEW: Ad Now Support Added
  • AdSense Auto Ads Support
  • Ad Groups with AMP Support
  • Ad Widget added
  • Ad expiry and scheduling option added
  • AMP Compatibility: Seamless integration with AMP for WP & AMP by Automattic.
  • Unlimited Ads
  • Google Adsense Support
  • Custom Ad HTML support
  • Support
  • Ads Shortcode
  • Post Specific Ads Control
  • Easily inject Between the content, After the content or Before the content.
  • Migrate from Advanced Ads plugin with One Click!
  • NEW: Align and set margins easily

Active Development:

We are actively developing this plugin and our aim is to make this plugin into the #1 solution in the world. You can Request a Feature or Report a Bug. The code is hosted on Github.

Development Roadmap:

  • Visitor Conditions: Find out if the user is coming from a Device, Website, date, a URL, location, language, Parameter, User Agent and many more.
  • A/B Testing: Find out which ads perform the most and how you can improve the ad revenue further.
  • GDPR & Privacy tools: We have got the GDPR and other privacy tools planned so that you don’t have to worry about complying with privacy laws.
  • Click Fraud Protection: Helps you fight the click fraud and helps you stabilize the ad revenue.
  • Responsive Ads: We will be adding the responsive support to Ads to give the best viewability to ads on devices.
  • Innovation & Disruption: We are constantly evolving our product and going to introduce new features which are not being used by anyone in the world.
  • View Full Development Roadmap

Technical Support

Support is provided in Forum. You can also Contact us, our turn around time on email is around 12 hours.



good plugin for AMP pages

I have been using this plugin for AMP Pages for some days. This plugin works well and has many advanced features. I found only one problem. It stops showing ads after few hours and I need to press edit ad and update button to restart it. Would you please resolve it. It deserve 5* if problem is resolved. Thanks

Great AdSense tool

This plugin comes with many advanced features for free. I've been testing it for a while and it works fine, though I had concern when my AdSense earnings dropped a little, I think this is due to caching tool I use. Hope developers can work more to resolve the cache related problem. Thanks for a great resource anyway.

Great Plugin

A great plugin to integrate advertising with different channels. A great job guys

Awesome plugin !!

Awesome plugin !! and very best Team, they helped me a lot to be the best for my blog, Thank you for your great job
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios

1.7 (31 May 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Auto ads loads with extra sticky ad amp tag #192
  • Bug Fixed: Amp compatiblity option is not working on auto ads #189
  • Bug Fixed: Draft group post and still is being displayed. #164
  • Bug Fixed: Debug Warnings (#179, #188)
  • Bug Fixed: Debug Notice #159

1.6 (25 March 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Security improvement.

1.5 (04 March 2019)

  • Added : AD to be displayed after every number(XX) of paragraphs #154
  • Added : Sponsorship Label that Displays a Word such as «Ad» above the Ad #153

1.4.1 (02 March 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Ads migrator from AMPforWP ads is not properly working.
  • Bug Fixed: Multiple calls are happening while checking user IP in User Targeting (Ticket was re-opened). #148

1.4 (16 February 2019)

  • Added: Showing monthly ads stats inside analytics section by passing ad id or clicking on ad impression or clicks in ad list ( impression, clicks etc.. )#130
  • Added: Display positioning of AMP and non-AMP should be combined into one dropdown #146
  • Bug Fixed: Multiple calls are happening while checking user IP in User Targeting. #148

1.3 (30 January 2019)

  • Added: Sticky ad support for adsense (Only AMP)
  • Added: Doubleclick (DFP) ad support for AMP and NON AMP
  • Added: Ad Inserter Plugin ( ) importer. It will import all block ads to ads-for-wp (Note: Ad Inserter Plugin which is available on
  • Added: AD Performance Tracking Option ( Users can choose whether they want to track ads impressions and clicks or not)
  • Bug Fixed: Normal adsense ad shows responsive even when the responsive option is disabled #135

1.2 (17 January 2019)

