BuddyPress Registration Options


Prevent users and bots from accessing the BuddyPress or bbPress areas of your website(s) until they are approved.

This BuddyPress extension allows you to enable user moderation for new members, as well as help create a private network for your users. If moderation is enabled, any new members will be denied access to your BuddyPress and bbPress areas on your site, with the exception of their own user profile. They will be allowed to edit and configure that much. They will also not be listed in the members lists on the frontend until approved. Custom messages are available so you can tailor them to the tone of your website and community. When an admin approves or denies a user, email notifications will be sent to let them know of the decision.

Requires BuddyPress version 1.7 or higher and bbPress 2.0 or higher.

General Data Protection Regulation

BuddyPress Registration Options temporarily stores user IP addresses as user meta to help validate and vet pending users. Saved IP values are deleted upon both approval and denial of pending user. No other personal data is recorded.


Follow along with development on GitHub at BuddyPress-Registration-Options

Pluginize was launched in 2016 by WebDevStudios to promote, support, and house all of their WordPress products. Pluginize is dedicated to creating products that make your BuddyPress site easy to manage, without having to touch a line of code. Pluginize also provides ongoing support and development for WordPress community favorites like CPTUI, CMB2, and more.


  • General Settings page:
  • Registro de nuevo Miembro:
  • New members can login but can only see/edit their profile and change their avatar. If an unapproved new member tries to go to any other BuddyPress pages they are redirected back to their profile page.
  • Admin receives email notice of new member:
  • Alerta del Tablero Administrativo:
  • Approve, deny or ban new members:


  1. Upload the bp-registration-options folder to the plugins directory in your WPMU installation

  2. Activar el plugin

  3. Click on the «BP Registation» link in your admin menu.

  4. Configure your BuddyPress registration options.


  1. ¿Qué hace este Plugin?

Hacemos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para evitar que los usuarios no moderados puedan interactuar o incluso acceder a las áreas de redes sociales de su sitio web hasta que se apruebe. Esto incluye BuddyPress y soporte en evolución para bbPress también. El complemento ha evolucionado desde sus orígenes originales, por lo que la parte de «opciones de registro» ha cambiado. Se enfoca en la moderación.

  1. ¿Qué no hace este plugin?

No impedimos que llegue el spam en general. Tampoco evitamos que los correos electrónicos de activación salgan para el usuario. Incluso en una red privada, el usuario podría activar la cuenta de usuario e acceder y ver al menos su propio perfil. Cuando solo marque «Miembros nuevos moderados», podrán buscar y ver una imagen general, pero no podrán interactuar. Si crees que has encontrado un fallo o «agujero» en esto, inicia un hilo de soporte en https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/bp-registration-options y nosotros te responderemos allí.

  1. ¿que compatibilidad ofrecemos para bbPress?

La compatibilidad con bbPress es un trabajo en progreso. A medida que continuamos desarrollándolo, haremos lo que podamos para ayudar a prevenir el acceso al foro de bbPress, pero por el momento no está cubierto de manera tan exhaustiva como BuddyPress.

  1. ¿Tiene en cuenta que los superadministradores de varios sitios son los únicos capaces de editar usuarios?

Un trabajo en progreso. Somos conscientes de la limitación y estamos tratando de encontrar la mejor solución respecto a este problema, especialmente para cualquiera que no sea un superadministrador en una red de varios sitios, pero que todavía desee la funcionalidad de red social para su sitio dentro de la red.

  1. ¿Es este un buen plugin para ayudar a evitar que el spam entre en toda mi web?

Sí estás buscando prevención de spam en todo el sitio web, no somos el plugin adecuado para ti. Nuestro plugin solo cubrirá las áreas BuddyPress y bbPress. Se podrá seguir accediendo a las páginas normales de WordPress o al blog.


