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Aveeto Helper


Aveeto Helper is a plugin that can be installed on your WooCommerce site.

The plugin will add new shipping methods based on AliExpress shipping rates.

Once installed, you will see a new shipping section within WooCommerce settings.

Shipping methods & rates dropdown menu will appear within the cart and on checkout below each product and your customer will be able to select the shipping method of his choice before completing the order.

Once the order is forwarded to Aveeto and the fulfillment process starts, the selected shipping methods will then be used when ordering the products on AliExpress.

Once the fulfillment tracking number is available, it will be saved within WooCommerce Order Details within the Fulfillment section created by the Aveeto Helper plugin. A customer note will also be created and the customer will be notified of the tracking number by email.

This means that you do not have to worry about marking up products to vaguely include shipping fees without knowing exactly how much it actually costs, avoiding confusion and unnecessary losses.

Note that the plugin is optional, without it, Aveeto will automatically select your preferred shipping method when fulfilling orders. You can set the preferred method within the Supplier Settings.

You need to make sure to markup your product prices accordingly to cover more or less the shipping fees.

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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Aveeto Helper» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios

V.1.0.5 – 12.11.2018

  • Added multisite support

V.1.0.4 – 20.09.2018

  • Added Fulfillment Supplier Orders column on the Orders page.
  • Fixed issue with tracking numbers not showing on the Orders Page.

V.1.0.3 – 17.09.2018

  • Get custom tracking url from Aveeto store settings. Can be overridden within the plugin settings

V.1.0.2 – 28.07.2018

  • Add option to disable the shipping methods while keeping Aveeto essential helpers

V.1.0.1 – 28.07.2018

  • Fix bug while fetching US shipping rates

V.1.0.0 – 21.07.2018

  • Initial Version