Blogger Importer Extended


Blogger Importer Extended is the easiest way to import your posts, pages, tags, comments, images and authors from Blogger to WordPress.

Blogger Importer Extended can:

  • Import posts
  • Import pages
  • Import tags/labels
  • Import comments
  • Import images
  • Import links
  • Import/assign authors
  • Convert formatting
  • Preserve slugs


  1. Due to Google APIs daily quota limitations the importer can be unavailable, try later.
  2. Due to Google policies, the Blogger API v3 is only accessible through manually approved web services. This means you will need to connect to Blogger via your Google account before importing your content to WordPress. This is for your own protection (the app is audited and approved by Google) and we do not have access to your private/personal information.

Privacy and GDPR

This plugin requires a connection to your Blogger account via the Google Blogger API v3. Pipdig Ltd, the creator of this plugin, does not gather or store any personal information, nor do we claim any responsibility for the data controlled by your Google account or website. Any data transferred between the Blogger API v3 and your WordPress website must comply with the applicable laws in your jurisdiction. By connecting your site to the Google Blogger API v3 you must accept Google’s Privacy Policy.


  • Authorization
  • Blog list
  • Importing
  • Author assignment


  1. Install the plugin by going to the ‘Plugins > Add New’ section of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. When the plugin is installed and active, click the “Run Importer” button. This can be found next to the plugin’s name in the “Plugins” page of your dashboard.
  3. Connect to your Blogger account. Select the blog you want to import.
  4. Sit back and relax. The import will now do the work for you 🙂

Preguntas frecuentes

The importer stopped unexpectedly, why?

The importer can stop for several reasons, most frequently reasons are:

  • Restart: when you refresh the browser page 2 or more import processes can be together active, so, BIE waits for the first one finish its work.
  • Timeout: the browser, a proxy, or something else, breaks the import process for some reason, usually a timeout.
  • Quota exceeded: BIE uses the Google Blogger APIs, these grant a limited number of requests per day and per second, if the quota is exceeded, the importer stops.


Great Work!!

Estava sofrendo com o problema da API do Google, mas agora esta tudo lindo, muito Obrigado por atualizar.

It works again!

I’m updating my review to 5 stars. The plugin has been updated and it works great now. Thank you very much!

It worked great for the last couple of years but now it doesn’t work at all. It gives me an error “Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT).” and there’s no support to help me fix it.

Fantástico! Espetacular!

Eu tranferi mais de 6200 postagens, com mais de 8000 imagens!!! O programa parou 3 vezes e reiniciou sozinho – basta esperar o tempo indicado que ele reinicia sozinho – continuando a tarefa de transferir as postagens.

Espetacular!! Fiz um teste com o Blogger Importer original (importando 5 postagens) e com este (também importando 5 postagens de um outro site) para ver a diferença.

O Blogger Importer Extended fez tudo corretamente. Importou as postagens, com todas as divs, classes, (pra quem usa html nas postagens) tudo intacto. Coisa que o original não faz. No fim, não precisei editar portagem nenhuma. Fantástico!!


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  • Improvements on formatting conversion


  • Fix for page comments


  • Fix for unexpected timeout


  • Fix for alert loop
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  • Fix for posts without slug