Contest Gallery – Photo Contest Plugin for WordPress


Professional photo contest gallery plugin for WordPress.
Create image upload frontend forms.
Create user registration frontend forms.
Create responsive galleries and allow to vote images.

Plugin limitations

  • Since 2019: No uploads limitation anymore
  • Since 2019: No registrations limitation anymore
  • (No 100 uploads and 10 registrations limitation anymore)
  • Some options available in PRO version only
  • To have all options available please purchase PRO version for just 39$

Multiple photo contests example

Amazing photo contest for your WordPress page

Normal and registered users gallery

  • Display gallery images of all users
  • User see only his images which were uploaded by the user after registration and login

Three voting options

  • IP recognition
  • Cookie recognition
  • Login session based (create account registration and login)
  • Facebook like button

Drag & Drop image upload form creator

  • Add field types and arrange them
  • Add e-mail field and allow to send confirmation e-mail
  • Available field types: (Input, Textarea, Select, Select Categories, Email, URL, Check agreement, HTML, Simple Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA)
  • Configure subscription e-mail

Drag & Drop user account registration form creator

  • Add field types and arrange them
  • Available field types: (WP-Nickname, WP-Email, WP-Password, WP-Password-Confirm, Input, Textarea, Select, Check agreement, HTML, Simple Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA)
  • Allows membership as «Contest Gallery User» WordPress role

Create login area

  • Add login area to your website
  • Allow voting only for registered users

Four e-mail types

  • Admin information e-mail when new image is uploaded
  • Activation e-mail to user when his image is activated
  • Confirmation e-mail to a user who uploaded an image to confirm that his e-mail exists
  • Registration confirmation e-mail when user create a new account

Available options

Upload options

  • Automatically activate users images after front-end upload
  • Allow only registered users to upload
  • Restrict front end upload size
  • Maximum upload size in MB
  • Activate bulk upload in front end
  • Maximum number of images for bulk upload
  • Minimum number of images for bulk upload
  • Restrict resolution uploaded images
  • Activate in gallery upload form
  • Forward to another page after upload
  • Confirmation text after upload
  • Inform admin e-mail after upload in frontend

Registration options

  • Confirmation text after registration
  • Confirmation text after e-mail confirmation
  • Confirmation mail options (Addressor, Reply mail, Subject, Mail content)

Login options

  • Forward to another page after login
  • Forward to URL
  • Confirmation text on same site after login
  • Confirmation Text after login

Vote options

  • Allow vote via 1 star rating
  • Allow vote via 5 star rating
  • Reset all votes
  • Reset users votes
  • Reset votes done by administrator
  • Allow vote out of gallery
  • Hide voting until user voted
  • Configure votes amount per user
  • Show only users votes (user see only his votes not the whole rating)
  • Votes in time interval per user
  • Delete votes (Frontend users can delete their votes and give them to another picture.)
  • Vote via Facebook like button

Photo contest end options

  • End photo contest immediately
  • Activate photo contest end time
  • Select last day and time of photo contest

Commenting options

  • Allow comments
  • Allow comment out of gallery
  • Remove written comments

Gallery view options

  • Show EXIF data
  • Add categories widget when categories field in upload form is added
  • Allow full window gallery
  • Number of images per screen (pagination)
  • Allow search for images (Search by fields content, categories or picture name)
  • Allow sort
  • Random sort
  • Random sort button
  • Switch between total different gallery views without site reloading
  • Four different views
  • Slider look
  • Real justified Flickr look, customize height
  • Same amount of pictures in a row look
  • Thumb look, define size and margin between thumbs

Single image view options

  • View images in a slider
  • View preview in slider
  • Link to original image source
  • Show image on a single page
  • Only gallery view

Supported languages in frontend

  • Inglés
  • Alemán
  • Holandés
  • Spain
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Ruso
  • Chinese
  • Slovakian


  • Gallery example
  • Single image view example
  • Mobile view example with information fields
  • Sorting example
  • Five stars voting example


  1. Install as usual way via your wordpress installer, uploading/installing/activating.
  2. Contest Gallery menu point appears on the left site.
  3. Create a new gallery.
  4. After creating you immediately see the two important shortcodes e.g.: [cg_gallery id="1"] and [cg_users_upload id="1"]
  5. You are immediately able to upload images and to create own photo contest user forms
  6. Insert the shortcode [cg_gallery id="1"] in a page. This shortcode shows the gallery in frontend.
  7. Insert the shortcode [cg_users_upload id="1"] in a page. This shortcode shows the the photo contest form in frontend.

