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bbPress – Private Replies


This add-on plugin for bbPress will allow your forum posters to mark their replies as private, meaning that only the original poster and forum moderators can see the content of the reply. This is a great plugin to install if you use bbPress as a support forum where users may need to share confidential information, such as site URLs, passwords, etc.

Si tienes alguna sugerencia o correcciones de fallos para el plugin, por favor, informa de ello en GitHub.


El plugin de respuestas privadas para bbPress ha sido traducido a los siguientes idiomas:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Dutch

¿Te gustaría ayudar a traducir el plugin a más idiomas? Contacta con Pippin.


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  1. Activa el plugin
  2. Se añadirá una nueva casilla «Marcar como respuesta privada» al formulario de creación de nuevas respuestas
  3. El estado de respuestas privadas se puede cambiar al editar la respuesta


12 de octubre de 2018
Hello, first of all my congratulations to developer and its excellent plugin collaborators, since bbpress does not have this functionality as standard, it is very good if you want to create a support forum.
31 de marzo de 2017
Really cool, but how about adding the following: 1. The ability to make a reply hidden to everyone, except a specific list of users (possibly always including the topic starter). 2. A setting which allows these replies to be hidden entirely. Currently it just creates a block which says «private message» or somesuch. (I am using bbPress for roleplaying games and this would make it easily possible to having multiple threads/activities going in one topic) Finally, thanks for great plugin.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«bbPress – Private Replies» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Fix: Private replies from other users could be emailed to topic authors improperly
  • Fix: noreply email address could trigger fatal PHPMailer errors in some scenarios
  • Tweak: Added a filter to allow the capability required to view private replies to be changed
  • Tweak: Added a filter that allows the noreply address to be overwritten


  • Added a Persian translation file


  • Added Dutch translation files
  • Fixed a non-object error message


  • Tweaked a priority to ensure Private Replies always runs last


  • Fix: Missing argument message
  • Fix: Email notifications no new Private Replies weren’t sent since latest bbPress update


  • Fix: bug with hiding private replies from annonymouse users


  • New: added German translation files, thanks to @AlexIhrig


  • Fixed a bug that allowed topic authors to view private replies of other users within the same thread


  • Fixed an incorrect variable name


  • Fixed a bug (again) that made private replies open to logged-out users


  • Fixed a bug that made private replies open to logged-out users


  • Fixed a bug that caused authorized users to not be able to see private replies


  • Fixed a bug with topic authors would receive email notifications on private replies by other authors on the same thread


  • Fixed a bug with topic authors could see private replies of other authors in the same thread


  • Fixed a compatibility problem with GD bbPress Attachments that resulted in attached files not being private.


  • Fixed missing argument error.


  • Fixed a bug with private replies showing up in search results


  • Fixed another bug with new reply notifications including private details.


  • Fixed a bug with new reply notifications including private details.


  • Darkened background of private replies


  • Fixed a bug with private replies in user’s profiles.


  • Fixed a bug that caused topic subscribers to get emails with new private replies that they didn’t have permission to read


  • Fixed a bug that prevented topic authors from seeing private admin replies
  • Changes the capability required to see private replies from bbp_forums_admin to publish_forums
  • Changed private reply backgrounds to blue to help distinguish them from sticky topics
  • Improved French translation


  • First beta release!