Captcha/Honeypot (CF7, Avada, Elementor, Comments) – GDPR ready


This captcha plugins allows you to easily activate custom rules, captchas and ip based protection settings which will stop unwanted spam.
You can decide which captcha you prefer. Either use a honeypot, an arithmetical or an image captcha to protect your forms.

Captcha protection can be activated globally for all forms or only locally for specific forms.

Additional settings like the time based protection allows you to define, how often a visitor can submit a form between two time periods. This will allow
you to easily stop bots from using forms over and over again to send multiple spam messages.

It is also possible to activate a timer which will pretend form submitting for a given period. Depending on the form, only bots will be able
to submit these within seconds. Therefor you can enable this function to use this advantage to identify bots and stop them from sending spam.

The captcha plugin is easy to use, everything can be manged from the custom interface which will allow you to enable all necessary settings within


The Plugin supports the following mechanics to reduce/stop spam:

  • Captcha
  • Honeypot
  • Blacklists (easily import our log files by click)
  • URL Filter
  • BB Code Filter
  • Time Based Protection
  • IP Lock


Currently, this plugin supports the following forms:

  • Avada Forms (Honeypot, Time Based Protection, IP Lock, Blacklist)
  • WordPress Comments (Honeypot, Time Based Protection, IP Lock, Blacklist)
  • WordPress Login (Honeypot, Time Based Protection, IP Lock, Blacklist)
  • Elementor Forms (Honeypot, Time Based Protection, IP Lock, Blacklist)
  • Contact Form 7 (Honeypot, Captcha, Time Based Protection, IP Lock, Blacklist)


This plugins does not track users, nor does it use cookies or send data to external servers. If you use the IP based protection, the IP-Address
of the form submitter will be stored with a one-way encryption for the maximum of 2 month. If you want to use the Contact Form 7 or Avada Protection,
you need the Contact Form 7 Plugin or Avada Theme to use them.



  1. Upload the plugin to the «/wp-content/plugins/» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  3. Customize the Settings within the Dashboard.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.


Will this stop all spam messages?

Probably not. But it should reduce it.

Is it GDPR ready?

Yes, the plugin does not set any cookies nor does it send any data to external servers. All required data is stored in your database. The IP based
spam protection uses a one way encryption to protect the website from bots. The used keys for the encryption will be recreated every 2 month.
The stored, encrypted data will be removed automatically every 2 month.

Do I need coding skills?

No, everything can be managed from the WordPress Dashboard. Just enable the required functions and enjoy it.


26 de noviembre de 2022
If you look for antispam plugins for the Avada theme forms there are not very many solutions available. Just this one if you don't want to use external services in any way (Captcha or SaaS). So I tried it. But it did not work for the contact template, so I opened up a support thread. First answer in under 1 hour and 24 hours later a new version which has added this missing feature. Well done! And thanks again for the fast solution. To note a bit more about the plugin: -> It hast not very much options, so it should be easy to configure for everyone. -> Although it may be does nothing if you don't configure it, so do not forget to check those settings. -> The config is well structured and explained. If you want to apply a fast honeypot solution for Avada this is good solution. I will check with my client if the outcome (blocking spam) is as good as I hope. If yes, 5 stars are deserved!
25 de junio de 2022
Simple, clean, works! How much better can it get? I can recommend this one very much. Thanx for your work!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Captcha/Honeypot (CF7, Avada, Elementor, Comments) – GDPR ready» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • New: Added Honeypot & Filter Protection for Avada Contact Templates.


  • Fix: Updated the «ungreedy» function of the blacklist filter.
  • New: Added a description to the greedy/ungreedy checkbox in the blacklist options.


  • Fix: Contact Form 7 error message added for empty captcha fields.


  • Fix: Updated syntax for honeypot on Elementor causing an unexpected line break on columns.


  • New: Added Arithmethic & Image Captcha for Elementor Forms


  • New: Added Elementor Support – if Elementor is installed the Captcha/Honeypot can be activated for all Elementor forms.


  • New: Added the option to enable greedy search for blacklisted words. For example, is the word «train» is blacklisted and the greedy function is enabled, this will not block «trainstation». If you disable the greedy function «trainsation» will also be blocked.


  • New: Added Log System tracking all messages (verified and spam). This will help to find false positive submissions.
  • Fix: Removed comment reply validation for users with the capabilities «edit_comment» and «moderate_comments»
  • Update: Moved Filters from Dashboard to a new Filter section in the Settings for the Captcha


  • Update: WordPress 6.0 compatibility
  • New: Multiselect compatibility.


  • Update: Added CSS for Toggle
  • Update: Added Toggle.js


  • Update: Adjusted Readme, added FAQ.


  • New: Added customizable error message for rules – only CF7 and Comments for the moment.
  • New: Added Rules to Avada – default error message will be displayed at the moment.


  • New: WordPress Login Captcha integration
  • Fix: Fixed a bug with the Timer when the Timer Field did not reload after Spam submitting a form which stopped the form to be submitted again.


  • New: Add the Option to add a Honeypot Field global for Contact Form 7
  • New: Captchas are now reloading after mails sent
  • Update: Changed the IP Timer / Ban Logic.
  • New: Added custom rules to check fields (Links, BBCode, Blacklist).
  • New: Added Blacklist, which will use the default WordPress Discussion List. Keywords can be loaded async.
  • Remove: Removed CF7 missing notice.


  • Update: Minor Captcha Style Updates


  • Update: Code Optimizations
  • New: Added IP Based Spam Protection – IP Addresses are stored as SHA512 encrypted string with including a custom salt in the database.
  • New: Added Salt System for IP Addresses. This will generate a new Salt every month to increase the IP Address Protection
  • New: Added timer to define the minimum time that needs to be elapsed between 2 form submits.
  • New: Added IP Bans for recognized and repeated Spam submits from the same IP Address. Times and Retries are customizable within the settings.
  • New: Added additional Database options to clean or empty tables manually.
  • New: Added the option to rename the fieldnames given for the captcha and timer fields to increase the difficult for bots.
  • Update: Added additional Avada, Comments and CF7 compatibility.


  • New: Additional spam protection for Comments and CF7 by setting a custom time value which will be used to submit the form.
  • New: Added Comments / Discussion spam protection
  • New: Added Database options to manually clean database entries


  • Initial commit