Advanced Woo Search


Advanced Woo Search – powerful search plugin for WooCommerce. Supports AJAX search and search results page display.

Principales Características

  • Buscar productos – Buscar en todos tus productos de Woocommerce
  • Search in – Search in product title, content, excerpt, categories, tags, ID and sku. Or just in some of them
  • Página de ajustes – Página de ajustes de fácil uso con muchas opciones
  • Shortcode and widget – Use shortcode and widget to place search box anywhere you want
  • Imagen de producto – Cada resultado de búsqueda contiene la imagen del producto
  • Precio de producto – Cada resultado de búsqueda contiene el precio del producto
  • Términos de búsqueda – Buscar por categorías y etiquetas de producto
  • Orden inteligente – Resultados de búsqueda ordenados por la prioridad de la fuente donde se hayan encontrado
  • Rápido – Nada extra. Solo lo que necesitas para un trabajo adecuado.
  • Stop Words support to exclude certain words from search.
  • Supports variable products
  • Search results page support. Plugin search results will be integrated to your current page layout.
  • Automatically synchronize all products data. No need to re-index all content manually after avery change.
  • Plurals support
  • Synonyms support
  • Diacritical marks support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Seamless integration option for easy replacing your current search form
  • WPML, Polylang, WooCommerce Multilingual, qTranslate support
  • WPML multi-currency support
  • Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin support
  • Search Exclude plugin support

Premium Features

Additional features available only in PRO plugin version.

Premium Version Demo

  • Search results layouts
  • Search form layouts
  • Filters. Switch between tabs to show different search results
  • Unlimited amount of search form instances
  • Search for custom taxonomies and attributes archive pages
  • Support for variable products: show child products, parent product or both in search results.
  • Product attributes search ( including custom attributes)
  • Product custom taxonomies search
  • Product custom fields search
  • Users search
  • Advanced settings page with lot of options
  • Exclude/include spicific products by its ids, taxonomies or attributes from search results
  • Ability to specify source of image for search results: featured image, gallery, product content, product short description or set default image if there is no other images
  • Visibility/stock status option – choose what catalog visibility and stock status must be for product to displayed in search results
  • Show product categories and tags in search results
  • AND or OR search logic
  • Add to cart button in search results
  • Support for WooCommerce Brands plugin
  • Support for Advanced Custom Fields plugin

Features list

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  • Search from front-end view
  • Search form in sidebar added as widget
  • Plugin settings page. General options
  • Plugin settings page. Search form options
  • Plugin settings page. Search results options


  1. Sube advanced-woo-search al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress
  3. Coloca el shortcode del plugin [aws_search_form] dentro de tu tema o entrada/página o simplemente úsalo en un widget


Knowledge Base

You can find solutions and answers at the Advanced Woo Search guide.

¿Cómo insertar el formulario de búsqueda?

Puedes usar los widgets para colocar el formulario de búsqueda del plugin en tu barra lateral.

O simplemente usa este shortcode para mostrar formularios dentro de tus entradas/páginas:


O inserta esta función dentro del archivo php (a menudo usado para insertar dentro de archivos de plantilla de página):

echo do_shortcode( '[aws_search_form]' );

Is this plugin compatible with latest version of Woocommerce?

Yep. This plugin is always compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce?


27 de julio de 2020
Very nice search plugin. Does exactly what I needed. Their customer service was excellent. I wanted to make some changes to the styling of the search bar and they responded me quickly and I got the results I wanted!
21 de julio de 2020
Don't worry about anything ! Any question u ask is answered, and fast. The plugin is great as is,... and the support makes it even better. Buy it, you won't regret it.
20 de julio de 2020
Great plugin, and does everything I would expect. was thinking of getting the full version but then noticed that it no loner works correctly if I am logged in as a user with certain credentials. I.e works fine for search on website if not logged in, or as admin, but I have wholesale accounts on it and when a wholesale user is logged in certain product names no longer provide a result. Once I log out as wholesale user it works again. Anybody else came across this and know a fix? 5 stars if I get this going Thanks!!
29 de junio de 2020
I have always had difficulty having complete search results and displayed correctly. With this plugin all my problems are over, I tested more than 6 plugins, and this was the best of all! Thank you very much, you guys are awesome.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Advanced Woo Search» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Add – Seamless integration for Woodmart theme
  • Update – Admin ajax requests
  • Fix – Synonyms search for taxonomies archives


