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Content Email Anti Spam


Content Email Anti Spam is an easy plugin to allow you to add clear email into your dash board and display an unreadable code into your website without any other action

I use a PHP class ( into the plugin.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the content-email-anti-spam folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  • What kind of encryption ?

It uses on encoding base 64 by PHP code

  • What I get into tue html code language ?

It provides an JAVASCRIPT code

  • An example ?

In my text, I write an email : blabla blablabla blablabla bla … … blabla blablabla bla

The result into the html displayed page :

var z0=»»;for(var x9=0;x9<374;x9++)z0+=String.fromCharCode((«#4~EDMyDMM=&Y~$Z0#=-??-,+1#3#0-4?2_Z\’1_&0#K&yyyD$Z\’+~WyD2-#.K0!#~_LEL??%IyD+FHr7rrr+k~K0#yD~#.EL!#%IrL?K?l 113EN20H?FFK!]?0^&~MF2E\»-HyD~\’+CC,CCK0CyD~#.EL!#%ICL?K?e 113EN20H?FFK!K?0^&~MF2E!dHyD+yDd-#.K0!#~dLEL?`%I13?K20 1FFENyyyDHyD-,?=31+-32#-2&Z?K&\’1$Z0#yyyDyyyD+7?[+#k~6MC@QMmm-+X\»,C~\’MO@6X!#mYL-+myD~[#.K0!#~mLELx?%IxM?zzFDK0#.~!#ELEKKFEKKFL%I?AOAN?FK13 120EPFF».charCodeAt(x9)-(46-17)+3*2+57)%(0x5f)+32);document.write(eval(z0))


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Registro de cambios

1.0.1 :

  • Improuve readme.txt

1.0 :

  • Use the PHP encode email class instead of a homemade script

  • Clean the code of useless parts

  • Add more comments