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Online booking, reservation, appointment scheduling made easy on website by appointment scheduler WordPress plugin.

How to use [appointment] shortcode?

Add [appointment] shortcode on any Page / Post to display booking form on the website. The user will select a service from list, date and time according to his need then fill his details and confirm the appointment for booking. After booking successful administrator and customer/client will receive pending appointment notification. Admin will go to plugin dashboard and approve the appointment from back end and customer/client will receive an appointment confirmation notification.

Check Live Demo In Action

How to book online appointment using Appointment Scheduler plugin?

We made a special coverage video of Appointment Scheduler to explain you better about how you can configure the plugin according to your need.

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Benefits Of Online Booking System

Nowadays, more and more people benefit from online solutions that offer booking services. It is fast and convenient way to control booking process with minimum efforts and maximum result. Appointment scheduler is designed to automate booking process and introduce easy way to manage your booking from any desktop or mobile device you have. Having calendar with real-time availability can become a significant promotion of your business and may encourage clients to book online services right from your website.

Features You Will Get

  • Accept Online Appointment On Your Website
    Online appointments are really important if you have a service based business.

  • Appointments Management Dashboard
    Manage all your appointments from one place.

  • Check All Appointment Statistical Report
    Stay up to date with all your records statistically.

  • Calendar View For Admin With Appointment Status Filter Like Pending / Approve / Cancel / Completed
    Check all available service status (appointment status wise)

  • Calendar View For Admin With Extra Filter Like Services / Customers
    Check all available service status (service wise, customer wise, date wise)

  • Set Business Booking Hours
    Let your customer’s know when you are open for services and your closing time.

  • Create Modify Services
    Create and modify unlimited services depending upon your business requirements

  • Categorize Services
    Create a top tier service category to bifurcate sub-services for better clarification

  • Paid & Free Booking
    Mention to your user before he/she opts for any service whether it is paid or free.

  • Manage Appointment With Search And Pagination Option
    Track all your appointments thoroughly for any particular Customer, Date, Service etc.

  • Export Your Appointments List
    Export every bit of data from your dashboard with just one-click in CSV format.

  • Export Your Clients and Customers List
    Launching any new service? Want to inform all your existing customers? Export your customers list in CSV format with single click.

  • Customize Booking Settings
    All booking settings are customized through admin panel.

  • Customize Frontend Booking Appearance
    Frontend Theme Color change, Logo show/hide setting, logo width/height setting, show phone, email setting

  • Backup Services
    Keep your data secured by taking a backup

  • Backup Customers
    Ensures your customers data is safe and secured with you.

  • Custom Time Slot Duration Settings
    Specify time slot duration to your service

  • Custom Time Slot According To Service Duration
    Specify time dedicated to your service

  • Set Booking Instruction For Clients And Customers
    Remind your client on each step of booking what to do next

  • Custom CSS Setting to Customise Design and Style With Own CSS
    Change layout of your Appointment Scheduler according to your need.

  • Email Notifications Settings
    Choose how you want to send emails to your customers.

  • Send Booking Notification Message To Clients and Customers
    A booking confirmation email will be send to your customer after successful appointment booking. A reminder mail is also sent before an appointment.

  • Notify Customer On Booking, Confirm, Cancel
    Send service booking email, service pending email, service cancellation email, and service approval email to your clients.

  • Notify Administrator when Someone Book New Appointment
    Be notified when you get a booking on your website

  • Set Business Time OFFs
    Mention any particular time off if you are closed.

  • Set Lunch Hours
    Specify your lunch hours.

  • Set Repeating Time OFFs / Holidays
    Put your holidays on repeat mode. (For ex: Every Wednesday for four weeks)

  • Turn OFF Weekends Using Holiday Feature
    Mention any day off, week off, celebration off, festival off if you are closed for any special occasion.

  • Complete Settings Panel
    More plugin settings including 1) General setting 2) Business Info 3)Business Hours 4) calendar Settings 5) Remove Plugin.

  • Set System Time Format
    Automatically detects from WordPress

  • Set System Date Format
    Automatically detects from WordPress

  • 50+ Currency Settings
    Select your country currency to make payments easier

  • Set Frontend Theme Color
    Choose any color from color picker available

  • Display Business Logo On Booking Form
    Put your company logo on front

  • Show Business Information On Booking Form
    Mention your address, phone number, email address, business hours etc.