  • Fix – Search results layout positions
  • Fix – Search results page query
  • Update – Wholesale plugin support. Add categories excluding
  • Dev – Add aws_search_query_string filter
  • Dev – Add aws_image_size filter


  • Add – Support for Perfect Brands for WooCommerce plugin
  • Update – Show ajax block in top if no space at bottom
  • Update – Taxonomies search
  • Dev – Add aws_results_html js filter


  • Add – Add BeRocket WooCommerce AJAX Products Filter plugin support
  • Add – Add WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace plugin support for users search
  • Dev – Add aws_products_search_page_filtered filter
  • Dev – Add aws_search_page_filters filter


  • Add – Seamless integration for Elementor plugin search module
  • Add – Widget for Elementor plugin
  • Add – Module for Divi Builder plugin
  • Update – Styles for settings page


  • Add – German language translation
  • Update – Show re-index table notice only for relevant users


  • Add – Support for Ultimate Member plugin
  • Add – Support for WP all import plugin
  • Add – Allow some html tags for «Nothing found» message
  • Update – Remove Divi builder plugin dynamic text shortcodes from the product content
  • Add – Jupiter theme seamless integration
  • Fix – Bug with not sync product stock status with plugin index table on status change
  • Fix – Quantity ordering for search results page
  • Dev – aws_before_strip_shortcodes filter
  • Dev – aws_search_page_results filter
  • Dev – aws-focus class name when focus on search form


  • Update – Search page ordering. Add order by quantity
  • Update – Remove sql query from output
  • Dev – Add aws_products_order filter


  • Update – OceanWp theme integration
  • Fix – Bug with product short description search
  • Fix – SKU string translation
  • Dev – Add aws_reindex_product action to re-index single product by its ID


  • Update – Add SQL query inside responce
  • Update – Seamless integration JS method
  • Update – Divi theme integration


  • Update – Fully compatible with WooCommerce 4.0
  • Update – Increase memory and time limit for index process
  • Update – Ocean WP theme integration update
  • Dev – Add new parameter for aws_extracted_terms filter
  • Dev – Update taxonomies search class


  • Add – Mobile full screen search option
  • Fix – Search form markup


  • Fix – Ajax request cache problem
  • Fix – Polylang plugin fix search results page URL


  • Update – Ajax function
  • Update – Twenty Twenty theme integration
  • Update – Default settings values. Enable search page support by default
  • Fix – WP AutoTerms plugin conflict
  • Fix – Elementor plugin search page template
  • Fix – Visibility get function for old WooCommerce versions


  • Add – Synonyms support for taxonomies search
  • Add – aws_tax_search_data filter
  • Fix – Taxonomies search
  • Fix – Remove potential link from product pricing


  • Update – Flatsome theme support
  • Update – Taxonomies search query
  • Fix – Bug with exclude filter for taxonomies search
  • Add – aws_search_tax_exclude filter


  • Add – aws_terms_search_query filter
  • Add – aws_search_terms_description filter
  • Add – Support for Elementor pop-up templates
  • Fix – taxonomies search with special characters bug
  • Fix – bug with search results page cache
  • Update – aws_searchbox_markup filter new parameter


  • Update – Search query fix


  • Add – Highlight option
  • Fix – Index method bug


  • Add – WooCommerce Product Table plugin support
  • Add – aws_highlight_tag filter
  • Update – Search query speed-up. Removed unused lines
  • Update – Avada theme integration
  • Update – Settings page text


  • Fix – Bug with search results sorting
  • Update – Hide disabled variations from search


  • Update – Speed-up index process
  • Update – Speed-up search
  • Update – Generatepress theme integration
  • Update – Ocean WP theme integration
  • Update – Get shortcodes content during the index
  • Add – awsShowingResults js event
  • Fix – Search page bug with multiple searches per load


  • Add – Seamless integration with Divi builder
  • Add – Seamless integration for Shopkeeper theme
  • Add – aws_js_seamless_selectors filter
  • Update – When fail index process will start from latest added product, not from the start
  • Update – Search results box layout fixes
  • Update – qTranslate plugin fix
  • Fix – Synonyms support for phrases


