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Popup Colorbox

Popup Colorbox is the most spellbinding plugin in WordPress that implement Lightbox-effect look of the images and videos.

Huge-IT Popup Colorbox

Huge-It Popup Colorbox is the most inimitable plugin for WordPress users that can implement popup-effect look for the images/videos (when clicking on the thumbnails of the image/video they nicely open in the same window with a beautiful effect). The performance of Popup Colorbox is designed by our designers, who took the time and effort to make our Popup Colorbox original. Our Popup Colorbox tool is highly distinctive because of two things:

First - it starts working immediately after the activation, and does require no additional configurations for images/videos as well as no fuss with shortcodes.

Second is that it has many kind of settings that gives you an opportunity to configure the plugin for any task.

An indispensable Popup Colorbox product that always satisfy you thanks to the variety of customizable options. The Popup Colorbox from Huge-IT is able to display beautiful images/videos and even your video links from YouTube and Vimeo. Among wonderful potentials of Huge-It Popup Colorbox plugin you can find:

  • Ability to customize it’s form, size or color.
  • It has 5 different styles in the General Options section, and you can choose the best for your site, and bring a unique look to your images/videos and videos.
  • With this Popup Colorbox you can choose the attitude of Popup Colorbox on your page, while it's opened, as well as the style of it’s acting.

What can be more easy and elegant? We all appreciate the time and care about you so we made Popup Colorbox easy for installation and use. Нou can try the demo version of our Popup Colorbox and make sure about it’s indispensable functionality and ease of use. Talking about “easy” I need to note that Popup starts working at once you installed the Popup Colorbox plugin. Popup takes all images/videos on your page and in order to dispel all doubts just install try and enjoy!

If you think, that you found a bug in our [WordPress Popup Colorbox](http://huge-it.com/colorbox) plugin or have any question contact us at [info@huge-it.com](mailto:info@huge-it.com).

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Última actualización: 3 meses ago
Instalaciones activas: 1,000+


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