Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Contact Form 7 Datepicker


Permite añadir un campo de fecha al plugin WordPress Contact Form 7 usando una interface


  • El selector de fecha en acción
  • Cambio de tema
  • Generador de campo de fecha


Installation Instructions

Please follow the standard installation procedure for WordPress plugins.

Where do I submit a bug?

You can open an issue on github or just contact me via email.


24 de noviembre de 2019
Still works but it is officially deprecated and not maintained as stated by the author.
29 de junio de 2018
It's a great idea and it used to work, but now it is just not working at all with WordPress 4.9.6
6 de diciembre de 2017
This is the most simple dat picker ever, Great work !!
21 de noviembre de 2017
I have used this plugin many times. It works great. But the designs are very dated and a design wizard would be a worthwhile improvement. I'd pay for that instead of writing a bunch of custom css.
19 de octubre de 2017
Time steps doesn't work, and cause several css error in tempalete used, being necessary to disable the plugin to work again
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Compatibility with CF7 4.6, replace deprecated calls (imelgrat)
  • Add bosnian translation for timepicker (sanidm)


  • Fix validation error (props to xsonic)


  • Fix i18n


  • Compatible with CF7 4.3
  • Add ability to set custom theme


  • Apply cf7dp_is_valid_date filter for date validation (Kudos to Viktor Szepe)


  • Compatible with CF7 3.7.2


  • Compatible with CF7 3.6


  • Fix min/max hour/minute/second
  • Update timepicker addon
  • Update jqueryui version number


  • Fixed inline date/time pickers


  • Fixed minDate and maxDate attributes for date and datetime fields
  • Added noWeekend to date and datetime fields
  • Added stepHour, stepMinutes and stepSeconds attributes to time and datetime fields
  • Make use of CF7’s new Shortcode Tag API


  • Fix year-range issues


  • Fix date field generator not showing up anymore
  • Validate dd/mm/yy dates correctly


  • Made it work with CF7 3.4
  • Use full jquery-ui version on asset paths
  • Add Date Range feature (thanks @dollardad)


  • Added fix for watermark on field update


  • Added basic date validation
  • Fixed watermark


  • Added inline option
  • Fixed tag generator
  • Fixed date format when localized


  • Complete rewrite, using jquery-ui’s datepicker


  • Bugfix:
    • datepicker shortcode works now if contact form 7 is not installed


  • Bugfix:
    • fixed Janaury typo


  • Bugfix:
    • fixed field value not showing up in email message when field values contain hyphens and other non-alphanumeric chars


  • Bugfix:
    • fixed calendar not popping out when no id attribute specified in CF7 shortcode


  • New:
    • Added new [datepicker] tag to use outside of CF7
    • Added CF7 specific attributes for the shortcodes
    • Now you can have input fields prefilled with a desired date either from the configuration menu, or by specifying it in the shortcode as an attribute


  • Bugfixes:

    • the entry in admin menu is now being translated
    • fixed an IE issue where clicking on move forward/backward (years and months) buttons would close the calendar (thanks to bik for reporting)
  • New:

    • added Italian l11n (Kudos go to Andrea Cavaliero)
    • added the possibility to load scrips/styles on what page you like (thanks to Rodolfo Buaiz for suggesting this)
      to achieve this put this into your wp-config.php
      define(‘CF7_DATE_PICKER_ENQUEUES’, false);

then in your theme’s functions.php file you have two options:

if (is_page('Form page')) {
    if (function_exists('CF7DatePicker'))
       add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', array('CF7DatePicker', 'plugin_enqueues'));


function cf7dp_enqueues() {
    if (is_page('Form page')) {
        if (function_exists('CF7DatePicker'))
add_action('init', 'cf7dp_enqueues');


  • Bugfixes:
    • the name of the js var that holds the jsDatePick object is now escaped so no illegal char gets printed (regards Petrus)
    • removed any posibility of the calendar being displayed more than once at a time on a page when in Mode 2
    • controls option now works
  • New:
    • animate the calendar on display option
    • added Dutch translations (regards Petrus)


  • Added new configuration options:
    • limit selectable dates according to current date (before or or after)
    • available years range option
    • the posibility to show/hide the month and year controls (forward/backward)
  • Added new scheme (red)
  • Added the posibility to use custom stylesheet files with color schemes (located in css/schemes/.css)


  • Fixed translations


  • Added tag generator


  • Fixed input field not being populated on date selection


  • Fixed some romanian translation typos
  • Only one calendar can be shown on a page at a time (datepicker closes onblur)
  • Changed default activate configuration values
    (Props @Andrea Cavaliero)


First release