Disk Usage Sunburst


This plugin (Tools -> Disk Usage) shows all files of your WordPress installation at once. These are displayed in a so
called «Sunburst Chart». Each arc of the chart is either a directory or a file. Move your mouse over an arc to see the size
of the file or directory. The bigger the arc is the bigger is the file/directory.

Very useful to determine the biggest files in your WordPress installation!

Click on an arc to zoom in, and click in the circle to zoom out again.

Questions? Drop us a mail: wp-dev (at) raidboxes.de


Thanks to Mike Bostock for his great «d3js»: http://d3js.org

Thanks to Mike Bostock for his awesome «Zoomable Sunburst» implementation: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4348373

Thanks to Jeffrey Sambells for his «Human Readable File Size with PHP»: http://jeffreysambells.com/2012/10/25/human-readable-filesize-php


  • Plugin in action


  1. Upload disk-usage-sunburst.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress
  3. See it in action under Tools -> Disk Usage!


Where is it?

After activation you find the tool under Tools -> Disk Usage

Does this plugin work on a WordPress Multisite?

Yes since 1.1 it does. Note: For privacy reasons you need to be a Superadmin to use this on a Multisite.

Loading bar doesn’t go away

In this case unfortunately this plugin can’t calculate the sizes of all your WordPress files. Check if there’s a PHP time limit in your WordPress and try to increase it.


28 de abril de 2021
Our hosts have a max capacity on our account and old files can make some sites get way too big - this plugin is invaluable for tracing the problems.
17 de mayo de 2020
I'm sort of experienced WP user. But I've forgotten more than I remember, and loathe to use SSH or CLI to actually find stuff. My wp-content folder was waaay tooooo large and I knew something wasn't right but didn't know where to look. After poking around the usual suspects I added Disk Usage Sunburst ... which told me my wp-admin was 3.7 GB... hey that ain't right... poke around... find a 3.5 GB error log.... oops... thanks
27 de diciembre de 2019
Helped me find those elusive huge backup files that were hiding.
5 de diciembre de 2019
I used to use the P3 plugin to compare the sizes of my plugins, which was an important tool, but the author of the plugin stopped updating it. I came across this plugin from an article reviewing 16 alternatives to the P3 plugin. The disk usage sunburst was listed at the bottom. But it really is the only real alternative. When you turn it on and drill down to where the wp content>plugins area is, you can see which of your plugins are big (e.g.: All-in-one Calendar, WP SEO Yoast, GravityForms) and which ones are not (e.g.: Disk Usage Sunburst).
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  • Update: Fixed wrong svn trunk commits


  • Update: Removed unused resources


  • Code-rework to make it more efficient and only load resources on it’s plugin page
  • Made the plugin multisite compatible (Thanks to @shawfactor for his idea)
  • Successfully tested up to WordPress 5.7


  • Update: Successfully tested up to WordPress 5.3


  • Update: Successfully tested up to WordPress 5.1.1


  • Update: Successfully tested up to WordPress 4.8.2


  • Update: Successfully tested up to WordPress 4.7.1


  • Advice: If you don’t see anything, increase php time limit… This plugin is maintained!


  • Bug fixed: browsers without SVG support didn’t see anything. Now these will get a nice red error message 😉


  • Bug fixed: Show error message if calculation of file/directory sizes fails (e.g. because of time limit)


  • Bug fixed: converted short array syntax to long array syntax to support PHP versions < 5.4.0 (thanks to websupporter, https://wordpress.org/support/topic/parse-error-syntax-error-unexpected-146)


  • Code enhanced: replaced code 10 with ‘administrator’ capability when calling add_submenu_page (thanks to doume, https://wordpress.org/support/topic/v100-deprecated-argument-in-function-call)
  • User Interface enhanced: tooltip follows mouse cursor when mouse is moving
  • Bug fixed: the distance between tooltip and mouse cursor was dependent on the scroll position


  • Primera versión