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ASD FastBuild Widgets


ASD FastBuild Widgets speed and simplify building and customizing the standard things that most sites require (Logo, Title, Tagline, Phone). A «Site Data» dashboard control panel defines fields for Organization data items that it will inserted into the page as JSON-LD formatted Structured Data. Also included are two widgets based on Bootstrap 3 Nav, a Navbar Widget and a Pills Nav Widget.

ASD FastBuild Widgets work best with a theme which is rich in Widgetized areas, particularly in the header and footer, such as White Summer

Rich Content

ASD FastBuild Widgets generate Rich Content through the insertion of JSON-LD Structured Data into the HTML Footer. This data is defined in the Site Data control panel, and the output Structured Data is based on definitions. Product definition
Google’s Into to Structured Data
JSON-LD stands for ‘JSON for Linking data’


Manual installation

At a command prompt or using a file manager, unzip the .ZIP file in the WordPress plugins directory, usually ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins . In the In the WordPress admin Dashboard (usually ) click Plugins, scroll to ASD FastBuild Widgets, and click «activate».

Upload in Dashboard

Download the ZIP file to your workstation. In the WordPress admin Dashboard (usually ) Select Plugins, Add New, click Upload Plugin, Choose File and navigate to the downloaded ZIP file. After that, click Install Now, and when the installer finishes, click Activate Plugin.

After Install

In the Dashboard, go to Artisan Site Designs menu, Site Data, and define the fields that are relevant to your site. The data in Site Data will be inserted into the front page, even if none of the widgets are acutally used.
In the dashboard, go to Appearance Widgets, and place ASD Fastbuild Widgets in any sidebar area.

Use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to see how the search engine sees your structured data.
Structured Data Testing Tool

For even more flexibility and widget contro, I recommend the following great plugins:
Widget Logic
Widgets on Pages


Included Widgets
  • Address Widget
  • Hours Widget
  • Logo Widget
  • Name/Tagline Widget
  • Bootstrap Navbar Widget
  • Page Title Widget
  • Phone Widget
  • Bootstrap Pills Nav Widget
  • Social Media Icons Widget


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Submodule updates.

2.201808201 2018-08-20

Version-sensitive loading added to asd-admin-menu and register-site-data libraries, to allow mixed versions of published plugins that share libraries to peacefully coexist.

2.201808021 2018-08-02

Site Data split off into separate code module.
Fixed Widget print function so that it doesn’t choke on
Uses WooCommerce data when it is present (overrides Site Data)
Many minor code fixes.
Fully passes phpcs –standard=WordPress audit

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