CIDRAM (Classless Inter-Domain Routing Access Manager) es un script PHP diseñado para proteger web bloqueando solicitudes desde direcciones IP consideradas como fuentes de tráfico no deseado, incluyendo (pero no limitado a) tráfico desde puntos de acceso no-humanos, servicios en la nube, spambots, scrapers, etc. Esto se hace calculando las posibles CIDRs de las direcciones IP suministradas desde solicitudes entrantes e intentando hacer coincidir estos posibles CIDRs en contra de sus archivos de firmas (estos archivos de firmas contienen listas de CIDRs de direcciones IP consideradas como fuentes de tráfico no deseado); Si se encuentran coincidencias, las solicitudes son bloqueadas.


  • PHP >= 7.2.0
  • PCRE


Note: CIDRAM does not interact in any way with your database, and stores its own configuration settings, customisations, and related materials as flatfiles within its own directory. If you’ve not changed any of the default configuration settings and if you’re not using any customisations for this plugin, updating normally via the plugins dashboard, without need for any additional steps, should be sufficient and shouldn’t cause any problems. However, if you’ve modified the configuration settings for CIDRAM, or if you’ve made any customisations, I would recommend making backups of all of these prior to updating, due to that updating will overwrite all settings and customisations (after updating, you can then restore your customisations from your backups). Alternatively, if you update via the CIDRAM front-end updates page, all settings and customisations should be preserved.


  • Screenshot of the CIDRAM Front-End homepage.
  • Screenshot of the CIDRAM «Access Denied» page.


Installing via the plugins dashboard.

  1. Before you begin, ensure that you’re logged in as an administrator with the necessary permissions to install, update and edit plugins (after activating the plugin but before modifying the plugin configuration file, do not log out from this account).
  2. From the plugins dashboard, click the «Add New Plugin» button. From the page that appears, type «CIDRAM» into the «Search Plugins» text field, and press enter. A button to install CIDRAM should appear, and CIDRAM should automatically install when you click on that button.
  3. Before activating the plugin, it is advisable to understand the various configuration directives available to the plugin, what they do, and how to change them. Go to, scroll the page until you reach the «Documentation» subheading; Choose your language, and read through «Section 5: Configuration Options»; The information presented relates to the configuration directives available to the plugin.
  4. Please read through the «Frequently Asked Questions» before activating!
  5. From the plugins dashboard, click the «Activate» button located directly below where you see «CIDRAM».

Installing manually.

Please refer to the installation instructions provided by the documentation available at


Please refer to


12 de diciembre de 2023
Having been a longtime user of ZB Block I was well aware of CIDRAM which was integrated with it. I needed something relatively simpler than ZBB (I.E. a GUI) to use for few fellow admins. CIDRAM fits that bill. That said, CIDRAM is not for the novice admin. Read the excellent documentation thoroughly before installing.
23 de marzo de 2023 3 respuestas
Hi does this system/plugin still work, it did not work manually installed when calling the class. Also its not opening in wp settings or seem to do anything after installing as a plugin so where are the controls an logs located, after reading github for answers an as a developer myself am still lost to its real usage, so i decided to ask direct before i remove it an try something else where.
24 de enero de 2023 1 respuesta
<p>This plugin is excellent. Have only used for one day and and can tell the difference in garbage traffic on site.</p> <p>Only issue is it is blocking Bing and Google bots at random.</p> <p>Know it is a free plugin, but pretty serious when dealing with important SE bots.</p> <p> </p> <p>UPDATE: Code has drastically improved and can now say impressed with the whole system. Pushing my rating to 5 stars!</p>
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