18 de septiembre de 2018
Responsiveness and helpfulness of the service are overwhelming, especially for a free plugin. The functionality of the plugin is unique, as far as I can tell. A HUGE THANK YOU!
23 de marzo de 2018
As my site became better known, I started to get more and more people registering and immediately private messaging everyone in the group and sending out friendship requests. They were not genuine members, but only there to cause trouble. I had installed a plugin to throttle the number of PM's people can send, but they could still annoy the members they could contact before they reached the limit. Now they can't until I vet them first. The only unwanted result is they can't join groups until then, but it's a sacrifice genuine members need to make to protect the privacy and security of existing members. Well done.
14 de agosto de 2017
This plugins helps me a lot with user user registration on BuddyPress
6 de mayo de 2017
This plug-in has really helped me to control who enters into my community and he doesn't. My site, gayinternationaldating.com is a dating site and keeping romance scammers and perverts out as a monumental task. This allows me to hold their accounts as a 'trial' period until they pay a human screening fee. This thing is worth its weight in gold, well if it had weight. Basically the plug-in doesn't stop people from registering but it cripples their account so they might as well not be registered. You must approve them before they are part of your community. The only thing I wish it did is it doesn't stop compliments. So unapproved users can still send compliments. I also wish it allowed admins to hide profiles that have already been approved. It would be great for moderation. Thanks though!
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Registro de cambios

4.3.9 – 2020-03-14

  • Fixed: Fatal error from a function typo.

4.3.8 – 2020-03-13

  • Updated: Extra protection for users who may be using bbPress only with no BuddyPress.


  • Fixed: Prevent overwriting of existing user IDs to exclude, if any are already set.
  • Fixed: Remove duplicate status setting upon uster registration.
  • Fixed: Prevent PHP notices for user notification content on frontend.


  • Fixed: GeoIP lookup resource change.


  • Added: Setting tool to help aid with more GDPR compliance. Setting queries for all previously-approved users that still have IP address user meta data saved, and removes that meta data. Should not need to be used again once all IP meta is removed.
  • Fixed: Addressed issue regarding notifications sent out when a new user registers. 4.3.4 introduced a filter to customize who gets notified, but the filter needed to be added in some more places.


  • Fixed: Default message values not persisting across many users when approving or denying in bulk.
  • Added: IP Address removal from user meta after approved. Addresses possible issues with GDPR compliance. Denied users do not have saved data after denied.
  • Added: Filter for who receives notifications for new users. Props to @cherbst
  • Added: Parse «[username]» shortcode for the Activate/Profile message text. Props richardfoley on WordPress.org


  • Corregido: soporte para el análisis de shortcode [email_usuario] en los mensajes personalizados aprobado/denegado.


  • Fixed: Re-hide unimplemented ban button. Hopefully someday.
  • Fixed: Prevent possible fatal errors for non-existant functions at runtime.


  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with bbPress and blank notifications.


  • Added: Support for BuddyPress notifications of new user, checkbox setting to enable or disable it.
  • Added: BPRO menu items to BuddyPress Member Admin Bar for administrators.
  • Added: Prevention of activity stream posting about new member until member is approved.
  • Added: Email notification and default message setting for pending users upon activation.
  • Added: Before and after save hooks for general settings.
  • Added: Filter in pending member «additional data» section for displaying custom data about user.
  • Added: Filter in wp_redirect urls for non-logged in users.
  • Added: Filter on IP address before saving to user meta.
  • Added: Filter in «allowed areas» functions for custom area setting for 3rd party developers.
  • Fixed: Issues with HTML emails and HTML in available custom message fields.
  • Fixed: Changed API used for geo lookup in moderated user table.
  • Fixed: Hardened user display in pending member list if no Full Name value provided.
  • Fixed: Mark user as not spam, upon approval, in BuddyPress core’s user management page.
  • Fixed: Prevention of working in non-main site sites for Multisite.
  • Fixed: Internationalization issues with singular/plural «members» admin notice.
  • Updated: Internationalization strings for default messages.