Documentation to configure different options: Click here..


Can i approve images before their appear in gallery?

Yes. Right after creating a gallery it’s a standard behavior.
But you can also let appear images right after upload in frontend,
without approving.

I would like to be informed when an image is uploaded.

That’s possible! You can activate to be informed after every frontend upload
and add an email where you like to be informed.

Is it possible to inform a user automatically when his image is activated for contest?

Yes. If the user added his e-mail during uploading his image he will be informed when the image
is activated. He can also receive a link in his mail which leads directly to his image.
Use option «Edit options» >>> «User mail text» >>> «Inform users when activate pictures».

Can i configure e-mal Body text which user receives?

Yes. You can configure Addressor, Reply mail, Cc mail, Bcc mail, Subject and Body text.
You can also insert a link in the mail Body text which will lead directly to his image.

Am i able to use WordPress repository for adding images to gallery?

Yes. You can use wordpress repository in for uploading images and adding them to gallery.
In frontend uploaded images appears also in WordPress repository and in gallery.

Can i upload more then one image?

Yes. As default you can upload as many images as you want in backend.
Default in frontend is one image per upload. But you can can reconfigure
an amout you like. So you are also able to upload multiple images during one upload in frontend.

Can i sort to gallery added images?

Yes. You can sort images by moving with mouse over image block,
holding left mouse button and moving the block to direction you like.

How can enable forwarding to extern URL by clicking on image?

First of all you have to define an URL field in «Edit upload form» options.
Then a link to extern URL appears at a single image view.
Additionally you are able to forwad directly to extern url by clicking on image.
This configuration is available in «Edit options» >>> «Gallery Options» >>> «Image forwarding options».

Can i add information to images?

Yes. You decide via upload form which information can be added for every image.
It’s possible to configure which fields should appear single pic view or in slider view.
You can also decide one field which will appear in gallery (multiple pics) view.

What kind of input fields can i add to upload form?

You can add and name a text field, a textarea field for comments, an input field for validating an email
and an «Check agreement» with an url or text you like. Of course an image upload is always on, it’s a
photo contest plugin 🙂

Can I add Facebook Like button?

Yes. You can activate Fb button and vote every image via Fb button.
Normal (1 or 5 stars) voting and Fb like voting can run simultaneously at one contest.

How many photo contests can i run?

As many you like 🙂

How many photos can i add to gallery?

As many you like 🙂

Can I use this plugin as common gallery plugin?

Yes. You can deactivate voting and comments and have same experience as with a common gallery plugin…
EVEN MORE! An enormous amount of options to configure the look of you gallery and awesome fast slider
lift Contest Gallery off all another gallery plugins that are available today!


18 de mayo de 2020
Modern, slick design far from the old-fashioned table design used in the past for camera club competitions. The upload process is highly configurable, thereby avoiding complicated file names as you can put the relevant information in the corresponding fields. Although it doesn’t have a jury voting system, the popular voting options provide a very satisfactory experience for the users. The Contest Gallery is self-explanatory for the end users. There are only a few text strings, and all of them can be translated and adapted directly in the admin panel. The support from the author is just exceptional, he replies immediately and fixes problems very quickly and accurately.
4 de mayo de 2020
Extremely well done, customizable and clever. Excellent support. Definitely worth the price for the Pro version.
29 de abril de 2020
This plug-in does what it says and does it well. I was able to launch a new photo contest very quickly and with little effort. It looks great, so I bought the pro version (so worth it). However, the thing that really sets this plug-in apart is the customer service. I emailed him about a bug, and it was fixed within a few hours. Outstanding.
10 de abril de 2020
Had an issue with my event for voting and wanted to have a setting be added to fix this. I contacted the developer and he responded in only a day to resolve my issue and created a new setting for voting. He then provided some instructions on how to navigate the new feature he implemented. Appreciate the simplistic, yet powerful contest gallery system that can be used in a variety of ways for online contests, events, and promotional campaigns for businesses. Thank you so much!
2 de marzo de 2020
works great and cant fault it. i use it slightly differently as I run a small camera club and use this plugin to allow our members to upload the monthly competition images to the website and i can then just download the lot off the website in one hit rather than 40 emails. support is 5*+ any issues i have had have been sorted quickly. highly recommend this plugin
23 de diciembre de 2019
Some time ago I used the free version and it was not easy to get it to spread across the page. I have an old site using MyMag as a theme. I decided to try the pro version and it is so much better. I am not very experienced with websites but found that I could use it without too much difficulty. I did ask a dumb question but the answer was quick, polite and very easy to apply. I give the 5 out of 5 for their standard of support as well as the product.
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Registro de cambios


  • NEW: Option to repair gallery if not activated images are visible in frontend in «Corrections and Improvements» area.
  • FIXED: «In gallery upload form» can handle higher upload size now. Not necessary data was send before.


