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Base64 Images


I am moving away from WordPress development, focusing more on web app development, which means maintaining this plugin no longer makes sense for me.
It will no longer receive updates, unless someone wants to take over the code base? If you are interested, please reach out to me.
Thank you all for your interest and support!

Base64 Images is a simple plugin to encode your media images on your site. Base64 encoding of images can have some SEO benefits for your site.

The plugin is as unobtrusive as possible: activate it, and media images are encoded. Deactivate it, and they are not. No settings, no gunk left in your database. * It hooks into WordPress approved hooks and filters to do its job.

(* There is some caching used for speed benefits, but the cached data will be totally removed when you uninstall the plugin completely.)


Install like any other plugin, directly from your plugins page.

Activate the plugin – and that\’s all there is to it!


30 de agosto de 2017 3 respuestas
This seems like a great idea to me, but somehow it doesn't seem to be doing something quite right. The page size increases from ~2 MB to around 7 MB for me when Base64 encoding the images, and trying to view the page source will hang the entire tab. Also, the amount of requests increases from 42 requests to 44 according to the Pingdom Tools. It's cool that this could improve general SEO scores, but it seems pointless if the page is actually much slower in practice. Maybe selective encoding where it would actually improve things would be better.
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  • Tested with newer versions of WoordPress.
  • Added note about end of life


  • Plugin defers action until after page header, to allow open graph images to embed un-encoded.


  • Fixed plugin’s Settings link on the Plugins page.


  • Fixed syntax error on older PHP versions.


  • Fixed bug when deleting posts/attachments.


  • Added setting to control the maximum image size that should be encoded.
  • Fixed bug when multiple images on a page would sometimes not all get encoded.


  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce category images.


  • Fixed small bug when uninstalling the plugin.


  • Initial release.