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Allkeyshop Widget


The Allkeyshop Widget allows you display any informations about any game on your website using the database of, the most popular game price comparator.

With this widget, you can:
* List the best prices for a game and win money each time a user clicks on a price link,
* List the latest news of a game,
* List the current best selling games,
* Show a game\’s global and specific ratings from different popular websites,
* Show the price graph of a game,
* Allow users to be alerted by email when the price of a game drops under a certain value,
* List similar games.

For more informations, visit the Allkeyshop Widget website.

This plugin provides a WordPress widget, a shortcode and tools to facilitate their use.

Note: this plugin does not embed the Allkeyshop Widget code. It is just a wrapper that provides you with tools such as shortcodes and widgets.

Note: this plugin is, as the Allkeyshop Widget, in beta. A lot of changes are planned so we advice you to keep it updated.


How to use


You can find the Allkeyshop Widget in the Appearance > Widgets menu.

The configuration of the widget is pretty straight forward. You can find the details of the parameters in the shortcode section.


This plugin provides the allkeyshop_widget shortcode. It takes the following parameters :

argument | default | values | description
— | — | — | —
target | none (required) | Game ID or top click slug | The product you want to display.
You can find a game ID or a top click slug with the game finder.
width | auto | \»auto\» or a size in pixels | The width of the widget.
Values can be all CSS values for the width property.
width | auto | \»auto\» or a size in pixels | The height of the widget.
Values can be all CSS values for the height property.
locale | en_GB | en_GB, fr_FR, es_ES, de_DE, it_IT | The locale of the widget.
This may change the results, such as news.
currency | eur | eur, usd | The currency of the prices.
Some offers might be available for a currency and not for the other.
The behaviour of this parameter is prone to change.
tabs | all tabs visible | A combination of tab names separated by a comma | The tabs that will appear on the widget.
Click here to see the available tabs.
default_tab | offers | Tab name | The tab that will be shown by default.
custom_page_title | none | String | The name of the custom page tab.
custom_page_url | none | URL | The URL of the custom page tab.

This plugin also provides a shortcode generator, so you don\’t have to write all the tedious stuff. You can find it in the Allkeyshop Widget > Shortcode Generator menu.


tab name | description
— | —
gameName | Shows the name of the current game. This tab has no content (i.e. you can\’t click on it).
offers | Lists the best prices for the current game.
reviews | Shows all ratings from different websites.
history | Shows a graph representing the evolution of the prices.
similarGames | Lists similar games.
customPage | Embed the page of your choice inside the widget.
For example, it can be use to show a custom description of the game.
A \»gameId\» GET variable will be appened to the URL so you render the right content according to this.
priceAlert | The form to create user alerts for when the prices goes below a certain value.

Finding a game ID or a top click list slug

To find the ID of a game, you can use the tool in the Allkeyshop Widget > Game Finder menu.

This tool also lists all the top clicks available, along with their slugs.


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[0.1.2] – 2018-03-13

* Updated readme.txt

[0.1.1] – 2018-03-13

* Security checking in common/js/shortcode_generator.js

* Updated translation keys so that the default translation is english
* Fixed the API URL