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AIO Shortcodes – 100+ WordPress Shortcodes List For SEO

AIO Shortcodes – 100+ WordPress Shortcodes List For SEO


Meet AIO SHORTCODE – your exclusive pass to a WordPress plugin granting you immediate access to:

  • Over 100 dynamic WordPress shortcodes, ready for use anywhere within your website content for lever up SEO in 2024.
  • Introducing AIO Extras (Custom Simple CSS, WP Hide Login URL, Post & Page Duplicate, Plugin Theme Zip Download) as a complimentary add-on, offering extra features and enhanced security functions.

Automate your website content & SEO with awesome WordPress shortcodes that can be added to Post Excerpts, Page/Post Titles, Content, Widgets, Custom Fields, Site Titles & Descriptions, Sidebars, Menus, Headers, Footers, SEO Titles & Descriptions, and many more.

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AIO Shortcodes (also known as All in One Shortcodes) is the top-rated WordPress shortcode plugin that lets you add dynamic content like a month, year, date etc. anywhere on your WordPress website’s posts, pages, and widgets using simple shortcodes.

For example, if you want to display today’s or current date, just use the shortcode [aio_date] and when you publish/update the post or page, [aio_date] will be replaced by the current date. It’s that easy.

By default, it will show the date like this: April 1, 2024.

Similarly use the shortcodes [aio_month] and [aio_year] to replace your content with current month and current year, respectively.

  • [aio_month] will show the month name like this: April
  • [aio_year] will show the year name like this: 2024

WordPress Shortcodes List

Here’s the list of some of the most popular shortcodes of AIO Shortcodes plugin:

Time-Related Shortcodes

  • Year (current, past, and future)
  • Month (current, past, and future)
  • Date (current, past, and future)
  • Today
  • First Day Of The Year
  • Last Day Of The Year
  • Day Of The Year
  • Week Of The Year
  • Quarter Of The Year
  • Days In The Year (current, past, and future)
  • Weeks In The Year (current, past, and future)
  • Black Friday Date (current, past, and future)
  • Cyber Monday Date (current, past, and future)

Content-Related Shortcodes

  • Page/Post Title
  • Page/Post URL
  • Page/Post Published Date
  • Page/Post Updated Date
  • Page/Post Featured Image
  • Post Categories
  • Post Tags
  • Post Excerpt

Additional Shortcodes

  • WhatsApp Call Link
  • Mobile Call Link
  • Email Link
  • Copyright (©)
  • Service Mark Symbol (℠)
  • Registered Trademark (®)
  • Trademark Symbol (™)
  • IP Address


AIO Extras (Newly Added)

Here’s the list of FREE add-ons added as AIO Extras inside the AIO Shortcodes plugin:

  • Custom Simple CSS
  • Search Excluder
  • Hide Login URL
  • Page/Post Duplicator
  • Theme & Plugin Zip Downloader



Upgrade your content with our dynamic WordPress shortcodes! Boost SEO effortlessly, automate updates, and ensure a seamless user experience. Compatible with top SEO plugins.

Dynamic Date, Month, And Year Integration

Easily incorporate dynamic date, month, and year information into your content using simple WordPress shortcodes.

Automatic Updates

Ensure your content stays current with automatic updates that seamlessly reflect the current month, year, and date.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate the dynamic date shortcodes into posts, pages, and widget lists for a consistent user experience.

Improved User Experience

Enhance user experience by keeping your content fresh and relevant with dynamically updating date information.

SEO Plugin Compatibility

Fully compatible with popular SEO plugins such as AIOSEO, Rank Math, and Yoast SEO for optimal search engine optimization.

Additional Benefits (Newly Added)

Enjoy added convenience with AIO Extras: AIO Shortcodes Settings Dashboard for enhanced management within your WordPress dashboard.

AIO Shortcodes Settings Dashboard

  • New Feature: Introducing the AIO Shortcodes Settings Dashboard for enhanced management via using easy-to-use settings.

