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Darkroom is a plugin I wrote for my own blog and thought other people might like to use in their blogs. Iíve tried
to build in some flexibility as well as ease-of-use, but there are always compromises. I look forward to your feedback
so I can make it better. To contact me about the plugin please use so that I know what
your e-mail is about.

Features: * Captions are loaded through EXIF/XMP tags. You just upload your pictures and go. * Use of lightbox through the slimbox plugin * The ability to list different ìgalleriesî either in your sidebar or directly in the page content. * Complete control over where your gallery appears. * The ability to watermark your pictures for copyright purposes. * Most customization is done through the regular WordPress admin page.


  1. Download the source, uncompress it, and put the darkroom folder in your WordPress plugins directory.
  2. Create a folder called ìpicsî in the root of your WordPress installation. Create sub-folders and put pictures
    in them. For Example:

    1. My blog is located at /usr/web/ I can access this via FTP.
    2. I created a new folder called pics. It lives at /user/web/ This will be the place where darkroom gets all the pictures. But wait, I canít put any pictures files into this folder SOÖ
    3. I create subfolders, maybe ìBirthdayPicturesî and ìHikingPicturesî. These would live at
      /user/web/ and /user/web/ respectively.
    4. I put my birthday pictures in /user/web/ and I put my hiking pictures in
    5. Now Darkroom will show that I have two ìcollectionsî: one of birthday pictures and one of hiking pictures.
  3. Go into your WordPress Admin Console and create a new page. The name of your page is as it will appear on your site (unless you change this, see below.) You must enter a custom field: make the KEY of ‘darkroom’ and the VALUE of ‘true’. Do not include the single-quotes and use all lower-case letters.
  4. View your new page. If youíve done the previous steps correctly, youíll see a photo album.


Why should I use Darkroom

If you want to use a picture/photo gallery in your blog, Darkroom is a good choice. It is a fully-integrated solution that doesn’t just put nondescript thumbnails on a page that are hard for people to understand in a context. It’s also very customizable.


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