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Custom Dashboard Widgets


Custom Dashboard Widgets

Hide all default dashboard widgets and add a custom one that show a quick access to popular dashboard links and pages to complete manage your site and your dashboard.


  • Easy to use and more beautiful.
  • Contains all default links that exist in all wordpress dashboards (Pages, Posts, View Site … etc).
  • Allows you to add new links easly.
  • Allows you to choose icons to the links you added.
  • Use fortawesome icons.
  • Allows you to display links based on wordpress admin roles (admin, author … etc).
  • Allows you delete link easly.
  • Multilingual.


  • This screenshot shows the main dashboard widget after activating the plugin.

  • This screenshot shows the setting link for this plugin.

  • This screenshot shows the settings page for this plugin.

  • This screenshot shows the window that contains the most common wordpress post types and their icons to make it easy to choose the icon.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.
1. Upload ‘custom-dashboard-widgets’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Where can I find the setting after activate the plugin?

You can find the setting throw settings menu -> Dashboard Widgets.

Where can I find the icons?

You can find the icons from this link Font Awesome .


19 de julio de 2018
LOVE this plugin! I work for a school district and we have various forms that need to be accessed by certain staff that are easy to find. I've created some private pages that contain links to these forms and they can login w/ their subscriber credentials and click on their icon and they have everything they need.
16 de mayo de 2018
I love this plugin, I can add links to other dashboards, forums and important sites for my clients and keep their business organized better with this. I could pay for a pro version if I had a lot of customization options, no customizations is the only reason this is a 4 star review. way to think outside the box guys!
12 de marzo de 2018
A very nice and simple plugin! I use this plugin for all my customers. It reduces a lot of backend-clicking. usage example: When someone want´s to add an image to a gallery. Normaly there was a click on the gallery plugin, then the click on gallery section, then click on gallery, then click on adding an image. With this plugin I can simply add a link with an icon and description to the dashboard. After click on that link, the customer jumps to the "add to gallery" page." Very nice!
11 de enero de 2018
Plugin breaks ajax functions in multiple other plugins. Support has been unresponsive for what appears to be quite a while based on responses to forum posts. We will have to take another path and drop this pluign
12 de octubre de 2017
Thank you for this wonderful plugin. It is really amazing.
27 de septiembre de 2017
This plugin is simple and genius! Forget about that cluttered and fairly useless space to the right of the admin menu--this makes it something productive. When installed, one has a set of default icons installed for them. Delete or move about as you see fit. Then, copy and paste any admin page URL from any functionality that exists in your sidebar menu and stick them into Notepad for convenience (when doing multiple shortcuts). Open the button editor, create new entries, select appropriate buttons, and paste the short URL. Voila! Go straight to any submenu GUI page for any app--without having to find the main item and then clicking, then searching down the options. Click, and you are there with your most frequently needed admin screens. Works well with v4.8.2
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  • First version.


  • Add window contains the most common wordpress post types and their icons to make it easy to choose the icon.


  • fix adding new row issues.


  • Enable widget ordering


  • Support custom roles.


  • Add Feature : Don’t hide another WordPress default dashboard Widgets.