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Over 1k active installs and many happy customers! We have a perfect average 5 star review.

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Works well and easy to use – recommend

Very simple plugin, elegant design and great assistance! I tried some other plugins and this one is the best! I highly recommend…

Does the job. PERFECTLY!

Gets the message across, where you want it, when you want it, how you want it. Great, lightweight plugin. Does what it needs to do without a lot of dead weight.

I really like this bulletin plugin, it’s the best I’ve seen!

Fantastic Plugin, so versatile!

Bulletin is a lightweight plugin that shows announcement banners, sale offers and shop notices on your website.

Here are a few of the typical scenarios when you would use Bulletin:

  • Emergency Announcements: this is especially relevant now in uncertain times with the Corona Virus.
  • Sale offers
  • Countdown to an event
  • Announcing a new section on your website
  • Showing an important notice for logged-in members
  • Cookie notice
  • Announcing a new feature for your product
  • And much more!

How it works

Watch a quick video of how it works here:

You can also check out these demo sites:

You can also check out the docs on our site, which are extended regularly.

Do you have a fixed navigation bar or would like to display a bulletin under your nav? Check out the videos below:

Full Bulletin features

The basic Bulletin plugin allows you to add unlimited bulletins and use markdown and emoji’s! It also comes with Customizer support.

The Pro version of Bulletin comes packed with features:

👋🏼Buttons & Call to actions
Add a button with link or trigger JS event

👻Custom icons and google fonts
Make it your own using cool icons and stylish google fonts.

🔄Add multiple messages in one
Rotate through or let them run in marquee style.

🚦Advanced placement options
Show a bulletin only on selected pages on your site. Or only for logged-in users.

🕑Schedule and expiry functions
Live countdown and ability to schedule + expire the bulletin. Check out a video here:

🕺WordPress Network support
Specify a bulletin to show on all your sub-sites

✖️ Allow to dismiss
Show a close icon and determine the hide duration

🃏Advanced CSS
Ability to add your own CSS with each bulletin (handy for those pesky fixed headers)

Free Version Features

  1. Desktop and mobile messages
  2. Background and text colors
  3. Header, floating at bottom and sticky footer display types
  4. Content max-width
  5. Text alignment and font size

Pro Version Additional Features

  1. Corners display type
  2. Icon
  3. Font Family
  4. Multiple messages
  5. Button
  6. Countdown
  7. Display based on the url
  8. Display based on user
  9. Dismiss a bulletin
  10. Additional CSS
  11. Display to all subsites


This plugin is created by Rock Solid Plugins.


We have more exciting features planned for Bulletin, among which:

  • show bulletins based on automatic events
  • REST API support
  • Custom button styles and animations
  • Animated icons
  • More display options


  • Bulletin Add New / Edit - Free options
  • Bulletin Header Example on Hotel Website
  • Bulletin Fixed Footer Example on Woocommerce Shop
  • Bulletin PRO appearance options
  • Bulletin PRO call to action options
  • Bulletin PRO placement options
  • Bulletin PRO advanced options
  • Bulletin PRO WP Network options


  1. Install Bulletin either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Add a new bulletin by adding a simple message, colors, display type and a few other options
  3. Preview the bulletin on your Website
  4. If all looks good, publish and you’re done!
  5. For much more advanced options, why not checkout our Pro version! Head over to our website for more info and pricing.


For who is Bulletin intended?

Bulletin is perfect for business owners, bloggers, Woocommerce shop owners, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you have a website and you want to make announcements to your users, Bulletin is for you!

Do I need to know how to code to us Bulletin?

Coding skills aren’t needed, however there might be instances where a bulletin conflicts with other UI elements in your theme. In this case you may need a developer to add some custom CSS (which is possible in the PRO version).

Can I see some examples of actual bulletins on a website?

Take a look at our demo sites.

How can I get access to all features?

You can get access to more features and priority support by upgrading to our Pro version. Purchasing a Pro license gets you access to the full version of Bulletin, automatic updates and priority support!


