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Prime Slider – Addons For Elementor (Revolution of a slider, Hero Slider, Ecommerce Slider)

Prime Slider – Addons For Elementor (Revolution of a slider, Hero Slider, Ecommerce Slider)


Looking for an addon/ plugin that is dedicated to creating sliders for any website built in WordPress & Elementor?

Prime slider is a fast, fully customizable, functional plugin – fit for every site including Blogging, eCommerce, etc. Again, it includes an up-to-date UI/UX.

It is a slider builder that is compatible with any WP theme & Elementor Page Builder plugin – meaning you’re safe from any unexpected issues.

Tired of the static & non-functional sliders? Fear not!

Why Prime Slider when dozens of slider plugins are out there? The fact is, it will help you make your slider 💡

  • Eye-catchy with useful info
  • Responsive (perfectly viewable on any device including mobile, tablet, & desktop)
  • SEO optimized (with title, bread crumb, link, etc.)
  • Highly optimized for web & server performance.

We always give importance to our customer’s experience & expectations like you have. So, we put 100+ effort into making our product more active and functional.

Moreover, our highly professional team works hard to make room so that your business dominates in today’s competitive digital world.

Another thing is that we hear our customers and take attempts accordingly.

The features from Prime Slider 💫

  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Responsive
  • RTL & Translation Ready
  • Regular Updated
  • Support from the Expert of BdThemes

In search of an all-in-one plugin for creating a slider for a WordPress website? Look no further. Prime Slider is speed optimized – good for SEO, easy to customize, WooCommerce ready slider addon for Elementor that you can use for building sliders of any sort of website.


Live Demo | Documentation | Video Tutorial | Need Support?

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Featured By – Famous Publications 🎇


Paul Charlton, a renowned WordPress influencer, has featured Prime Slider in WPTuts. He found Prime Slider for creative, responsive, and dynamic slider solution plugins.


Thanks to Imran Emu, a professional Web Designer and Developer, for featuring Prime Slider on the YouTube channel titled themesCode and finding it helpful for his viewers.

Uriel Soto:

Uriel Soto, expert in WordPress & Elementor, makes helpful WordPress tutorials for everyone. Prime Slider, an add-on for Elementor, has been featured on Youtube Channel named Uriel Soto by this guy.

Fran Salas – PluginsWeb:

Fran Salas is a WordPress passionate. He makes videos on plugin, template, and extension.Same as he makes Tutorial type video showing-off Prime Slier, an add-on for Elementor.

Brainstorm Force:

A mastermind of some outstanding WP products including theme Astra, has a Youtube Channel. Thankful to the energetic team who makes an awesome video spotlighting Prime Slider and shares on Brainstorm Force, a channel for WordPress Tutorials.

Problemas y soluciones comunes: 🐣

  1. Elementor editor fails to load
    Ans. It is due to your server PHP setting. You can increase PHP memory limit from wp-config.php file or php.ini file
    View Documentation

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  • Introducción a Prime Slider
  • Best features in prime slider
  • Widget demo of prime slider
  • General Slider demo
  • Slider Example 5.
  • Slider Example 6.
  • Slider Example 7.
  • Slider Example 8.
  • Slider Example 9.
  • Slider Example 10.
  • Slider Example 11.
  • Slider Example 12.
  • Slider Example 13.
  • Slider Example 14.
  • Prime Slider features
  • Prime Slider features
  • Prime Slider features
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Esta sección describe cómo instalar el plugin y hacer que funcione.


  1. Sube el archivo plugin-name.php al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress


¿Cómo puedo añadir Prime Slider a mi web?

  • Just download Prime Slider on your WordPress website and drag-n-drop slider widgets/modules inside the target page where you want to use the slider.

¿Tienes documentación de tu plugin?

  • Of course, we offer a detailed guideline for each module/widget of Prime Slider in order to get you introduced to the features and functions properly.

¿Qué debo hacer si tengo algún problema?

  • Contact us on LiveChat or send us a support ticket so we can learn and fix the issue. Our developer team is always ready to support our customers.

¿Prime Slider es adaptable?

  • Yes, Prime Slider is made to fit any kind of display size (mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC) and offers 100% responsiveness.

Can I customize the fonts of the slider?

  • Of course, you can. Prime Slider lets you customize the font using a dedicated Typography option for all slider widgets, texts, headings, and meta so you can enjoy complete freedom over the layout.

¿Puedo mostrar más de un carrusel en una página individual?

  • Absolutely. With Prime Slider, you can use as many widgets as you want inside a single webpage and that will not affect your website and never conflict with any elements.

¿Cómo incluir un carrusel en una entrada o una página?

  • Just open the target page using Elementor page builder and drag-n-drop the Prime Slider modules/widgets inside the page or post.

