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You can check dead links present on your WordPress website using this FREE, Simple & very easy-to-setup plugin.

The plugin is designed to find and verify links that are posted anywhere on your website. Each link is checked to find if it works as intended or not. It allows you to find broken image links as well.

Dead links across your website may cause your SEO rankings to decrease, as Google and other search engine crawlers find them and mark them as harmful. These links can be posted anywhere on your forums as comments or posts.

Broken Link Checker monitors and tests all internal links & external links on your site. It helps you in SEO optimization and user experience.

The plugin allows you to check all comments and posts through a single pass and generates a report about comments, posts and links that may need to be removed or modified.

The plugin also generates report for the links which are getting redirected to other url. Report also shows wherer it is getting redirected to.
This plugin also provides one more button in report tab which redirects to parent page of Broken Link.

FREE Plugin Feature

  • Manual Scan: Scans dead links present on your WordPress site’s published pages.
  • Report: You can see the report during the scan too.
  • Edit page: Provides an link to edit the parent page of broken link.
  • Download report in CSV format: You can download the report in CSV format.

PREMIUM Plugin Feature

  • Deep Scan: Scans the entire website.
  • Edit and Fix Broken Link: Provides an option to fix and edit the broken link.
  • Scheduled Scan: Scan can be scheduled to execute in a certain interval of time.
  • Report via email: Report will be sent on the admin email.
    The report created is generated in real-time and you don’t have to wait for it. The report will contain a list of the broken links across your website and information on where they are present.

All of this will allow you to make sure that your website is never filled with broken or dead links and images that don’t work, which may actively increase your website’s SEO rankings.

miniOrange uses if the user chooses to register and upgrade to premium. If you do not want to register then you can continue using the free plugin.
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Customized solutions and Active support are available. Email us at or call us at +1 9786589387.


  • Manual scan UI

  • Report


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New from your WP Admin dashboard.

  2. Search for Broken Link Finder.

  3. Install Broken Link Finder and Activate the plugin.


  1. Search for Broken Link Checker/Finder and download it.

  2. Unzip and upload the Broken Link Finder directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  3. Activate Broken Link Finder from the Plugins tab of your admin dashboard.


Once Activated

  1. Select miniOrange Broken Link Checker from the left menu and follow the instructions.

  2. You can start scanning.


23 de agosto de 2021
I have used the free version of the plugin and it worked well. I am upgrading the premium version for some additional functionality given the good experience I had with the free version.
15 de julio de 2021
I contacted this plugin support team and they were quick to respond and very helpful. The broken 🔗 checker does it's job and gives reports that you can use to find and fix the broken link(s). ✅
23 de junio de 2021
High marks and five stars to Mayur who puts a lot of effort into this program and it has helped me immensely in finding stale or broken links in my WordPress website. It even pointed out some possible spam links pointing to external websites and because they were not showing me where they were located he made a zoom house call to troubleshoot the problem... You don't get that kind of support very often anymore.
26 de enero de 2021
Tested many other plugins. None of them worked out of the box. This one did!
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Broken Link Checker/Finder: Added edit page functionality regarding any broken link in the plugin.


Broken Link Checker/Finder: Improved scan – Detects links from iframe and link tags, also added seperate report for redirected links


Broken Link Checker/Finder: Improved scan – Detects broken images


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Broken Link Checker/Finder: Changed in the upgrade pricing and features


Broken Link Checker/Finder: Added post scanning for broken links


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The first version of WordPress Broken Link Checker/Finder Plugin with basic WordPress broken link scanning.