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Typing Effect


This plugin is no longer be supported from v1.3.6.

Typing Effect allows you to generate a shortcode that will ‘type out’ words on to a page or post, in a widget or directly in a theme or template file. The plugin is based on the Typed.js typing animation script by Matt Boldt.

Simply add your words or sentences, click ‘Generate Shortcode’ and copy and paste the shortcode into a page, post or text widget.

You can also configure settings such as how quickly the typing effect takes place, delays before starting or backspacing, set the animation to loop repeatedly or randomise the order your words or sentences are typed out and deleted.

To view a demo of the original animation click here


  • Generate a shortcode screen


  1. Upload the animated-typing-effect folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Typing Effect plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Generate a shortcode by going to Typing Effect on the main menu


Can I use HTML in the animation?

Yes, you can enter HTML in the rows before generating a shortcode. You can also wrap the shortcode itself in HTML tags.

Can I edit the settings of the animation?

You can change a variety of settings such as the speed that the text is typed out, a delay before the animation begins, the speed at which the text is backspaced (deleted) and a delay before the backspacing begins. Ticking the ‘Loop’ box will mean the animation continues to repeat over and over. Entering a number in the ‘Loop count’ box will define how many times it will repeat – e.g. entering ‘3’ would type out and then backspace the text 3 times.

Can I preview my animation?

Yes, when you click ‘Generate Shortcode’, a preview will automatically be generated.


To view a demo of the original animation click here


8 de enero de 2020
Hace exactamente lo que precisaba! Funciona a la perfección, y encima gratis, qué más perdir! Gracias!! It does exactly what I needed! Works perfect, and it's free! Thanks!
21 de abril de 2019
Easy for use, nice looking BUT when website is open in Microsoft Edge i saw manu problems. Font is not compatibile, lines of text are randomise... I belive that this will be fixed soon.
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  • Plugin abandoned and not longer supported! We are keeping it publicly available due to its popularity. We hope to start developing a v2 in the coming year or so.


  • Bug fix to patch a legacy bug from 1.3.1 which caused html elements to not to be rendered correctly within the typed text. This bug was not related to the one patched in 1.3.4.


  • Bug fix which caused HTML elements to be escaped. This bug occured in the 1.3.3 release.


  • Tested with WordPress v5.6


  • Tested with WordPress v5.4.1


  • Tested with WordPress v5.3.2


  • Fixed issue with cyrillic text


  • Fixed typed script parameters


  • First release