Brainity: Automate Your Social Ads


Automate Your Social Ads.

Brainity automatically launches Social Ads campaigns to finds potential customers, brings them to your store and retargets those who left without buying.

What Is Brainity

Brainity is a next-generation Ad Tool that helps you launch Facebook and Instagram campaigns that work like a funnel.

You can easily create prospecting campaigns that bring traffic to your store and retargeting campaigns to boost the sales of those who visited your site but left without purchasing.

Furthermore, Brainity does advanced auto-optimization, allowing you to create a truly automatic stream of revenue without any supervision.

Just focus your efforts on making an awesome brand while Brainity efficiently takes care of your Facebook & Instagram campaigns from start to finish.

  1. Choose your monthly budget and set up your funnel strategy.
  2. Define your perfect audience and Brainity will attract to your store those most likely to become customers.

Automatic Funnel

Brainity eliminates the silos between prospecting and retargeting campaigns and puts them to work together to grow your sales.

In other words, with a seamless combination of campaigns Brainity automatically finds potential customers, brings them to your store and retargets those who left without buying.

Also, Brainity’s prospecting and retargeting campaigns work with all Facebook platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network) and all placements (news feed, stories, right column, banners, etc.)

Prospecting Campaigns

Define your perfect audience and Brainity will attract traffic to your store from the people most likely to become your customers.

With an effortless setup and intuitive use, this game-changing feature gets the right traffic at the lowest possible cost with an advanced campaign structure that uses a combination of Interest and Lookalike Audiences.

Retargeting Campaigns with Dynamic Ads

Brainity allows you to make more sales with Retargeting Dynamic Ads, which deliver personalized ads with information of the products that your visitors viewed but didn’t purchase.

Besides, Brainity’s Retargeting Campaigns can adjust your ad spend based on your traffic and market, and auto-sync your products with your real stock to only show ads of products that you have.

Campaign Self-Optimization

Once you have launched your campaigns you don’t need to spend time optimizing your campaigns or learning how to do it like a pro.

Brainity dynamically distributes your budget between campaigns and ad sets, updates your bidding optimization events for each campaign, and curates your audiences.

Requirements to Use Brainity

  • Have at least 1 product
  • Have a Facebook Business Manager account
  • Have a working Ad Account with a payment method
  • Have a published Facebook page
  • Have an Instagram account linked to your Facebook page (optional)
  • Have Facebook Pixel installed on your store (recommended)
  • Have at least 2,000 visits during the last month (recommended to launch Retargeting campaigns)

Terms of Use

Terms of use are available here:



Click the “Install Now” button.

Then, WordPress is going to install the plugin on your site.

Now, when the installation is complete, you will need to activate the plugin by clicking the “Activate Plugin” that has appeared.

Now you have to go your WordPress dashboard and click the Brainity tab and start the configuration process of your account.


20 de septiembre de 2019
I’ve tested 3 other AI Facebook and Instagram ad solutions with really poor results and I was not that keen on testing another one.. Today I’m glad I did. Brainity is by far the best one and here’s why: Onboarding was extremely fast. And the dashboard makes it super easy to understand how things are progressing. Customer support.. wow! 🙂 Results - I can’t go in to numbers but Brainity is more than 4 times more effective than the previous solutions I've tried. I.e - Brainity software delivers good results and the Brainity team will make sure the campaigns are launched in the best way. I can give my best recommendation for this software! Cheers!
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