  • Update – Add indexes for table
  • Update – Cache query sql


  • Add – Support for Maya shop theme
  • Add – Support for Generatepress theme
  • Update – Plurals support


  • Fix – Bug with WooCommerce attributes filter widget. Now its display proper number of attributes on search page
  • Fix – Filter by attributes on search results page. Now search results works proper with multiple attributes filters
  • Fix – WooCommerce price filter widget bug
  • Fix – Search page queries
  • Add – aws_index_apply_filters filter
  • Update – aws_indexed_data filter filter
  • Update – Improve synonyms support


  • Add – Support for Google Analytics site search feature
  • Update – Plugin settings page
  • Fix – Bug with search results page products count


  • Add – Rtl text support
  • Add – Uninstall file to clear all plugin data during uninstall
  • Fix – Divi theme integrations


  • Add – Synonyms support
  • Add – Search by product ID
  • Fix – Divi theme integration bug with double search form
  • Fix – Bug with cache for search results
  • Fix – Support for WooCommerce hooks
  • Fix – Support for search exclude plugin


  • Update – Better plurals search support
  • Add – Divi theme seamless integration
  • Add – Wholesale plugin support


  • Fix – Order by price bug on search results page
  • Update – plugin text domain
  • Add – ru translation ( thanks to @hdelta045 )
  • Update – styles for search form
  • Update – styles for search form on mobile devices
  • Update – search results image size
  • Add – seamless integration for Astra theme
  • Update – settings page text


  • Update – Markup of search form
  • Dev – Add new parameters for ajax call


  • Fix – Brands filter for search results page
  • Fix – Polylang plugin search results page URL
  • Update – filters parameters


  • Fix – Issue with not working search page when using Elementor page builder
  • Fix – Issue with not working search page when using Divi page builder
  • Update – Order by statement for products


  • Add – Relevance search for terms
  • Dev – Add aws_search_terms_number filter


  • Fix – Tax search exact matching bug
  • Fix – Empty tax in search results bug
  • Update – Settings page text


  • Fix – Index table sync for WPML translations


  • Dev – Update security checks
  • Dev – Update nonce check


  • Dev – Update security checks
  • Dev – Add aws_front_data_parameters filter


  • Update – Styles for plugin settings page
  • Dev – Add aws_search_results_tax_archives filter
  • Dev – Clear code for all unused stuff


  • Dev – Add aws_search_query_array filter
  • Dev – Send page url with ajax request


  • Update search page support


  • Fix YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin support


  • Fix issue with Polylang plugin support
  • Fix filters for search results page
  • Add aws_title_search_result filter
  • Add aws_excerpt_search_result filter


  • Update porto theme support
  • Add aws_search_tax_results filter
  • Add support for old WooCommerce versions ( 2.x )


  • Fix Google Analytics events
  • Fix jQuery errors
  • Add Enfold theme support
  • Add Porto theme support
  • Add aws_indexed_data filter


  • Fix stopwords
  • Fix markup for finded words in products content


  • Update cron job action
  • Update Protected Categories plugin integration
  • Update B2B Market plugin integration
  • Add WC Marketplace plugin integration
  • Add new option to disable auto sync for index page
  • Add aws_filter_yikes_woo_products_tabs_sync filter
  • Add aws_search_data_params filter
  • Add aws_search_pre_filter_products filter


  • Add aws_search_start action
  • Update caching naming
  • Update cron job action. Now its must works fine with large amount of products
  • Fix singular form of terms
  • Add aws_search_current_lang filter
  • Add B2B Market plugin support
  • Add Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer plugin support
  • Add option to hide price for out-of-stock products


  • Add option for preventing submit of empty search form
  • Add support for Protected Categories plugin
  • Add aws_exclude_products filter
  • Add aws_terms_exclude_product_cat filter
  • Add aws_terms_exclude_product_tag filter


  • Update search query string
  • Fix style for search icon
  • Fix search field style
  • Fix clear button style


  • Update stopwords list
  • Add search box layout options


  • Update search behavior on text paste


  • Update plugin index table
  • Update WooCommerce version support


  • Fix bug with search results page ordering
  • Add svg loading icon
  • Mark featured products in search results
  • Add aws_search_results_products_ids filter


  • Fix terms translation for multilingual plugins
  • Update special chars filter
  • Add diacritic chars filter


