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BuddyPress Profile Progression


Simple plugin that adds a progress bar on members pages, which displays the percentage of profile completed by a user.

By default, each field of the profile, except the base field (Name), worth 1 point.
If you have setup 10 fields and that your user has filled 4 fields, his progress bar will be at 40%.

If you want to customize how points are calculated (some fields can worth more than others); or add custom functions which must be taken
into consideration (eg. you can give points if the user has an avatar), you can do it using hooks. Check the FAQ !


  • Stat as displayed on a member profile


WordPress 3 and above

  1. Check you have WordPress 3.0+
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Unzip and upload to plugins folder
  4. Activate the plugin.


How to embed the profile progression in my template ?

Use function bppp_progression_block($user_id). If no $user_id is set, the progression will be shown for the curent displayed user.

I want to change how points are given to a specific profile field

By default, each profile field worth 1 points.
You can act on how profile fields are count by adding a function on the bppp_register_progression_point_XXX hook, where XXX is the label of the progression point item.

Example for profile field#2 (changing the value to 5 points) :

function edit_progression_point_for_field_2($item){
//change the amounts of points for this field
return $item;


  • I want to extend the plugin and count progression points for custom functions…
    You can register new progression points using function bppp_register_progression_point().

Example : adding 3 points if the user has an avatar

function bppp_custom_function_avatar_register_point(){
‘avatar’, //label for this custom point
‘bppp_custom_function_check_user_has_avatar’, //callback,
3 //points

function bppp_custom_function_check_user_has_avatar(){

$user_id = bppp_get_user_id();
$has_avatar = ( bp_core_fetch_avatar( array( ‘item_id’ => $user_id, ‘no_grav’ => true,’html’=> false ) ) != bp_core_avatar_default() );

return (bool)$has_avatar;


How can I customize the look of the plugin ?

Use CSS rules and/or copy the files from /buddypress-profile-progression/theme to your current theme directory.
The plugin will load them first if they exists.


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  • POT file
  • German translation (thanks to Thorsten W.)
  • Russian translation (thanks to Romik J.)


  • Localization path fix
  • Spanish translation (thanks to Andrés Felipe L.G.)


  • Better code to extend the plugin


  • Added admin option to enable/disable profile progression auto embed


  • New function bppp_progression_block($user_id) to display a user’s profile progression
  • Various Fixes


  • Fixed bug in bppp_get_title when dispaying other user’s profile progression bar.


  • Localization files


  • Plugin’s headers fix


  • loader.php for BuddyPress


  • All code reviewed and rewritten for BP1.7.


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