¿Cómo incluir Prime Slider en header.php?

  • There is no need to do that. Each Prime Slider widget comes with a built-in customizable header, so you can use the slider to completely design your entire webpage with nothing else but Prime Slider.

¿Primer Slider es compatible con SSL?

  • Yes, Prime Slider supports both http:// and https:// protocols.


29 de abril de 2024 1 respuesta
I have been using the free version for last few months and find it fascinating. Also its pretty easy to use and i did got stuck at a few things but support was quick to sort it out. Would be nice to see more widgets added to it specifically for WooCommerce. Going to signup for a life time plan and hope they keep on building cool plugins.
23 de abril de 2024 3 respuestas
It’s the best plugin for slider i ever seen, but: There is no customization of each h1 heading (e.g. for the first slider I want an h1 heading for the title, and for the next ones I want h2 – I have to play around). There is no option to add a background zoom animation after until the next one. Apart from that, it’s a very good plugin and I appreciate it! Good performance unlike slider revolution!
11 de abril de 2024 1 respuesta
At first look is so shiny, but it all! Missing a lot off style controls, no drag elements options, no layers. Smart slider and Slider revolution are much, much better!
8 de abril de 2024 1 respuesta
very good plugin! The ficam banners with slides are very beautiful and attractive!!! I love ittttt!
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3.14.7 [29th May 2024]

  • Fixed: Skin folio social design issue fixed in blog widget

3.14.6 [21th May 2024]

  • Fixed: PHP warning fixed in Sequester widget

3.14.5 [5th May 2024]

  • Added: Navigation horizontal offset added in flogia widget

3.14.4 [2nd May 2024]

  • Fixed: Security issue fixed

3.14.3 [30th April 2024]

  • Fixed: Modal issue fixed in woocircle widget
  • Fixed: Item gap issue fixed in tango widget

3.14.2 [21th April 2024]

  • Fixed: Security issue fixed

3.14.1 [17th April 2024]

  • Fixed: Security issue fixed

3.14.0 [8th April 2024]

  • Added: Thumbs scroll option added in flogia widget
  • Updated: Admin dashboard system improved

3.13.7 [28th March 2024]

  • Fixed: Thumbs height issue fixed in flogia widget
  • Fixed: Admin feeds issue fixed

3.13.6 [21th March 2024]

  • Fixed: Notice error issue fixed

3.13.5 [21th March 2024]

  • Fixed: Image height issue fixed in fiestar widget
  • Updated: Admin dashboard license notice improved

3.13.4 [10th March 2024]

  • Fixed: Security issue fixed

3.13.3 [8th March 2024]

  • Fixed: Security issue fixed
  • Fixed: Pagination outline style issue fixed

3.13.2 [3rd March 2024]

  • Fixed: Swiper effects issue fixed

3.13.1 [24th February 2024]

  • Updated: System improved

3.13.0 [24th February 2024]

  • Added: Adaptive background extension added (pro)
  • Added: Dots horizontal offset added in blog widget
  • Fixed: Security issue fixed

3.12.0 [17th February 2024]

  • Added: Overlay option added in pagepiling widget
  • Fixed: Content alignment issue fixed in pagepiling widget (Thanks to Maarten Bloemen)
  • Fixed: Security issue fixed

3.11.13 [4th February 2024]

  • Fixed: Link issue fixed in isolate widget (Thanks to Saul Lones)

3.11.12 [11th January 2024]

  • Updated: System improved

3.11.11 [4th January 2024]

  • Added: Material widget added (Pro)
  • Fixed: Duplicator issue fixed

3.11.10 [31th December 2023]

  • Updated: Mount widget design improved & optimized

3.11.9 [21th December 2023]

  • Fixed: System improved

3.11.8 [21th December 2023]

  • Fixed: Title & button inline issue fixed in blog widget
  • Fixed: Separator conflict issue fixed in mercury widget
  • Updated: Rubix, blog, mercury, pacific & pagepiling widgets design improved & optimized

3.11.7 [11th December 2023]

Added: Bottom spacing control added in tango widget
Fixed: Live copy & paste issue fixed
Updated: Tango, storker, sniper widgets design improved & optimized

3.11.6 [6th December 2023]

  • Fixed: Plugin header fixed

3.11.5 [4th December 2023]

  • Updated: System improved

3.11.4 [4th December 2023]

  • Updated: System improved

3.11.3 [4th December 2023]

  • Fixed: Link issue fixed in dragon widget

3.11.2 [29th November 2023]

Fixed: Unnecessary file removed

3.11.1 [29th November 2023]

  • Fixed: Fatal error fixed

3.11.0 [29th November 2023]

  • Updated: System improved

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