  • Update seamless integration filter hook
  • Fix WPML language select


  • Fix bug with cyrillic letters search


  • Add option to set text for ‘show more’ button
  • add aws_search_terms filter


  • Add option to display ‘Clear search results’ buttom on desktop devices


  • Add seamless integration option
  • Fix styling


  • Add support for WPML plugin multi currency
  • Fix css styles


  • Fix bug with re-index process ( too much requests error )
  • Add timeout for keyup event
  • Fix bug with special characters search


  • Make SKU string in search results translatable
  • Strip some new special chars from products content
  • Add ‘aws_extracted_string’ and ‘aws_extracted_terms’ filters
  • Fix bug with empty excerpt


  • Add ‘aws_search_results_all’ filter
  • Update WPML string translation
  • Fix bug with term_source column in index table


  • Add option to display ‘View All Results’ button in the bottom of search results list
  • Fix bug with stop words option
  • Fix bug with links in ‘noresults’ fiels
  • Add ‘aws_search_results_products’, ‘aws_search_results_categories’, ‘aws_search_results_tags’ filters


  • Add new column form index table – term_id. With id help it is possible to sunc any changes in product term
  • Add shortcode to settings page
  • Update search page integration


  • Fix bug with not working stop-words for taxonomies
  • Fix bug with hided search form if its parent node has fixed layout
  • Add second argument for the_title and the_content filters
  • Update view of settings page


  • Add option to disable ajax search results


  • Add ‘Clear form’ buttom for search form on mobile devices
  • Fix bug with not srtiped shortcodes on product description
  • Fix bug with aws_reindex_table action


  • Add ‘aws_indexed_content’, ‘aws_indexed_title’, ‘aws_indexed_excerpt’ filters


  • Update re-index function
  • Add support for custom tabs content made with Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin
  • Add support for Search Exclude plugin


  • Fix issue with position of search results box
  • Add ‘aws_page_results’ filter
  • Add support for ‘order by’ box in search results page
  • Fix issue fix re-index timeout


  • Add arrows navigation for search results
  • Fix bug with php 7+ vesion


  • Fix re-index bug
  • Fix bug with search page


  • Fix shortcodes stripping from product content
  • Fix qTranslate plugin issue with product name
  • Fix reindex issue


  • Add WooCommerce version check


  • Add qTranslate plugin support


  • Fix bug with search results page


  • Add caching table to store cached search result instead of store them in wp_options table
  • Fix deprecated action ‘woocommerce_variable_product_sync’


  • Add option to show stock status in search results
  • Add ‘aws_special_chars’ filter


  • Add Polylang plugin support


  • Add markdown support for ‘Nothing found’ field
  • Fix WPML bug


  • Add plurals support
  • Fix Polylang plugin conflict
  • Fix SKU search bug
  • Add function for cron job


  • Add ‘Stop-words list’ option


  • Fix reindex bug
  • Hide empty taxonomies from search results
  • Add support for old WooCommerce versions


  • Fix search page switching to degault language


  • Add WPML, WooCommerce Multilingual support


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix layout bugs
  • Fix bugs with older versions of WooCommerce
  • Add Google Analytics support


  • Option for ‘Out of stock’ products
  • Fix bugs


  • Exclude ‘Out of stock’ products from search
  • Fix bugs


  • Fix number of search results on search page
  • Exclude draft products from search
  • Fix bugs


  • Add support for variable products
  • Fix bugs


  • Fix small bugs in search results output


  • Fix issue with indexing large amount of products
  • Fix bag with search page query


  • Update search results page
  • Fix some layout issues


  • Make indexing of the products content much more fuster
  • Fix several bugs


  • Update check for active WooCommerce plugin
  • Add hungarian translation ( big thanks to hunited! )


  • Exclude hidden products from search
  • Update translatable strings


  • Cache search results to increase search speed


  • Mejor velocidad de búsqueda


  • Corregido problema con la búsqueda por SKU
  • Añadida opción para mostrar el SKU de productos en resultados de búsqueda.


  • Añadida búsqueda por términos de productos (categorías, etiquetas)
  • Corregido problema con ajustes no guardados.


  • Añadida una página de búsqueda para el tipo de entrada ‘producto’
  • Corregido problema con productos duplicados en los resultados de búsqueda


  • Corregido problema con el diseño de los bloques de resultados


  • Primera versión