CF7 DB Tool


After installing the plugin it automatically captures and stores all contact form 7 submission inside the wp-admin interface.

Some major Features are listed below:

  • Plug and Play addon.
  • No configuration required.
  • Store all data submitted by contact form 7 and show the list inside the wp-admin.
  • Easy lightweight plugin.
  • You can Search data.
  • Dynamic report
  • Very user-friendly pagination.
  • Select Any contact form and view the data of that specific form.
  • Export selected form entries in csv
  • Export all entries in csv.
  • Send individual reply email form admin (Available if form submission contains any email address)
  • Bulk email
  • Upload mail form CSV *

Upcoming features:

  • Implement Webhook
  • Email integration with bulk mail


  • Contact forms list. Click on form to see its entries
  • List of form submissions in this contact form
  • Export selected form table
  • Export all entry under a form (If you don't select any entry)
  • Details view of a submission
  • Reply option
  • Last 12 month graph report
  • Bulk mail


  1. Download and extract plugin files to a wp-content/plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress admin interface and you are all set.
  3. After activate the plugin there will be a option in WordPress admin menu named CF7 DB Tool where you will find plugin page


How can I export all entries under a specific form?

If you don’t select any entry from table and select option Export to csv and click apply button, you will get a csv file that contains all entries of the form.

Why I don’t have a reply by email option?

Reply by email option only available if your form have a email field.


6 de febrero de 2019
nice and adorable plugin, anyone can use it simply
29 de enero de 2019
Very nice and simple plugin. Anybody looking for CF7 DB, I highly recommened this one. Only drawback now is you cannot export the data. I hope the plugin author will release his planned functions soon. The "Export selected or all form entries in csv" is very urgent and important to make it more useful.
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Release Date – January 09, 2019

  • Initial release of plugin.


Release Date – February 09, 2019

  • Added CSV export feature.


Release Date – October 22, 2019
* Added email reply feature.


Release Date – November 18, 2019
*Added mail submit report feature.


Release Date – November 19, 2019
*Added weekly & yearly Report.


Release Date – December 26, 2019
*Added support link for request custom feature.


Release Date – January 9, 2020
*Added custom css for report graph.


Release Date – Februay 17, 2020
*Bulk email feature added


Release Date – March 16, 2020
*Bulk email validation complete, design updated & Reset button issue fixed


Release Date – March 19, 2020
*Choose users mail form specefic form


Release Date – March 23, 2020
*Js code optimized & bug fixed


Release Date – March 26, 2020
*Upload People from CSV


Release Date – March 29, 2020
*Bug fix