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This plugin can telling visitors who use adblocker on their browser, if any visitor who installed adblocker and open the website there will be a notification to disable their adblocker. If the adblocker active the website can not be accessed, and to access the website their adblocker must be disabled and the ads on the website will return.

Live Demo:

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  • If adblocker active then showing notice.
  • All settings on WP Dashboard.


  1. Upload ‘dh-anti-adblocker’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to ‘DH plugin’ -> ‘Anti AdBlocker’ on left WP Dashboard for settings.


14 de agosto de 2020
Si se puedera editar el texto de Display Close Button por lo que quieramos, estaria excelente el Plugin. If you can edit the text of the Display Close Button for whatever you want, the Plugin would be excellent.
14 de agosto de 2020
If I consider the competition then I would say, It is best in class, with lots of extra function. 🙂
30 de abril de 2020
doesn't work with Autoptimize... i already try all ways to except it from Autoptimize but the result is same.... if you except it from Autoptimize the script will run like no adblock on sites.... but if you don' do that the script will be show like you using adblock although the visitor turn the adblock off... the script will be show as they using the adblock... this amazing script need update 🙁
6 de febrero de 2020
I tried all Anti Adblocker plugins. Some don't work anymore at all, some have problems. This is the best one so far. Thanks. (If you are using a cache plugin - you have to disable 'js compress' and 'join js files' options.) Edit - Unfortunately it caused some problems in the theme (qaengine) options 🙁
1 de febrero de 2020
This plugin is still working, although it has not been updated lately. At the begining it wasn't working for me, but I was suspecting that it had something to do with my caching or optimizing plugins that speed up my website. So, I deactivated all those plugings and I found out that DH Anti-Adblocker works, but it was imcompatible with my configuration of Autoptimize. I asked for help to the author on the support forum, and I haven't received yet, but meanwhile, I decided to check Autoptimize documentation and eventually found out how to make it work with DH Anti-Adblocker. You can check my solution on the support forum if you experience the same issue. I'm happy to say that this plugin is not only working but very customizable too. The result is beautiful and practical.
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  • Close text can be changed.
  • ADDED: On/Off button to disable for Admin.


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.4.2.


  • Fix not detected for some ad blockers.


  • Added overlay effect (if click outside).
  • Fix some bugs.


  • Fix wrong name file.


  • Fix some error.


  • Fix some bugs.


  • Fix some bugs.


  • Added option to show close button.


  • Deleted some unwanted code.


  • Fix some bugs.


  • Change ‘admin_menu_page’ position.
  • Fix some error.


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.0.


  • Added option to change overlay background color.


  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Change text area from simple editor to visual editor.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • ADDED: Option to change text color and background color.


  • ADDED: On/Off button to disable right click.
  • ADDED: On/Off button to disable scrollbar.


  • Fixed some bugs.


  • ADDED: Disable scroll.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • ADDED: Disable mouse right click.


  • First release.