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Our Backup, plugin provide Easiest and secure way with password-protected backup. Your backup can be downloaded quickly, restore with a single click, and also provide the migration, clone, or delete features for WP backup.

We offer multiple WordPress backup methods like file backup, Manual backup, automatic backup and scheduled backup for your website backup and can push them to any remote storage backup or cloud backup platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, one drive, Amazon S3 servers, etc with the theatrical knowledge.

FREE Plugin Features

  • Backup and restore easily: You can back up,and download your WordPress website with a single click.
  • Multisite compatible WordPress backup: This plugin works with multisite environment.
  • Manual file backup and database backup: We provide an automated script for MySQL database backup which is useful for dumping into cloud backup like Dropbox, GDrive, one drive, Amazon S3 servers, etc with an encrypted backup format
  • Scheduled file backup and database backup: We back up your entire site including your files, database by scheduling your backup time which can be made with theoretical knowledge and less memory
  • Created backup – Reporting availability: We provide one feature of one-stop for performing audits, usage of backup tracking and the key trends. So by these backup reports With Backup Reports, you would now be able to increase rich bits of knowledge on your backups by collecting information over an extended time.
  • Download your created file backup and database backup: To avoid the instances of the website crashing by web vulnerabilities, human errors, antispam attacks by emails we should download our WP backup files to restore these which help in growing our business.

  • Staging site WordPress: Create a backup point for your WordPress website which is now ready for deploying to site staging after your WordPress backup

Premium Plugin Features

  • miniOrange WordPress Backup (Per-site pricing)
  • Cloud and Remote Storage backup: Storing the files in with respect to remote backup is more secure. We provide backups on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more.
  • Security: We provide backup with a password-protected backup feature so that only a person authorized can check the backup. Database backup can be encrypted for security.
  • Schedule Backup: Support both manual and automated (scheduled) backups. Backups Files and Database on a separate schedule.
  • Password Protected Backups: When you will clone a website your backup zip files are password-protected so that only a person authorized can check the backup.
  • Reporting: Generate a sophisticated report with notification and alert over email.

  • Automatic Delete: Support automatic delete backup.

  • ** File backup and database backup deletion:** Our backup, restore plugin helps you to delete backups if you no longer require them with a single click and provides you with the detailed WordPress backup deleted report.

Why do you need to the backup plugin?

Managing a website is easier than ever nowadays, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. Your website may get hacked, it could break after an unsuccessful update, by human-caused event, due to website crashes, web vulnerabilities, or you could delete critical files by mistake. Regular backups can help your business recover to avoid a major loss of data. We energetically suggest investigating your site needs and providing you the miniOrange Backup Feature to keep your website safe with user -friendly experience at an affordable price.

If you are still nervous about your website security or on how the plugin would work for you specifically, customized solutions and Active support are available. You can always contact us through , or Email us at or call us at +1 9786589387 and we would be happy to help you out.

How we are different

miniOrange has various types of deployments that gives the customer a safe and protective choice. miniOrange offers a plugin, Cloud and On-premise server module. We provide a reliable plugin with extended functionality in a cost-beneficial manner. As backups are breakthrough and unaccompanied we provide you the best choice of platforms to store both in cloud-based storage and remote storage(hardware) with one click recovery irrespective case of any loss or modification of data intentionally or unintentionally and the ease of use of constrained usefulness, facilitating level reinforcement is simpler to utilize, All things considered, modules are just entangled in correlation; else, they’re likewise simple when you get utilized.

Benefits of our plugin

  • Real-time Backup refers to continuous data protection by automatically updating a clone of each change made to that information, basically catching each variant of the information that the client spares. In its actual structure, it permits the user or manager to re-establish information to any point in time.
  • Convenience and Accessibility Online backup solutions release you from transportable devices. You are free to backup your website manually by schedule backup or do it automatic backup
  • Ease of Recovery In the case of cloud backup options, you won’t need to worry if your data gets lost or erased because of a DDoS attack, Phishing, worms and viruses attack. You can easily set up your website backup again.
  • Speedy Site Recovery One of the biggest benefits of the online backup solution is that you will get the instant previous version. The online Backup solution will offer you a simple recovery option.
  • Safe and Secured Backup Backup of the data on the cloud or server will recover your data when deleted intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Improved Productivity After an attack on a website, If you have existing backup files, you improve productivity by reducing wasted time.


Here you can get the help of the documentation with ensured content and expectations

I want to take a manual plugins backup

To take only plugin file backups you have to check on the WordPress Plugin Folder checkbox option in Manual Backup Tab and click on the Take Backup button.

I want to take entire WordPress file backup

To take the entire WordPress backup you have to check on the WordPress file checkbox option and click on the Take Backup button.

How can I download backup?

You just click on the download button in the report tab and download your backup.


  • Manually create file backup and database backup
  • Scheduled file backup and database backup
  • Show live report of the created backup
  • Upgrade for cloud backup and encrypted backup


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New from your WP Admin dashboard.
  2. Search for miniOrange WordPress Backup Plugin.
  3. Install Backup and Restore For Wp and Activate the plugin.


  1. Search for Backup and Restore For Wp and download it.
  2. Unzip and upload the Backup and Restore For Wp directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate Backup and Restore For Wp Plugin from the Plugins tab of your admin dashboard.

Once Activated

  1. Select miniOrange Backup from the left menu and follow the instructions.
  2. Select the checkbox which you want to take backup and click the Take Backup button.


How do I schedule automatic backup?

To scheduled file backup and database backup select folder to be backup and scheduled time and and click on save setting button.Your first backup will be created and the next backup will be created on your scheduled time.


12 de enero de 2021
Bait and switch plugin. This plugin exists only as an advertisment to the larger miniOrange feature set. Even features listed in the plugin description for the 'Free' version are false and only provided with the paid plugin! This experience has done nothing but ensure that I avoid future dealings with miniOrange.
3 de mayo de 2020
Because this below average waste of hard drive space is nothing but a glorified BAIT AND SWITCH. They want you to backup your site then when you need to restore it they hope you are FORCED to pay for their terrible "service". Good thing I used a FREE plugin as well just in case. AT LEAST PUT A DISCLAIMER OR SOMETHING - BUT THEN YOU WOULD MAKE 0$ HUH..... PATHETIC STAY FAR FAR AWAY
16 de marzo de 2020
I would definitely recommend this plugin to everyone who are looking for a lightweight backup plugin. Easy to use with not much fiddling around. The support guys are quick to respond and take the suggestions seriously. Overall very pleased and happy. Cheers!!
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The first version of WordPress Backup Plugin with manual and scheduled file plus database backup.


Database backup update: Change dbversion value for creating database table.


User interface change: Premium plugin released, Premium feature – cloud backup(Google drive,Dropbox), encrypted database backup, secure zip file, restore backup.
Feedback issue: We fixed the feedback form issue.


Change in upgrade plan and updated readme