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22 de agosto de 2022 1 respuesta
Once configured, it works pretty slick! We bought it but also got a refund after the register codes didn’t take and had to track down the owners to get money back. This really could have been a great plugin. we are still using it, but manually copy and pasting to google calendar.. until we find something as easy to use and has all the options.
6 de enero de 2022
From their email to us: Note: In the new management, Ultimate license is valid for 1 year (before it was life time). This is done to make sure the business continue to exist and we provide continous improvements. With that kind of support, how long do they really expect to exist?
4 de enero de 2022
As a free plug-in, this is great. As a paid plug-in, not sure. I decided that I wanted the advanced functionality and bought a lifetime license. Right off the bat, I had a question and submitted a support ticket. It has been two weeks and they have not even marked the ticket as read. I tried finding another way to contact the support person/team, but the only way is a ticket (and the ticket is not answered). As a free plug-in, this is fine, as a premium plug-in, just be sure you won’t have any questions. I don’t even see a way to refund this plug-in within the refundable window without being able to talk to someone. Perhaps my problem/question is really easy to answer, but I don’t know because of no response. Pro tip to all, don’t buy any plug-in without ample contact methods available. — Update Jan 2022. So, I never got any response from my support questions 6 months into having paid for the plug-in, but I did get an email from support because they were changing things. Apparently, I bought a LIFETIME license and they will only honor the LIFETIME license for 1 year. I paid excess money for a LIFETIME license, yet I am only getting a year. It would have more financial sense to have me only pay the 1 year fee. They totally just pocketed the extra money. I do not trust these people; I do no recommend you do either. It is not a safe idea to build your appointment based website off of a company that will not stick to it’s word.
30 de junio de 2021
I just purchased the unlimited license for this plugin to use on my clients’ websites and I have found it to be a great plugin. When I’ve contacted support, I got a response right away even before purchasing. The documentation is thorough – I was experiencing a display issue, but I found the solution in their documentation and it was super easy to fix. The plugin has a lot of features, and it has a nice front-end appearance that makes it easy for people to book appointments. After looking at a lot of the other options for booking appointments, this I felt was the best value in terms of cost and features. I seriously don’t get why it has so many bad reviews, it has worked fine in my initial tests with the free version, and the paid version I’ve found to be working so far without any issues.
1 de junio de 2021 1 respuesta
We were using Booking Ultra for many years (free version), after upgrading our site the support did not even reply how to transfer all old appointments. We bought also the pro version for 200 € and tried to set it up. In the Booking Ultra Pro version you have to add your domain to your account – also this was not possible. Support even didnt reply till now. In my Eyes this plugin should be removed from the Wordpress Plugins!!! 30 days money back guarantee ? also no reply… NO MONEY BACK! Do not buy this plugin! Also i will report this plugin now to the site!
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