  • New Feature: Background Ad Type
  • New Feature: User targeting by Cookie
  • Added: Support for MGID Ads & Taboola Ads in custom ads type
  • Added: Delete all settings, ads and groups ads at one click
  • Added: Option to filter ads list by ad type
  • Added: Prepared for localization to make plugin translatable
  • Improvement: Notice box to ask for review in day interval should not be shown again, if users click no thanks button
  • Bug Fixed: Update wheretodisplayamp while importing Ads from AMPforWP #125
  • Bug Fixed: If auto ads is selected, then AMP Display Positioning in AMP section should be hidden #114
  • Bug Fixed: Warning issue when no Ads are setup. #128

1.1 (20 December 2018)

  • New Feature: Sticky display type added in banner ad type for amp or non amp
  • New Feature: Option to filter ads list by display type
  • New Feature: Show ads on specific theme element
  • New Feature: User targeting by Geo Location
  • Bug Fixed: For the outgoing links in banner ads, need to add rel=»nofollow» #117

1.0.9 (26th November 2018)

  • New Feature: Responsive Size Option
  • New Feature: New Visitor Conditions (URL Parameters)
  • New Feature: Advance option in display type between the content. Display ads using different html elements count on content. Example div, img etc.)
  • Label Changed: Renamed some labels for better understanding of context

1.0.8 (16th November 2018)

  • New Feature: Importer and Exporter (Copy Ads for WP complete data from one site to another with one click )
  • UX improvement: Renamed some labels for better understanding of context
  • Bug Fixed: AMP content disappear after setting AMP Display Positioning in group ads. #108
  • Bug Fixed: wp_mail conflict with SendGrid. #107
  • Bug Fixed: Queries optimization( for fast loading of ads ). #94

1.0.7 (26th October 2018)

  • New Feature: Visitor Conditions (limit the number of users who can see your ad)
  • New Feature: AMP Display Positioning
  • New Feature: AMPforWP Ads Migration tool
  • New Feature: AMPforWP Advanced Ads Migration tool
  • Added notifcations to review on day interval
  • Advanced Ads migration tool button will remain visible whether Advanced Ads install or not.
  • Bug Fix: In Image Banner Ad, Anchor link is not working in AMP. #85
  • Bug Fix: Group ads are showing deleted ad as blank on page. #97
  • Bug Fix: Amp analytics js appears twice. #94
  • Bug Fix: Extra character «ss» is coming with amp normal ad. #93

1.0.6 (03th October 2018)

  • Full Release Post on
  • Major Milestone Feature: Ads Performance Analytics with reports & insights (supports AMP as well)
  • Bug Fix: Ads not working in the Widgets #79
  • Bug Fix: Auto Ads were appearing only on Single, not Globally. #81

1.0.5 (11th September 2018)

  • Full Release Post on:
  • Major Feature: AD blocker Support –
  • Major Feature: Conditional Display to help you target ads on specific location.
  • Major Feature: Ad Revenue Sharing that supports all the ad networks and AMP.
  • Infolinks Support Added
  • support added
  • Ad Now Support Added
  • New Feature: Ad Scheduling with expiration support. You can control when to run the ads and expire after certain time.
  • New Feature: Ads alignment Feature: You can set margin to each and every ad.
  • New Feature: Contact form embeded directly you can easily get in touch with our support team.
  • New Feature: Emebed popup added which allows you to get the shortcode or PHP code for you to embed.
  • New Feature: Show only in AMP feature.
  • New Feature: Ad Alignment feature
  • Ad Rotation with groups Improved with performance.
  • Bug Fix: Auto ads were not loading properly has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Media upload didn’t had the link version:
  • Debug errors resolved
  • and many other improvements

1.0.4 (23th August 2018)

  • Major Feature: AdSense Auto Ads support added
  • Bug fix: Ad was not displaying #36 ( )
  • Minor bugs fixed

1.0.3 (14th August 2018)

  • MAJOR Update: Ad groups feature added
  • Small bug with custom ads code area.
  • Widget added for you to add unlimited ads anywhere you want.

1.0.2 (3rd August 2018)

  • Ads not showing in the old posts bug fixed
  • Pointers added for help.
  • Optin Capability Added

1.0.1 (27th July 2018)

  • Ad Support
  • Minor improvements

1.0 (25th July 2018)

  • Initial Release