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Call Now Button Ultimate


With our Call Now Button, never miss a potential customer or prospect again by allowing them to instantly call or email you. This plugin places a customizable call now button on the bottom of your pages (when viewed on a mobile device) that allows a visitor to call or email you right from their phone. The plugin also allows you to select hours at which you can receive phone calls and automatically switches the button to email you when you are unavailable by phone.

Recommendations and Support

This is a relatively new plugin and feature requests are welcome! Before leaving a bad review, we ask that you first please open a support ticket or email so we can solve any issues you may run into.

From within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Call Now Button Ultimate’
  3. Activate Call Now Button Ultimate from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to «After Activation» below.


  1. Upload the gethuman-call-now-button-ultimate folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Call Now Button Ultimate plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to «After Activation» below

After Activation

  1. You should see a new menu item with a phone icon that is labeled «Call Now Button Ultimate».
  2. Enter your phone number, email, hours of operation, and customize the styles.
  3. Select the «Enabled» status at the top of the plugin settings after all of the fields have been filled out.


  • Automatically prompt users to call you when you are open
  • Or prompt them to email you when you are unavailable!


Does this plugin cost anything?

No! This plugin is entirely free and we welcome any feature requests. Simply email with the subject «Call Now Button Ultimate Feature Request» for requests

What kind of phone number do I need to enter?

Any kind of phone number that a mobile phone would understand 🙂 That means with dashes, without dashes, with a «+» sign or without one.

What are «Hours of Operation»?

We understand that you are not always available by phone. Maybe you work from 9AM to 5PM. Selecting hours of operation between 9AM and 5PM will mean that when your visitors click on the button, they will be prompted to call your phone when it is between 9AM and 5PM and will be prompted to email you when it is before 9AM or after 5PM.

Can I customize the text and colors of the plugin?

Yes, and we plan on continually adding more customizable features. After you install and activate the plugin, go into the Call Now Button Ultimate settings and scroll to the bottom «Call Now Button Appearance» section. We allow you to change the button label for when you are available by phone («Open» button label text) or by email («Closed» button label text). You can even adjust the background color and text color of the button.

Can I test this on a desktop computer?

Yes! When on desktop, visit your website on a browser and decrease the width of the browser so your site is very «thin». This will create a mobile test environment that will allow you to see the button in action without having to use a mobile device.


2 de junio de 2019
Nice plugin works ok to a point, but not work correctly with the latest wordpress update. Does not switch from call us to email us, when the opening and closing times have been added.
9 de enero de 2018
I don't know about "ultimate", but this plugin was just the thing. Installed and got a a call now button on my mobile site.
9 de enero de 2018
This plugin works as advertised. Creates a nice, customizable button on your site that lets visitors call you during business hours or email you when the business is closed. Pretty awesome.
29 de diciembre de 2017
I just recently found this plugin and have since used it on several of my clients' websites. What I really like about this plugin is that it automatically changes the button from calling my client's phone number to emailing them when they are closed for the day. It takes around 30 seconds to setup, which is another reason I was able to install it on several web sites in minutes.
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