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ContentLook’s SEO Audit Software helps you take a look at your whole Content Marketing strategy, including your 6 main areas: Blogging, Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Links and Authority.

With a simple look, you can see which areas need your immediate attention and you can start fixing them. If you want, you can send the report to one of your team mates and get her/him to fix that issue. You can even send them to your team, by departments (the content writers, developers, seo people, marketers, managers, etc.).

You’ll get Actionable steps to solve each issue, and also some PRO Tips to help you out.

If your SEO mates or developers need ‘solid’ documentation about some of the issues, you’ll have that for them as well with the SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook. You can always get easy tips and easy to follow instructions, but you can also get some pretty heavy details, if your team requires this from you.

What Will You Get from this SEO Audit Tool?

  • an Audit Score for your Content Strategy and it’s Execution
  • insights about the 6 main areas of your content strategy (Blogging, Traffic, SEO, Social Media, Links and Authority)
  • to-do lists with Actionable tasks to help improve your content strategy
  • PRO Tips from us included in this Site Audit
  • Videos and articles from Matt Cutts (head of Webspam at Google), Moz and other authoritative figures
  • insights on How To Fix every issue that appears over time
  • weekly SEO Audit by email
  • send to team members (directly from the report), by email
  • download as PDF, to help keep track of weekly score improvements
  • easy to follow guidelines and explanations, but also heavy documentation for those who require it

**It’s Free!!* and always will be.

The SEO Audit checklist is up-to-date.

That’s why you can also use it as a content audit plugin, because it takes a look at all your content and it can give you a content marketing audit, plus you can see how well your content currently performs on social channels, authority, etc.

This SEO Audit tool does a lot for both content marketing and SEO.

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How do I start using it?

You start using it by installing the plugin into your wordpress, as you can see in the Installation Section of this directory listing. Then, all you need to do is specify the email to which to start receiving the Audit by email.

*= How will this help me make my WordPress Site better? *=
You’ll get a full report of your site, with useful Tips and plugin recommendations to help you make your WordPress site even better.

*= Is your SEO Audit tool only for the SEO of my WordPress? *=
No. We help you see a lot more than SEO. Included are reports for Blogging Activity, Links to your site, Authority on the web, Social Media, Traffic and SEO.


  • SEO Audit Score
  • SEO Audit Channels


  1. Log In as an Admin on your WordPress blog.
  2. In the menu displayed on the left, there is a «Plugins» tab: Click it.
  3. Now click «Add New».
  4. There, you have the buttons: «Search | Upload | Featured | Popular | Newest». Click «Upload».
  5. Upload the file.
  6. After the upload is finished, click Activate Plugin.


Is this SEO Audit report free of charge?

Yes. And it always will be.


7 de febrero de 2017
I've checked my report and looks really cool. Many helpful details. Thank for it guys, nice work.
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