  • Show Business Opening Hours On Booking Form
    Inform when you are up to take bookings.

  • Show Social Media Links On Booking Form
    Get connected with your customers through your social media profile.

  • Customize Next And Previous Buttons During Booking & Scheduling Process
    Name your Next and Previous buttons according to your need.

  • Plugin Details & Guide
    A short hand guide book to use your plugin.

So, your feedback is also appreciated. You can ask support question on WordPress forum support of this plugin. We try our best to resolve each & every issue through our support team.

Upgrade To Pro & Get More

  • Get best appointment booking experience on WordPress websites.
  • Allows your customers and clients to schedule unlimited online booking on your website.
  • System allow to create unlimited services for booking.
  • Create unlimited staff or services provider with your services, connect staff with relevant services.
  • You can also accept booking form customer on free services.
  • Create premium and paid services to accept payment on customer booking.
  • Get all system overall report on single page into admin dashboard of the plugin.
  • System notify each and every associated aspect of the plugin like Administrator, Staff and Client when any booking event occurs.
  • Send notification to administrator on booking, approving and cancelling appointments.
  • Send notification to staff on booking, approving and cancelling appointments which is associated.
  • Share your social profiles and activity with social links.
  • Configure your booking system by watching our simple video tutorials.
  • Our team is always available to help you to resolve every problem you face.
  • Admin can mange all appointment using appointment management dashboard.
  • Display business opening hours to your customers with booking button link into any of widget and sidebar area of website.
  • Export your appointment as CSV file and you can take hard copy print out to handle your appointment on the spot.
  • Export your clients list easily in CSV file.
  • Get customers appointments so fast and in quick mode with best appointment system.
  • Booking interface is build for mobile and portable device friendly.
  • Create, add, modify, assign new or exiting appointment with staff into system is so easy.
  • Set your staff time table according to shift or service providing timing.
  • All appointments large calendar view for administrator with fillers.
  • System sent all booking details to customers via email.
  • All approved appointment sync to your google calendar account automatically.
  • PayPal the most secure and worlds trausted payment gateway to accept payments on paid appointment booking.
  • Customize the booking interface color according to your WordPress.
  • Complete and proper understandable documentation for installation and configuration.
  • Send appointment reminders to customers and staff so they can’t forget their timings.

  • Try Live Demo – Click Here

Translation Contributed By Our Plugin Users:

  • French(fr_FR) by Adeline Bounma
  • Deutsch (Schweiz, Du_de) by Thomas Singler
  • Hindi(hi_HI) by Shobhit Saxena, Amit Gunsara, Deepak Sharma
  • Greek(el) by A User


  • Appointment Booking Process - Select Service
  • Appointment Booking Process - Select Date & Go Next
  • Appointment Booking Process - Select Time & Go Next
  • Appointment Booking Process - Signup For Booking
  • Appointment Booking Process - Login If You Have An Account
  • Appointment Booking Process - Confirm You Booking Details
  • Appointment Booking Process - You Booking Done


  1. Upload the entire appointment-scheduler-wpfrank folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress admin.
  3. Use [appointment] shortcode to show booking Form Page and Post.

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Please use WordPress support forum to ask any query regarding any issue.


abril 16, 2018
Very valid and complete plugin. The tech support is fast and exceptional
abril 8, 2018
After testing about 20 booking plug ins I came across this and it seemed like an easy step by step creation for my client. However, the functionality was not quite right but the developers helped me through the process and tweaked for our specific needs. Super service. Would recommend!
enero 18, 2018
I purchased and installed the Pro version of Appointment Scheduler as it looked to have all the features I wanted.... and more. First use found that the Time Clock could not be changed to 12 hr format. This seems to affect the placement of Appointments on the Calendar as they all bunch up at the start of the day. The action buttons upon completion of the booking screens are so opaque that you cannot read them. Trying to resolve this by reading the documentation, only served to view what I would call a sales pitch versus supporting and detail functional explanation of the options and effects of the choices. I have a support request into Weblizar. Awaiting the response on what is a totally unusable product, at this time.
octubre 18, 2017
easy to setup and work excellent and designing of the layout is awesome !!. Great work 🙂
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1.0.8 =
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