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WordPress Calendar Booking Plugin

At Start Booking, we believe that a simple online booking experience is critical to any highly converting website. Start Booking is a WordPress calendar booking plugin that is focused on helping individuals and businesses manage customers, book more appointments, and sell!.

The calendar booking plugin seamlessly connects with the Start Booking platform which powers a optimized booking calendar to display anywhere on your WordPress site and drive your users to book appointments directly from your own domain. The plugin has been developed to adopt and inherit your WordPress theme styles, so minimal (if any) updates are needed to give your website a performant and professional looking booking calendar.

With the Start Booking calendar plugin, you will find a nice balance between the booking tools available to you straight from the WordPress admin and that which is available from within the Start Booking platform itself. From our experience, most businesses don’t want to run the day-day of their business directly within their WordPress admin. Because of this, we developed the Start Booking online scheduling software to help you manage your services, appointments, classes and business better while leveraging your WordPress website as a tool and integral part of the experience.

Managing the Booking Calendar

Once the plugin is installed and setup, there are a few options for displaying your calendar booking experience.

Service Availability

The first and most popular option is the service availability shortcode. This shortcode will display a booking flow for a user to select a service and date they want to book and the plugin will return available openings based on your Start Booking settings.

To use this shortcode, place the [startbooking] shortcode in your post, page, widget etc.

Single Service Availability

The second calendar booking option is a lot like the service availability shortcode except with the single service availability shortcode, you predefine what service you want selected so that the user skips selecting a service and only selects a date & time.

Example usage for this would be if you have single pages on your website for each of your services. You could embed the single service availability shortcode directly into each page so your user could book that service in context. This really helps your user by not having to search for the service in the general service availability booking experience.

To use this shortcode, place [startbooking_cta services="YOUR SERVICE ID" ]Book Now[/startbooking_cta] shortcode in your post, page, widget etc. Be sure to replace «YOUR SERVICE ID» with your actual service ID. You can view your service ID’s directly from the plugin wp-admin settings page. Lastly, you can add multiple service ID’s (comma separated) to have a bundle of services preselected for booking appointments.

Class & Group Booking

The third calendar booking option is to display a list of your classes that your users can join. Classes can be anything from yoga classes to group meetups. The main difference between the service and class booking experiences is that services will display to your customers available openings (times that you have open) where as the classes experience displays times that were predefined and can support multiple users joining a class.

To use this shortcode, place the [startbooking_classes] shortcode in your post, page, widget etc.

For each of these options, there are additional settings such as the ability to change the booking button colors so they better match the look of your online calendar, changing the text in the flow, etc. To learn more about the available options of the WordPress booking plugin please visit the Start Booking plugin knowledge base.

Booking Calendar Integrations

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar integration takes all your appointments and pushes them (including a brief description) directly into your Google Calendar.

Stripe Payments

Accepting payments from your customers has never been easier with the Start Booking Stripe integration.

The Stripe integration enables you to accept payments from customers directly from your website and gives you the flexibility to require payment to book appointments if you want. In addition, the Stripe Booking integration gives you the ability to review customer payments, storing customer credit cards all from your own Stripe account.

Learn more about how to setup Stripe payments for online booking.

Full Feature List

  • Lightning Fast Search – quickly find your customers, appointments, services or classes
  • Customer Management
    • Customer profiles with basic tools to manage marketing preferences
    • Comprehensive customer appointment history
    • Create and view notes and logs for better record keeping
    • Customer payment settings
  • Services
    • Comprehensive index with individual service details
    • Offer free and paid services for calendar booking
    • View and assign individual staff members that can perform each service
    • Add detailed notes for additional meta per service
    • Group services by types for better categorization
    • Define service duration with the ability to add wind-down time so you can properly prepare for the next appointment
    • Want to keep it personal? Easily set services that cannot be booked online by customers so you and your staff have full control
  • Appointments
    • Book single and multi-appointments in single checkout flow
    • View and manage grouped appointments
    • Check-in and checkout-out customers
    • Appointment overview with customer details, service, notes and assigned staff and rooms
    • Manually book times as an employee or leverage our powerful appointment search api and create appointments based on search criteria
    • Accept payment directly from your website or on the Start Booking platform
  • Calendar
    • Personal daily digest dashboard
    • Multi-view options
    • Single day by staff
    • Weekly by staff
    • 3-Day by staff
    • Month
    • Create service appointment for your customers by selecting time on the calendar
    • Easily change time by dragging appointments to a new time slot and between different staff members
    • Click to view appointment details and leverage quick actions such as checking-in/out, adding notes and cancelling
    • Easily view whether a appointment has been paid or checked in
  • Staff Management
    • Invite users to your account and assign specific services to them or just invite them as a user to help manage the calendar
  • User settings
    • Assign services
    • Set working hours and lunch breaks
    • Personal notification settings
  • Office and Location Management
    • Set office address and office hours
  • Classes and group booking
    • Setup one-time and recurring classes that customers can join
    • Create multiple class schedules for each class that can be configured for different rooms, users and prices
    • Color coordinate your classes to easily identify your class on the calendar

