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The Birttu plugin for WordPress allows you to enable one of the most complete comments systems for websites and applications. In addition, in a network system, so that a site can benefit from the entire community of commentators and the potential of traffic through the Birttu tools that are explained below.

At this moment Birttu has more than 11,000 profiles of commentators and the community grows every day as users build bridges between the sites that use Birttu and all of them are ready to comment.

Easy to install, allows the site to have a powerful comment control tool in its wordpress administrator. You can view the comments in real time, its content: text, if you share photos, Gifs, links, emoticons; the article in which the comment is made; the date and time; view the history of a commentator; access to data from commentators etc.

Also in the Configuration menu you can choose whether you want the system to be ‘open’ or with ‘previous revision’, even to apply a filter of words that, if contained, will keep the comment in ‘revision’ even if the system is open. The system allows you to establish an email to receive notifications when there are comments, options such as choosing the color of the Widget, displaying the Widget displayed or in the form of a bar, enabling or disabling options such as sharing links, photos, gifs …

Another «Speaks On / Off» menu allows you to activate or deactivate the comments Widget in a specific article

Through the Ticket menu the site to transfer any doubt, development request or incident.


The comments system allows the user, in a novel way, to share text, but also insert images, GIF, external links, Birttu emoticons, respond to other users, name others in a conversation (which increases traffic flow) , vote for or against a certain comment (Ok and Ko)

Some of the above functions can be disabled by the administrator of the site, if you consider it, from your Control Panel (Speak Panel)

The Widget contains a chronological order (time line) but you can also sort the comments by the most valued or the most penalized (Incinerator)

Birttu is designed to overcome the ‘digital barriers’ for the user, and in this way the Widget makes it possible to comment as a ‘user’ with a fast registration that only asks to choose an alias and a key to keep it in future uses, or as ‘profile’ that records more complete data. If you choose the first mode, the user does not face a time-consuming record, and preserves their privacy with an alias. To receive notifications of answers, mentions and control the flow of comments in a story where you have commented, you must then complete the profile, for which you will have to validate a greater range of information that is provided as big data to the site that Birttu uses; and that is shown in its control panel, always with previous authorization of the user when creating the alias or profile, fulfilling the RGPD.

The system is able to recognize a user as logged in, so you will not have to activate your alias and password for other comments, either in that or other URLs of the same website, or other sites that use Birttu. There is also the option to log out, obviously


In the widget you can consult the links of that same web page with the most commented news of the week, or if it is a publishing group that can be consulted in the widget other news with comments from other associated sites.

Another traffic tool is the Wall News button that contains the Widget where the last entries are referenced in real time in all the sites that use the Birttu Widget.

From the Control Panel, the administrator of a site can disable the News button on the wall, although in that case they can not be found on the rest of the websites.

Birttu is a potential traffic engine and generates the first community of profiles and interconnected users as a commentator for different sites. In there are elements that follow as reference and sites that are available in the Comments Widget. For example the Top Speak (the most commented news) that is shown on the Birttu Cover (index).

Each commentator created in any site has its profile on to control different options. It has its commentator page to modify and change the settings. In this same profile, you can also receive notifications about new comments in articles where you have commented, mentions of users to call attention to an article, also receive notifications of response to your comments, can change the profile picture, etc.




In the Plugins menu of your WordPress administrator Search for «Birttu» and download and start the installation

Once downloaded and opened the Installation menu, 2 options appear: Login or Register. Only in the case that you have already installed the Start Session option on the Birttu site. If this is the first time you install Birttu on this site, choose Register and fill in the fields: Email, Password, Site name, URL of the site, Contact phone, Name of a responsible person, a User Tag and end by clicking on the button To register.

With this step, the comments Widget will be launched in the articles of your site and users will be able to use it.

Then the Birttu button will be enabled in the menu on the left of your WordPress administrator. Pressing displays the Control Panel window (Speak Panel). Enter the user’s email with which you previously registered and the password and you can now enter the panel. It is incompatible to have logged in as a comment manager and use that profile as a commentator.


What if I already have a comment plugin?

The previous system is disabled when installing Birttu but you can keep the control panel of the previous plugin in your administrator and have record and control of everything that had been commented with that plugin.

What if I want to block a commentator entirely?

In the User Report button of the control panel. Automatically send a report ticket to Birttu, which will analyze if the user’s behavior and contents contravene the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities (DDR) and the Birttu Data Policy and may establish a temporary or definitive block of the user.

How do I contact Birttu?

24-365 through the Ticket menu. Writing the subject. Birttu staff will attend any incident quickly, as well as possible developments or adaptations for the site

If I install Birttu slows down my site or occupies storage on my server?

Not in any way. Birttu is served by loading in parallel so that the site loads on the one hand by calling your server and uploading it by calling your own server. Also keep in mind that it is served by encryption protocol https. In the same way, the content generated in the comments: text, photos, gifs etc, does not occupy a place in your server because Birttu cedes a partition in its servers to store all the content, and is also responsible for its protection.

Can they use malicious code in the comments?

Birttu has provided tools against the implementation of malicious code through comments, and continuously implements security improvements that are applied with the update of the plugin (we recommend that you always keep the plugin updated with the latest version). In addition, as everything that the user dumps in the comments loads by the Birttu server, it will never interfere in the security or load of the site. There are also measures applied against Spam or the intervention of masked Bots in the form of real users.

How does Birttu comply with the RGPD and how can I value the commentators?

Birttu complies with all current legislation in the field of Data Protection, and maintains continuous audits for compliance with the RGPD.

In addition, the relationship between users and the comments system is protected by a Data Policy and a Declaration of rights and responsibilities accepted by users and legally protected. The user is responsible for all comments made and Birttu is also responsible for protecting the sites in those behaviors that violate the rules.

On the other hand, the data of the profiles that Birttu provides in the Control Panel to the sites is previously accepted by Birttu users when the profile is created and all of them have access to the uses and services of the Data Policy, as well as tools to limit and configure your privacy options. In any case, the sites must also know the limitations on the use of the information they visualize about the commentators.


28 de enero de 2020
Buena opción para que los usuarios de mis blogs puedan comentar con un único usuario para todos los sitios. Además pueden comentar como invitados sin tener que introducir apenas datos.
26 de enero de 2020
El plugin más completo y funcional, permite todo tipo de funciones, enviar imágenes, mencionar otros usuarios, usar gifs y publicar urls entre otras. Ideal para cualquier medio digital.
26 de enero de 2020
Está genial. Lo instalé en Español en mi web de noticias y es un sistema que fomenta los buenos comentarios, una comunidad de perfiles y me da un control de los comentarios a un alto nivel. Además como tengo dos webs, los perfiles de los comentaristas pueden ir de una web a otra con el mismo perfil a comentar. GENIAL
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