Custom Tables is a powerful plugin that allows you to add custom database tables, fields, and layouts to both Joomla and WordPress. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including catalogs, edit forms, detail pages, and more.

One of the standout features of Custom Tables is its support for the modern Twig template language, providing a flexible and user-friendly way to create dynamic layouts.

With 10 field types to choose from, including Integer, Decimal, Text String, Date, Email, Color,
you can create complex data structures tailored to your specific needs.
The edit form input boxes dynamically adapt to the selected field type, ensuring a seamless user experience.
For example, the Date field type will display a calendar, and the Color field type will offer a color picker.

The Layout Editor with Twig language simplifies the process of creating new layouts by offering an Auto-Create button that generates a layout based on the list of fields in your table.

All tables are stored in MySQL, with queries and field values being properly sanitized to prevent potential vulnerabilities for added security.

With its rich feature set and cross-platform compatibility, Custom Tables is an indispensable tool for developers and website administrators seeking to extend the functionality of their Joomla or WordPress sites with custom data structures and dynamic layouts.


More information

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  • «Create Table» screen
  • «Add Fields» screen
  • «Add Custom Tables Block» screen
  • «Select Layout Type and Table» screen


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • CustomTables Block


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30 de marzo de 2024 1 respuesta
Excellent for Custom Data CRUD Easily displayed custom data reports on my WordPress site quickly. Very organized component, built reports without relying too much on docs. Awesome GitHub support, easy to report issues. Well-documented with clear instructions covering everything. Used it to display reports of custom data views on my website. Keep up the great work! Overall, an impressive WordPress plugin for effortlessly creating and managing custom data displays/reports.
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Date method bugs fixed.


Layout Auto Created added.


CT Library Updated and main plugin file renamed – activation bug fixed.


Date Time Field type option added. DatePicker replaced with DateTimePicker.


Twig Lib updated, CT Lib updated.

Date Field type added.

CSS style class file loads properly. Field type property null check added.


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First public WordPress plugin release.