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Comment Juice


Note: Always backup your database before plugin installaitons

One way to gain more blog readers is to reward them with some pagerank juice when they comment on your blog. This is done by this plugin.

Step 1:

An additional Feed field and Get Feed button is added to your comment form. The commentator just need to enter their blog url in the standard url address. Comment juice then searches your database for any match to URL and gets the feed( if they have commented before)

If it cannot find, it either takes data from Comment juice plugin if it is installed on their blog.

If it still cannot find the feed, it tries to fetch the feed url from header of their blog.

Finally , they can enter their own blog feed url in the field, if CJ cannot find the feed at all and then press Get feed button.

Step 2:

Once successful, they will be able to see their posts (as allowed by them in their blog’s feed settings) in two additional fields that will appear after data has been fetched from their feeds.

The two additional fields will have URL location(dropdown) and title. The best part is that they can edit the title to make it more seo friendly for their blogs.They can then fill in the comment and the feed address is saved against their site address in database.

Step 2:

Next time when they comeback to comment again, they just have to fill the webaddress and move out. The system will automatically fetch their feed from their sites.

They could still override it be putting a new feed address as in step 1. The new feed address will be updated in the database once they comment.

So while your blog gets returning readership , the hard work( writing comments) is rewarded by link juice.


  1. Download the ZIP package from the wordpress plugin directoty
    1. Unzip the package in order to obtain the comment-juice folder of the plugin.
    2. Upload the comment-juice folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    3. Log in to your WordPress admin and go to the Plugins page in your dashboard.
    4. Activate the Comment Juice plugin by clicking the Activate link.
    5. In your comment form section of your blog post, now you should see a field for fetching RSS feed.

If you are using cache plugins, do not forget to emtpy the cache and especially js minify settings


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Registro de cambios Bug fix Bug fix Unable to reply from admin, added fix
1.0.5 :Restructured the plugin, added search feed functions
1.0.4.* : minor changes
1.0.4 :Adding admin panel
1.0.3 : Securing the plugin for post data
1.0.2: minor correction to index.php
1.0.1: minor correction to index.php
1.0.0: initial version