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Album Reviewer


Album Reviewer is a WordPress plugin for album proofing aimed at wedding and portrait photographers.


1) After installing the plugin, click the «+ New» button in the top menu, then click Album Review.

2) Create a title for the Album Review.

3) Upload album spreads using the blue «Upload Spreads» button. This will bring up the media library upload screen.

4) Once the images are uploaded press «Select» and then «Save.»

5) Click View Album Review to start reviewing the album.


  • Allows you to use your existing WordPress site as an album proofing solution.
  • Upload album spreads through the familiar WordPress admin.


You can search for Album Reviewer on your plugin search to install this plugin.

Alternatively, you can download the Album Reivewer plugin and upload it to your server through WP Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload
After the upload is complete activate the plugin.


Q: Is Album Reviewer compatible with my theme?

A: Album Reviewer was designed so that it is enabled before WordPress applies any theme related code. So in almost all cases, yes! 🙂

Q: Are there any limits to Album Reviewer?

A: The free version allows up to 5 active Album Reviews. We will be releasing a premium version soon. Sign up via the settings menu to get notified.

Q: Can I upload full size album spreads?

A: Yes, but we recommend uploading 1800px on the long side to avoid long upload times.

Q: Can I upload individual pages (single page leafs)?

A: The premium version includes support for individual pages.

Q: What is included in the premium version?

A: The premium version includes unlimited Album Reviews as well as notifications, versions, support for covers and uploading pages instead of spreads. Enter your email address in the settings menu to receive information on availability.

Q: How do I add comments to an album page

A: After saving your Album Review, click on the View Album Review to view it.
This is the album reviewer interface, which you can view each page by
clicking the forward and backward buttons. The bottom-most box is the comment input box.
You can type comments in this box.

Q: Is this version compatible with Album Reviewer version 2?

A: Unfortunately, no. We recommend uninstalling Version 1 if you are using this version.

Q: What is different between version 2.0 and version 1.0?

A: Version 2 is rewritten from the ground up to be compatible with virtually all WordPress themes. A pro version is in the works and will include improved email/notifications.

Your comments appear on the right hand side of the comment box in blue. You will need to be logged in when creating comments.

Client comments appear on the left hand side in grey. If a user is not logged in, the plugin assumes they are a client. Please make sure you are logged in when making comments, otherwise your comments will appear as a client comment.


3 de septiembre de 2016
I tried this plugin and tried to set my email address but the plugin would not retain this setting. Every time I go back in it has reset to default setting. I contacted the author and no response and I also selected info on the pro version and again nothing. It appears to me this plugin is dead. It could me something great but alas there is no help.
3 de septiembre de 2016
Great concept but the free version does have it's issues.. 1) It does not use your sites existing styling or logo 2) If you use a cache plugin, albumreviewer will cause your site not to cache 3) Lack of support from the developer...Even when trying to buy a premium version There is nothing else like this out there at the moment, so with just a few fixes this could be brilliant!
3 de septiembre de 2016
There are so many apps and plugins out there, but this one takes the cake. The developer is really on top of things, and always takes input from his users, which in Wordpress environments, is pretty awesome! If you are looking for an easy, simple but highly effective way to display your wedding or portrait albums, this is the way to go. Very cool. Heck, I'd buy this developer a boat-load of tacos to thank him for all the albums I was able to sell to our clients! Keep it up!!!!
3 de septiembre de 2016
Not being very tech savvy myself I look for ease of use with any programs I use. This goes above and beyond for me and my clients! They have been able to view, state changes and add comments so easily. Everyone loves it! It has simplified so much of the album process for all of us! It's a MUST HAVE in my opinion for any photographer or album designer!
3 de septiembre de 2016
I switched over to Album Reviewer about six months ago and love it! Its been super easy to use and I have gotten great feedback from my clients. My clients have all said great things about their experience as well. I sell about 20-30 albums a year and so its very important that the revision process is super seamless and easy for clients to do. Its a must have in my studio.
3 de septiembre de 2016 2 respuestas
Makes getting albums proofed 100% hassle free. It's a super easy one-step process, and I've had great feedback from my clients about how easy it is to use, and how nice and big the album spreads are. I also love that it's never been buggy, no issues with upgrades, etc. It just works. Oh! And I love that because it is integrated into my own website, it's branded with my logo, etc. It looks very slick.
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