  • NEW: Allow sort options. Select which sort options should be available in frontend.


  • NEW: Limit uploads by IP or cookie.
  • FIXED: Search was not working in frontend in some cases.


  • FIXED: Unnecessary do no manipulate upload form message if field was not required an min amount of characters was set.
  • FIXED: To much height for single image view container if switch was done from slider view to any other view back.


  • NEW: Export votes function available in «Show votes» for every image.
  • FIXED: Min and max amount of characters were no validated if field was not set as required.


  • NEW: Facebook share button title and description upload form fields.


  • NEW: Edit Facebook pages title and description.
  • FIXED: Registry form did not checked if nickname or email already exists before submitting.
  • FIXED: Appearence of five stars details in slider view in full window at top cutted. Now appears at top of rating.
  • FIXED: In gallery upload form not as wide anymore on wide window sizes.


  • NEW: Preselect sort order.
  • FIXED: No background color opacity 0 for upload frame, full window or full screen in some cases.


  • NEW: Higher scaling in slider view for big monitors.
  • NEW: User IP of uploaded image will be also exported now in «Create data CSV» now.
  • FIXED: Not required margin right in mobile devices removed.
  • FIXED: One star rating does not disappear anymore in row view with more then two images per row and low view width.


  • FIXED: High width images in high size views were still cropped a bit in single view.
  • FIXED: Vote self-added pictures now difference between IP and registered users block.
  • FIXED: Activating check cookie processing when page reload was not done before.


  • NEW: Enter full window button and handling.
  • FIXED: High width images were cropped in single view.
  • FIXED: Very large 5 stars progress bars in Edge or Internet Explorer.
  • FIXED: Not required files removed.


  • FIXED: Finished AJAX requests were not processed in some cases.
  • FIXED: Show meta image title by hovering as default, if «Show as HTML title attribute in gallery» in «Edit upload form» is not configured.
  • FIXED: Gallery functionality might suddenly stop in some cases.


  • NEW: «Show upload form again after upload» option for cg_users_upload shortcode.
  • NEW: Refresh upload form button in «In gallery upload form» after upload.
  • NEW: Minimize «In gallery upload form» when uploading.
  • FIXED: Facebook button overlay when used in gallery view.


  • FIXED: Check agreement which was required as default for users upload form was not handled as required in frontend after last update.


  • NEW: Improved icons alignment frontend.
  • NEW: Improved width scaling top control elements frontend in normal view for small devices.
  • NEW: Check agreement is now not only required anymore and agreement status can be exported.
  • FIXED: Hovering five star rating in single view image of slider view did not show rating details.
  • FIXED: Saving fields right after adding saved them always as required in «Edit upload form» area.
  • FIXED: Gallery view information might disappear when switching row look and back.


  • NEW: Settings button now available in full window mode in frontend. Settings button opens area which contains search, sort, random button and categories.
  • NEW: Full window mode now use full space.
  • NEW: Improved categories buttons look style.


  • FIXED: Initialize full window did not work in all cases for user galleries.


  • NEW: Improved size of images in single view for mobile devices.
  • FIXED: Steps were not shown in right way if to many steps.
  • FIXED: «View images as full window slider» id not work if already small view size.
  • FIXED: If to many categories then looks broken in backend images area.


  • FIXED: In gallery upload form disappeared vor not logged in users after last update.


  • NEW: Cleaner top controls CSS in frontend.
  • NEW: Select between white and black color sites styles for gallery top controls in «Multiple pics options».
  • FIXED: Not required space bottom of slider view in full window view.


  • NEW: Adding meta data by clicking icons in images backend area now adds data to existing data and does not replace existing data anymore.
  • FIXED: Adding meta data by clicking icons in images backend area might be not able to save.


  • NEW: «Voting of self-added picture is not allowed» option.
  • NEW: Uploading process duration is visible in percent when uploading over «In gallery form».

Full updates history can be found in changelog.txt in plugins directory.