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Channeller – Telegram Channel Administrator


Bots are special Telegram accounts designed to handle messages automatically. Telegram introduced that bots can be used as channel admins so they can send messages to channels if the bot has been assigned as channel administrator.

Channeller (Telegram Channel Admin) helps you to integrate Telegram bot and Telegram Channel to your WordPress site and send newsletter to channel members.


  • Send to Multiple Channels
  • Log Activities
  • Support Custom Post Types
  • Send Url, short Url or Custom Message
  • Send Photo to channel
  • Ability to send featured image
  • Ability to send post content
  • Send Text and Photo Messages to Groups
  • Supports Html Tags in Messages including a, b, strong, code, em and pre
  • Send Images from other sites
  • Send Video Files your WordPress site
  • Send Audio Files from your WordPress site
  • Set Default Settings for sending
  • Send Inline Buttons to channel
  • Send Messages as Future Posts

Notice: add @Channeller_Bot robot to your group to get the Group ID, your bot should be one of the Group members for sending messages.

how to create a new channel in Telegram (Persian): کانال تلگرام
Channeller Settings Help (Persian): Channeller Plugin


  • Channeller Settings Page
  • Channeller Meta Box on posts, pages or custom post types
  • Log Archive


From your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Visita ‘Plugins > Añadir nuevo’

  2. Search for ‘Channeller’

  3. Activate Telegram Newsletter from your Plugins page. (You’ll be greeted with a Welcome page.)


  1. Download Channeller.

  2. Upload the ‘Channeller’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
    Activate Telegram Newsletter from your Plugins page.


Visit ‘Channeller’ on WordPress admin panel and adjust your configuration.


Does it send the message with every new post or update post?

Yes you can send newsletter whenever you publish or update a post, but the newsletter will be sent if you click the check box named as «Send to Channels».

Does it send photo, video or audio files?

Yes, but your first message to any channel should be Text Message.

can this plugin send message to groups?

Yes, but you should have Group Unique ID. add @Channeller_Bot to Group and receive the ID, your bot should be one of the Group members for sending messages.


17 de diciembre de 2018
افزونه خیلی خوبیه تشکر میکنم از وبسیما
3 de septiembre de 2016
Hi This plugin is a good idea, but doesn't sent any posts to my T-channel (text-only too!). I gave it 1 star for the idea. Good Luck
3 de septiembre de 2016
سلام از همه دستنکاران این افزونه تشکر و قدردانی میکنم. فقط لطفا در صورت امکان توی باکسی که به صفحه مدیریت مطلب اضافه میشه یک دکمه ارسال مجدد یا چنین اسمی هم قرار بدین که بشه مطالب قدیمی رو هم ارسال کرد و یا اگر لازم شد یک مطلب رو بارها اارسال کرد. بی نهایت ممنون و متشکر منتظر پیشرفت های خوب این افزونه هستم
3 de septiembre de 2016
خیلی متشکر بابت افزونتون


21 de diciembre de 2016
Continue to develop this plugin


21 de diciembre de 2016
اگه تو این نسخه ارسال زمانبندی بود خیلی خیلی محشر میشد خیلی این ارسال زمان بندی کاش اضاف میکردید
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Registro de cambios


change file_get_contents function to CURL


Future Posts Support for channels


Glass Button Send Message Fixed


Added Inline Keyboards (Glass Button) Support
Fixed send photo conflict on php 5.6


Fixed First Text Message Bug shown for some Users:


Fixed Bugs
Set Default Metabox Settings
Send Video Files if Uploaded to your wordpress
Send Audio Files if Uploaded to your wordpress
View Channel Id


Ability to send Image from web urls
no need to file_info function anymore


Limit image captions to 200 characters and messages to 3000 characters


Supports Html Tags in Messages including a, b, strong, code, em and pre


Fix Upload Button and Menu Position


ability to Send Post Content and Featured Image


send text and photo to Telegram Groups.


send Photo to channels.
send to channels separately.


send messages to channels using telegram bot API.