What’s Next

The team at Start Booking have assembled an aggressive roadmap and look to provide you and your customers the best WordPress booking plugin on the market.

While we strive to provide the best calendar booking plugin, we know sometimes issues happen. During those times we will do everything we can to resolve your issues and problems as quick as possible. You can find us at the Start Booking support center.


  • Calendar overview
  • Appointment opening search
  • Plugin admin settings
  • Plugin admin settings
  • Plugin booking screen


  1. Install the Start Booking Calendar Booking plugin either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to setup booking for WordPress)
  2. Activate the Start Booking plugin from the plugins page.
  3. Navigate to the Booking tab in your admin menu and you should see the Start Booking connection screen.
  4. If you already have an account, click the connect my account button and input your Start Booking credentials. If you don’t have an account, click the Get Started button to get an account started.
  5. After you have connected your Start Booking account, the connection screen will go away and we will create a page on your domain at /book-now where you can see your default calendar booking flow.
  6. Feel free to make changes to the settings and configuration for your calendar booking experience from wp-admin and the Start Booking platform.


Beautiful, Easy, and Great Customer Support!

I tried a lot of different booking plugins, and this one is easily the cleanest-looking and easiest to integrate. It's easy to set up the backend, and the frontend pulls styles from my existing site so it just drops in looking beautiful. Their customer service is also wonderful--I had a bunch of questions about how to do this or that when I was setting it up, and I always got a quick response. Highly recommended!

Simple, Easy, and Fun

My team at Growth99.com is always looking at the latest tools in the market. We are a digital agency that works with thousands of clients that require online booking software. Start Booking has worked very well for our client's needs. It is easy for my team to implement and our clients love it! Most of all the API and integrations they have built have been very stable and the support is top notch!


I’ve tried a number of scheduling apps and have finally found the solution. It was super easy to set up and start using. Very intuitive. I only had to reach out to support once and they got me squared away in seconds. Very responsive.

Frustrating so far…..

[Received an email from the company after my complaint...] Not worth spending any time on it.... Chat bot failed to deliver a suggested setup. Get Started setup does not accept ANY phone number preventing account creation
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Registro de cambios

1.7.3: May 23 2019

  • Fix bug with siteurl & payments

1.7.2: April 22 2019

  • Fix bug with second appointment after reset
  • Add support for 24 hour display time

1.7.1: April 19 2019

  • Payment improvements
  • Better error communications

1.7.0: March 20 2019

  • Service Type Descriptions
  • Service Cache
  • Added strings for translation/customization
  • Add Calendar Locale
  • Fixed: notice on booking window setting being a non-integer

1.6.3: March 12, 2019

  • Fixed: Add additional checks for customer details and solve race condition for appoitment submitting before customer info assigned to a variable.

1.6.2: March 10, 2019

  • Fixed: Prevent duplicate appointment creation

1.6.1: March 10, 2019

  • Fixed: Fix bug with optional payments

1.6.0: March 8, 2019

  • Release payments for classes
  • Release booking window
  • Add targetable classes
  • Add optional payments

1.5.6: February 12, 2019

  • Fixed: Fix bug with payment required and zero dollar carts

1.5.5: February 11, 2019

  • Fixed: Typo & payment bug

1.5.4: February 11, 2019

  • Fixed: Payment bug caused by falsy response

1.5.3: February 11, 2019

  • Fixed: Missing variable on initialState

1.5.2: January 16, 2019

  • Fixed: Conflict between mixpanel and stripe

1.5.0: January 4, 2019

  • Released: Payments via Stripe

1.4.0: November 24, 2018

  • Release: Allow provider to be selected during booking flow

1.3.0: November 11, 2018

  • Release: Group / Class booking for one to many booking

1.2.0: August 11, 2018

  • Release: Progress bar to indicate where you are in the booking flow