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Blogger Importer Extended is the easiest way to import your posts, pages, tags, comments, images and authors from Blogger to WordPress. Once the import is complete, you also have the option of enabling 301 redirects from Blogger (keeping all the SEO from your old blog).

You can import up to 30 blog posts/pages, along with all comments, featured images and post labels for free. If you have more than 30 blog posts, you may wish to purchase an unlimited license. This allows you to import an unlimited amount of posts, pages, comments, images, labels and authors. You can also choose from a range of options to help with things like SEO and content formatting.

El Importer de Blogger Extendido puede:

  • Import published posts
  • Importar páginas
  • Importar etiquetas
  • Importar comentarios
  • Import images (high res when available)
  • Import authors
  • Preserve all post/page links
  • Automatically remove «?m=1» from old Blogger links
  • Filter links from spam comments (good for SEO)
  • Setup all 301 redirects from Blogger to WordPress
  • Fix mixed-content (convert http to https)
  • Convert post content formatting to match WP standards

Looking for something even easier? We also offer a full Blogger to WordPress migration service. This covers all aspects of the migration from start to finish working with us directly.

Why is the free version limited to 30 posts?

The Google Blogger API has a limited quota per day. Offering 30 free imports should be enough for most personal blogs without hitting the Google API quota limit. If you have more than 30 posts, or simply want to support the plugin, you may wish to purchase an unlimited license provides stable imports 24/7 without limitations.

What is the difference between Free and Unlimited?

With the free version, you can import up to 30 blog posts/pages, along with all comments, featured images and post labels. If a post has more than one image, the first image will be downloaded to the media library and set as the featured image. The remaining images will still show in the post content, however they will be hosted on Google rather than WordPress.

With the unlimited version, all content is imported into WordPress (unless you select the option to exlude them). There are no limits on the number of posts, pages, comments, images or labels. The only thing which is not imported is draft or sheduled posts.

With both versions, you can setup all the required 301 redirects from Blogger to WordPress.

What if I have 1,000,000 blog posts?

Wow, that’s a lot of posts, nice work! If you want to import more than 30 posts, please consider purchasing an unlimited license. This allows you to import as much as you like. The importer can handle any number of posts you have.

Can I use it on more than one site?

You can use the both free or unlimited version on all your sites. If you purchase an unlimited license, you can use it for all your own projects.

Privacidad y RGPD

This plugin connects to your Blogger/Blogspot blog via the Google Blogger API. We do not store any personal information in this plugin’s web service (used to escurely connect to the Blogger API) or the plugin itself.


  • Settings page
  • Importando
  • Success!


  1. Instala el plugin yendo a ‘Plugins > Añadir nuevo’ del Escritorio de WordPress.
  2. When the plugin is installed and active, go to the ‘Settings > Blogger Importer’ page.
  3. Ths page will show you the 3 steps for migrating your site.


18 de febrero de 2020
Hi, while the default Blogger importer failed, your plugin actually ran through my blogger data and imported all of the posts. When it got to downloading the media files it got into a queue and downloaded a dozen images many many times. I then stopped the import which broke down and restarted itself again and again and deleted the duplicated media in my library. Even though the import process was somehow faulty the posts now were in my wordpress posts list and I could work with them. What I would have absolutely needed: The importer should have downloaded the thumbnails of my posts. Instead of downloading the posts the plugin used external image links in my posts. The preview images did not display 🙁 Now I am trying to run other tools to automatically set featured images. Unfortunately I cannot re-run the plugin. I would like to reset all plugin data but the plugin always starts the process of importing at 99%,does not import the posts (which I have deleted in the mean time) but continues to download media into my media libarary and breakting down... This plugin got further than any other importer. It almosts works!!
17 de febrero de 2020
I tried importing the XML file but it didn't work using another importer. I tried this one and it took a while but the quality for my nearly 2,000 posts and over 5K comments worked.
27 de diciembre de 2019
This plugin works great for importing Blogger posts along with tags, images, etc. A real life-saver!!
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  • Release date: 27 March 2020.
  • New settings page at ‘Settings > Blogger Importer’.
  • New option automatically redirect old links from Blogger.
  • New option to generate a Blogger redirection XML template file automatically.


  • Release date: 20 March 2020.
  • New simplified importing screen.
  • Use new system to avoid chance of going over the Google Blogger API quota limit.
  • Greatly improve efficiency when downloading images to the media library.
  • Imported internal-links are converted to the new site/domain. I.e. links will be changed from old urls to the new site.
  • Automatically set the Featured Image for all imported posts.
  • New options to purchase a license for Pro features.
  • Require PHP 5.6+


  • Update GDPR section in plugin description.


  • Don’t strip span tags.


  • Mejoras en la conversión de formato.


  • Solución para la página de comentarios


  • Solución para un tiempo de espera no esperado


  • Solución para la alerta de bucle
  • Solución para la imprecisión en contadores desnormalizados.


  • Solución para entradas sin slug