14 de septiembre de 2023
We use this together with WooCommerce and it works well. For short term info banners. Even with multilanguage with Polylang. Thank you.
16 de febrero de 2023 1 respuesta
We needed an easy clean option that some mid-level users could also use for emergency banners and this fits perfectly. Easy install, setup and usage even for multisite. Id like a little more granular customization options, but it works great. Definitely recommend!
7 de febrero de 2023
Very simple plugin, elegant design and great assistance! I tried some other plugins and this one is the best! I highly recommend...
6 de abril de 2023
I needed a simple plugin to let people know that we'll be closed for the holidays, and I gave Bulletin a try. I'm glad I did! It's incredibly easy to use and really looks great. I did end up opting for the Pro version because I didn't like the little "Powered by Bulletin" tag on the bottom of the announcement, but I'm really glad to have all the additional features that come along with it. I'll be creating banners to appear automatically for other upcoming holidays or events that I want to share with our clients and visitors. UPDATE: I had to contact their technical support for an issue caused by a conflict with our website's CSS. They investigated the issue and came up with a solution QUICKLY. I love this company.
29 de mayo de 2022
Gets the message across, where you want it, when you want it, how you want it. Great, lightweight plugin. Does what it needs to do without a lot of dead weight.
26 de abril de 2022
I really like this bulletin plugin, it's the best I’ve seen! It’s so easy to use and set up, I like the fact that you can schedule banners, place the banners in any one of the 4 different places on your website. I chose header position to ensure it's on every page. You have a choice of different colours and fonts, scrolling across the website, up or down and you can also add a website link on a button. Check it out, I started by trialling it, liked it so bought the PRO version, in my opinion, it’s well worth the money. Thank you Michiel Waaijer for a great plugin
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Announcement & Notification Banner – Bulletin» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Fixed issue where text after apostrophes is stripped


  • Fix for bug with default values not sticking
  • Upgrade Freemius SDK


  • Various updates to editing bulletins
  • Upgrade Freemius SDK
  • Fix issues with PHP 8.0
  • Fix issues with WP Network


  • Further security optimisations


  • Address security concerns as raised by WordFence
  • Fix for box-sizing for sites that use content-box
  • Various other fixes and optimisations


  • Bugfix: if html is entered in the message, multi-line support drops off
  • general code fixes and optimisations


  • Fix issue with tabs hiding because of WooCommerce plugins


  • Upgrade Freemius
  • Fixed issue with mobile button


  • Pro: added ability to included/exclude bulletins based on get params


  • Pro: added ability to included/exclude bulletins based on get params


  • Fix issue with font-size


  • Upgrade Freemius SDK


  • More security fixes
  • Fix html no longer outputting in bulletins


  • Security fixes


  • Code cleanup


  • Various bug fixes and enhancements


  • Fix for hebrew text
  • Customizer fixes
  • NEW: Import / Export bulletins


  • Bug fix


  • Add ability to show small image on bulletins (pro only)
  • Add translation ability on button labels and urls


  • Upgrade Freemius SDK
  • Solve issue with Polylang


  • Fix issue with WPML


  • NEW: Totally revamped admin dashboard interface!!
  • Better controls for header banners with fixed headers.
  • Ability to show header banners under your site header
  • Fixed issue with WPML and Polylang for bulletins with multiple messages
  • Fixed issue with bulletins not appearing after upgrade to Pro


  • Small bugfix to solve a PHP undefined error


  • NEW! Ability to schedule bulletins
  • Tweaks for button alignment option
  • Small fixes & optimizations
  • Slight tweak to look and feel to match WP default styling better


  • Tweaks & Optimizations


  • Small tweaks


  • Bugfix on saving bulletins


  • Fixed potential issue with apostrophes
  • Fix issue with publishing bulletins
  • Added Hebrew font
  • Small tweaks & optimizations


  • Fixed issue with countdown showing even if it was set to hide
  • Small tweaks


  • Added ability to set cycle speed for multiple messages
  • Tweak to button action when adding new Bulletins
  • Solve bug with enabling PRO version while FREE version also still enabled


  • Solve issue with edit button on front-end showing for non-admins


  • Add WPML and Polylang support
  • Ability to duplicate bulletins
  • Small fixes


  • Small tweaks and bug fixes
  • Add cookie icon (pro)
  • Add ability to dismiss bulletin with button (pro)
  • Add Arabic Google fonts
  • Update Freemius SDK


  • NEW: Corner display option
  • Allow user roles other than Administrators to manage Bulletins
  • Tweak to the expiry setting; you can now expire bulletins without showing a countdown
  • Add speed control for marquees
  • Initial translation support for German, French, Dutch and Chinese (SC)
  • Small bug fixes and optimizations


  • Aims to fix an issue with Favicon potentially dissapearing when Bulletin is activated
  • Small fix to prevent themes from messing with font-size settings


  • Added initial Customiser support
  • Small updates and bug fixes


  • Small tweaks & updates
  • Update to side panel


  • Add option to dismiss bulletin indefinitely (add -1)
  • Add additional validations to prevent publishing bulletins with empty font-color
  • Fix issue with some themes overriding the font colors set on bulletin
  • Other enhancements / upgrades



  • Activation issue fix


  • Added font size setting


  • Small tweaks
  • Added setting for fixed headers


  • First release