Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress. Non PCI – WooCommerce Gateway


** Webhook and Success URLs have changed **

From v3.0.0 on, Webhook and Success/Failed URLs have changed and should be configured as follows:

Webhook URL:

Success and Fail URLs: is an international provider of online payment solutions. We partner with businesses to optimize their payments, increase revenue and meet the dynamic needs of their customers. We process 50+ currencies and offer access to all international cards and popular local payment methods to merchants through one integration.

The plugin for Woocommerce allows shop owners to process online payments through the Payment Gateway.

This plugin is an integration of and offers 3 payment modes:

  • Checkout.JS
    Payments are processed from a Lightbox at the checkout withouth leaving the shop.

  • Checkout.JS Hosted
    Shoppers are redirected from your website to servers to complete payments.

  • Frames.JS
    The payment form is embedded and shoppers complete payments without leaving your website.

All solutions are cross-browser and cross-device compatible, and can accept online payments from all major credit cards, including 3D Secure handling. Checkout.JS and Checkout.JS Hosted offers in addition many of the most popular Alternative Payment methods used around the world.

Contact us at:


  1. Unzip your file and copy/paste the folder woocommerce-checkout-non-pci-gateway to your [wordpress directory]\wp-content\plugins\

  2. Go to your WordPress administration on http://yoururl/wp-admin, and log in.

  3. In your WordPress admin, navigate to Plugins and install the Payment Gateway (GW 3.0)

  4. Choose WooCommerce in the left menu, and press Settings. Click on **Checkout ** tab and then navigate to Payment Gateways.

  5. In the Payment Gateways section, press setting on ‘Credit Card Non PCI (’. Enter the required information you received from, the field “Secret Key” and “Public Key”. Press ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the page.

  6. Configure the redirection and the webhook URLs from your checkout hub account.

Webhook URL:

Success and Fail URLs:

After GW3 plugin has been set up to use, in payment information page, customers will now be able to choose as a valid payment method.


If you need help for installing our plugin, feel free to drop us an email on


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Registro de cambios

v3.2.1 11 Jan 2019
· Bug fixes and improvements – Show decline reason in order messages

v3.2.0 18 Sep 2018
· Add Mobile Wallets support – General fixes

v3.1.0 18 Jun 2018 Improvements
· Alternative payments added to Frames solution.

v3.0.3 8 May 2018 Bug fix
· Bug fix for mobile redirection

v3.0.2 30 Apr 2018 Bug fix
· Bug fix on the redirection back to success page

v3.0.1 30 Apr 2018 Bug fix
· Bug fix on the redirection back to success page

v3.0.0 25 Apr 2018 Improvements
Webhook and Success URLs have changed
· File webhook.php : woocommerce-checkout-non-pci-gateway\controllers\api\webhook.php has been removed.
Webhook url should now be set as «»
· File 3dsecure.php : woocommerce-checkout-non-pci-gateway\controllers\api\3dsecure.php has been removed.
Redirection url should now be set as «»
· File delete.php : woocommerce-checkout-non-pci-gateway\controllers\customer\card\delete.php has been removed. The content of this file has been moved to an internal function.

v2.5.5 9 Mar 2018 Bug fixes and improvements
· Add functionality to Suspend, reactivate and cancel subscriptions
· Support to saved cards after changing email account
· Show order details after 3DS redirection
· Bug fixes and improvements