WordPress Page Duplicator

  • Clone Pages: Added the ability to duplicate WordPress pages directly from the dashboard.

WordPress Post Duplicator

  • Clone Posts: Introduced the WordPress post duplication feature for streamlined content creation.

Custom Simple CSS

  • CSS Saver: Empower your website with Custom Simple CSS for tailored design modifications.

Search Excluder

  • Hide From Search: Fine-tune your website’s search results by excluding specific pages or posts.

Hide Login URL

  • Security: Strengthen your website security by easily hiding your WordPress login URL.

Page & Post Duplicator

  • Cloning: Duplicate pages and posts seamlessly for efficient content creation.

Theme & Plugin Zip Downloader

  • ZIP Download: Download installed themes and plugins effortlessly within your WordPress dashboard as a zip file.


AIO Shortcodes plugin is fully compatible with WordPress versions 6.0 and higher and works seamlessly across all popular WordPress themes, including Kadence WP, GeneratePress, and Blocksy. It is also optimized for compatibility with industry-leading SEO plugins, such as Rank Math and AIOSEO.

Support And Feature Implementation

If our plugin empowers you to effortlessly update dates, months, and years using simple shortcodes, we’d greatly appreciate your valuable feedback in the form of a 5-star review. Your positive reviews motivate us to keep enhancing the AIO Shortcodes plugin and providing you with the best possible features.

For any queries, support, or further information about this plugin, please reach out to us through the Support Forum, where our team is always ready to assist you. Thank you for being a part of our community!

Privacy Policy

AIO Shortcodes prioritizes your privacy and data security by operating as an ultimate WordPress shortcode solution. You can rest assured that we don’t collect or use any of your data.

No bloat, no advertisements, and no intrusive notifications – we believe in providing you with a clean and seamless experience. There are no upgrade notices to interrupt your workflow either.


This plugin is licensed under the GPL-2.0+ license. You can find a copy of the license in the license.txt file or visit the GNU General Public License website.


Using WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Search for AIO Shortcodes and install it.
  3. Activate the plugin.

Manual Installation Guide

  1. Download the plugin .zip file: aio-shortcodes.zip.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Upload the aio-shortcodes folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory (renaming the folder is not allowed).
  4. Login to your WordPress admin area and activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.

Once the plugin is activated, it will start working immediately.

However, it would be best if you read up on our plugin setup guide to get the most out of AIO Shortcodes.


What is a WordPress shortcode?

In simple terms, a WordPress shortcode is a special code enclosed in square brackets, like this: [shortcode]. It allows you to add special features or content to your WordPress website without needing to know complicated coding.

For example, if you want to show this year’s Black Friday sale date on your WordPress website, you can use a shortcode [aio_blackfriday] (make sure AIO Shortcodes plugin is installed and activated). When you put this shortcode on a page, the current year’s Black Friday sale date will appear there when people visit your site.

For more details, read how the WordPress shortcode system works at WordPress Codex.

What does AIO stand for?

AIO stands for «All in One» Specifically, AIO Shortcodes, also known as All in One Shortcodes, is a highly regarded WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the integration of dynamic content, such as the current month, year, or date, into various sections of your WordPress website, including posts, pages, and widgets, through simple shortcodes.

How do I use the shortcodes?

Simply insert the desired shortcode into your post, page, or any other content where you want to display the dynamic date information. For example, to display the current month, use the shortcode [aio_month].

Can I use your plugin to display the current month?

Yes, absolutely! You can utilize the shortcode [aio_month] provided by the plugin to dynamically display the current month. This way, your website visitors will always see the current month in the content where the shortcode is used.

How do I add the current year in WordPress? or How do I show the year in WordPress?

You can use our WordPress shortcode [aio_year] in your posts or pages to add the current year in WordPress. The plugin will automatically display the current year like 2024.

Can I use the plugin with different WordPress Themes?

