Disable Drop Cap


A plugin to disable drop cap option in the Gutenberg block editor editor paragraph block.

You can find the plugin source code at GitHub.

Note for WordPress 5.8

With WordPress 5.8, you can use the new theme.json feature to disable drop caps in your theme. Add a theme.json file with the following content in the root of your theme.

    "version": 1,
    "settings": {
        "typography": {
            "dropCap": false

This plugin does continue working in WordPress 5.8 but be aware of this alternative solution.

Support the plugin

Maintaining a WordPress plugin is a lot of work. If you like the plugin, please consider rating it on WordPress.org. You can also support me on GitHub sponsors. Thank you!

If you are interested, you can also check out my other WordPress plugins:


  • Without the plugin, the block editor paragraph block has an option for drop cap
  • When the plugin is installed, the drop cap option has been removed


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Registro de cambios

2.1.1 (2021-01-03)

  • Fix: add updated icon

2.1.0 (2021-12-05)

  • Feature: improve code structure, move code to a namespaced class

2.0.8 (2021-11-03)

  • Fix: Icon update
  • Fix: Readme updates
  • Fix: Metadata updates

2.0.7 (2021-11-02)

  • Fix: Update icon and screenshots

2.0.6 (2021-11-02)

  • Fix: Add icon

2.0.5 (2021-11-02)

  • Fix: Fix screenshot path

2.0.4 (2021-11-02)

  • Fix: Readme formatting fixes and updates
  • Fix: Add screenshots

2.0.3 (2021-11-02)

  • Fix: Release on wordpress.org

2.0.2 (2021-10-30)

  • Fix: Bump version

2.0.1 (2021-10-30)

  • Fix: Add stable tag

2.0.0 (2021-10-29)

  • Breaking change: change plugin slug to disable-drop-cap
  • Breaking change: remove vendor files from repository
  • Fix: added automated tests

1.3.1 (2021-09-20)

  • Fix: Fix deprecation error in WordPress 5.8

1.3.0 (2021-07-24)

  • Feature: WordPress 5.8 support (thanks @adriantoll)

1.2.1 (2021-03-12)

  • Fix: Bump tested up to 5.7
  • Fix: Re-organize plugin code to be cleaner
  • Fix: Change plugin name to «Disable Drop Cap» everywhere. «Remove Drop Cap» is still used as the plugin slug to ensure backwards compatibility

1.2.0 (2021-03-11)

  • Feature: WordPress 5.7 support
  • Fix: Regression in WordPress 5.5

1.1.0 (2020-12-16)

  • Change: Use server side feature registration to disable dropCap instead of JavaScript
  • Fix: WordPress 5.6 support

1.0.0 (2020-09-20)

  • Initial release