The plugin adds the ability to select cities, unique pages are created with a unique url for each city. This allows you to uniqueize content for search engines.

Installing and configuring the plugin
How to sort cities in plugin
How to create an additional field for the city in the plugin
Extended version of the plugin

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  • Settings Page
  • Example of work on the page
  • Cities in console
  • City page


  1. Upload belingogeo to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Belingo.GeoCity in your wordpress site if it is not activated already.
  3. Place shortcode [belingogeo_selector] anywhere on your website page.


11 de abril de 2024
Отличная геолокация, удобная понятная панель управления, много чего учтено, покрыли все мои задачи, взаимодействие с woo. Хорошая техподдержка. Очень низкая цена. Рекомендую!
22 de noviembre de 2023
<font style=»vertical-align: inherit;»><font style=»vertical-align: inherit;»>Отличн</font></font>ый<font style=»vertical-align: inherit;»><font style=»vertical-align: inherit;»> плагин рекомендую. С моими задачами прекрасно справляется.</font></font>
21 de noviembre de 2023
Отличный стабильный в работе плагин. Самое важное, что поддержка просто на высочайшем уровне. Обращался несколько раз, всегда оперативно помогали решать проблему. Удачи в разработке!
1 de julio de 2023
Отличный плагин, решает потребности, очень гибкий.Работает с мультисайтами, что не маловажно. Команда классная, внедряют правильный функционал, прислушиваются к пользователем.Столкнулся с трудностями в реализации своего сайта, пришли и помогли очень оперативно. Поддержка постоянно на связи – ЛУЧШИЕ.Рекомендую покупать PRO версию, стоимость копейки, а жизнь облегчает знатно.
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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed incorrect condition in exceptions
  • Fixed fatal errors when using new versions of the plugin with old pro extensions
  • Fixed exception if the current city is not in the list. Fixed sitemap when all regular entries are excluded.
  • Fixed a fatal error in the sitemap when there are no excluded taxonomies.


  • Fixed WC cache when changing prices for goods and when changing cities


  • Updating Language Packs
  • Fixed an issue with infinite cloning of the Default city. Now this is a system city, it cannot be deleted
  • The function for downloading CSV examples has been adjusted
  • Added the ability to not display the city confirmation window for the [belingogeo_selector] shortcode
  • Added redirect exception to search page
  • Fixed forced city confirmation when using cache
  • fix new redirect page functions
  • Added an option to redirect to an existing city page
  • remove rewrite:true from post_types and taxonomies in admin
  • fix sitemaps taxonomies and hide empty sitemaps
  • Added the ability to change woocommerce prices depending on the city
  • fix save posts in admin without cities
  • Changed the method of connecting pop-up windows and selector, added the ability to change text in windows from the console
  • Excluded from xml sitemap not publicly_queryable post_types
  • add hook for sitemap headers
  • Added the ability to insert any shortcodes into the woocommerce category header


  • added ability to use nested shortcodes
  • improved belingogeo_city_content shortcode, added the ability to exclude cities and specify several cities
  • fix yoast json ld for shortcodes
  • fix city in canonical
  • fix default sort cities in popup window
  • fix show links in sitemaps when subdomains is on
  • added new hooks to the plugin templates, added the ability to search for a city, added a search option in the settings
  • Update Select2
  • Added additional information about the plugin
  • Updated language pack
  • Update sypex geo database
  • Regions added
  • Added 2 new shortcodes: belingogeo_region_field, belingogeo_region_content
  • fix shortcode belingogeo_region_content
  • Added the ability to import/export


  • fixed city detection if result is empty
  • fix scripts and styles path for admin
  • fix search city in admin
  • fix warning errors


  • Fix default city


  • Plugin settings form corrected


  • Fixed way to remove city from url


  • Fixed display of new shortcodes in Yoast


  • Fixed city sorting in the popup window
  • Added a hook to change the cities query in the popup


  • Fixed sitemaps
  • Added the ability to disable the forced generation of a shortcut for the city


  • Moved section with settings and cities
  • Fixed problem with Cyrillic in url
  • Fixed 404 error on some pages, including Woocommerce pages
  • Code refactored
  • Now Woocommerce pages are also available in the basic version of the plugin
  • Fixed output of shortcodes in the Gutenberg theme editor
  • Shortcodes have been updated, now there are only 3 of them (belingogeo_select_city, city_field, city_content), old shortcodes still work, but are considered obsolete and will be removed in the future
  • The belingogeo_select_city shortcode got a «show» parameter, now you can specify on which device to display the shortcode – this will make life easier in some themes
  • Shortcodes can now display content when URLs are disabled
  • Added the ability to specify the city by default, no URLs will be generated for such a city, while shortcodes will work
  • All shortcodes now have default values available
  • Added the ability to force the definition of the city without confirmation in the pop-up window
  • The number of entries per page in the sitemap is now in the settings, you can adjust it.
  • Added the ability to disable or enable the city in breadcrumbs, for now only for breadcrumbs woocommerce
  • Expanded options to exclude pages and posts
  • For the Pro version, the ability to automatically determine the city on the checkout page of WooCommerce has been added
  • Added a set of hooks and pre-installed functions to extend the plugin’s capabilities by third-party developers


  • Fixed incorrect status of non-excluded entry in Ajax


  • Added the ability to paginate in the sitemap (for sites with a large amount of material)
  • Added new shortcodes [city_field] and [city_content]
  • Added ACF support
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed redirect on init page and on change city


  • Fixed redirect when city is selected


  • Fixed category nesting in custom taxonomy


  • Fix notice errors


  • Fix taxonomy fo custom post types
  • Fix xml sitemaps


  • Added support for Custom Post Types


  • First release.