The plugin works with both free and premium WordPress themes, giving you the flexibility to use it with any theme you prefer. If you’re unsure about which theme to choose, you can opt for the Kadence Theme, the same one we use on our main site.

Is it compatible with SEO plugins?

Yes! AIO Shortcodes is 100% compatible and works perfectly with all the major WordPress SEO plugins such as Rank Math, AIOSEO, Squirrly SEO and Yoast SEO.

Is it safe to use this plugin?

Yes, you can safely utilize this plugin with most websites built on the WordPress.org CMS platform.

Is there any embedded advertising present in your plugin?

Absolutely not.

How do I use the WordPress Post Duplicate Feature?

To duplicate a WordPress post, navigate to the All Posts inside your WordPress dashboard. On the post list, click the «Duplicate» link under the post title. This will create a new draft post with the same content as the original. You can then edit the duplicated post as needed.

Can I duplicate WordPress pages as well?

Absolutely! With the latest update, you can now duplicate WordPress pages effortlessly. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the All Pages you want to duplicate, and just like with posts, click the «Duplicate» link under the page title on the page list.

How does the Theme and Plugin Downloader work?

The Theme and Plugin Downloader feature simplifies the process of downloading and installing themes and plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard. To enable this functionality, navigate to the AIO Shortcodes Settings. Check the option labelled Plugin/Theme Downloader and save your settings. Once activated, you’ll notice a ‘Download ZIP‘ link displayed within your Plugins and Themes sections. Clicking on it will instantly save the ZIP file to your device for convenient installation.

What does the Custom Simple CSS add-on empower your website with?

The Custom Simple CSS add-on empowers your website with tailored design modifications, allowing you to enhance the visual appearance. It keeps your CSS saved even when you change your theme.

How does the Search Excluder add-on contribute to website management?

The Search Excluder add-on provides the ability to fine-tune your website’s search results by excluding specific pages or posts and custom post types.

What security benefit does the Hide Login URL add-on offer?

The Hide Login URL add-on strengthens your website security by easily hiding your WordPress login URL from hackers.

What functionality does the Theme & Plugin Zip Downloader add-on provide?

The Theme & Plugin Zip Downloader add-on simplifies the process of downloading installed themes and plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Where can I see the full list of AIO Extras and their details?

You can find the full list of AIO Extras along with detailed information on the AIO Extras page.

Can I expect more features in future updates related to WordPress content management?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to continuously enhancing the plugin. If you have specific features or improvements you’d like to see, feel free to share your suggestions in our contact forum.


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  • Initial release


  • Resolved name conflicts
  • Updated plugin installation instructions
  • Refreshed readme.txt file


  • Successfully tested with the latest WordPress version 6.3.2


  • Major Update: Introduced 30+ new, useful shortcodes


  • Updated readme.txt file


  • Successfully tested with the latest WordPress version 6.4.2


  • Significant Update: Introduced new shortcodes related to WordPress post/page titles, URLs, and featured images
  • Minor changes to the readme.txt file


  • New Feature: AIO Shortcodes Settings Dashboard for enhanced management
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to duplicate WordPress pages directly from the dashboard
  • Enhancement: Introduced the WordPress post duplication feature for streamlined content creation
  • Convenience: Simplified theme and plugin installation directly within your WordPress dashboard


  • Readme.txt file updated


  • Fixed: The Post/Page Duplicator issue with the Rank Math plugin has been settled


  • New Shortcode: Spacer shortcode has been added
  • AIO Extras Enhancements: Continued improvements and new features in AIO Extras add-ons like Custom Simple CSS, Hide WP Login URL etc.


  • Successfully tested with the latest WordPress version 6.5


  • 4 New Shortcodes: Site Title, Site Tagline, Site URL & Home URL shortcodes added


  • Readme.txt file is updated


  • Successfully tested with the latest WordPress version 6.6


  • Readme.txt file is updated