Polylang Duplicate Content Addon


Polylang Duplicate Content Add-On
Reduce your translation workload by 50% with this convenient PolyLang addon. Effortlessly duplicate your original or default language post content into other languages of the same post, streamlining the translation process.

This addon enables you to replicate page/post titles, content, images, galleries, and all associated meta fields. By duplicating the content, you can focus solely on translating the necessary elements without the hassle of setting featured images, adding galleries, or reinserting other content.

Moreover, there’s no need to repeatedly restyle your page, as this addon seamlessly copies all styles and formats from the original post. Simplify your multilingual website management with ease.

Este plugin no está desarrollado o afiliado con «Polylang developers». Es una extensión de terceros que añade la funcionalidad de duplicar el contenido para traducir rápidamente tu entrada con los mismos estilos en otro idioma.

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Automate your translation workflow by 90% with Automatic Translations For Polylang.

This powerful addon effortlessly copies your original or default language post content and translates it into other languages, simplifying and speeding up the entire translation process.

¡Agradecimientos especiales!:

Agradecimientos especiales a los autores del famoso plugin Polylang, por crear un plugin increíble para la gestión multilenguaje.


  • Duplicate content preview in classic editor
  • Duplicate content preview in Gutenberg Block Editor.


18 de junio de 2024
A good thing to know: you don’t need to use the paid version of Polylang for this plugin.However, it will only suggest duplication when you are creating a new translation of a page. So you might have to put previous pages in the bin and create them anew to be able to use the duplication function.
4 de junio de 2024
On a divi powered website, I was really having a hard time after creating a front page to get that content duplicated to later edit it for each language. Your plugin completely did exactly what I needed. I prefer to first work on the design in one language and then after cloning the pages perform the translations, your plugin really made it possible. Thank You!
26 de septiembre de 2022
Thank you. I think this plugin gives a great help in a multilingual site with the free version of Polylang. Using it with wordpress 6.0.2
1 de junio de 2021
I hope the developer continues this project, as it is potentially so useful! Unfortunately, it does not duplicate with current versions of polylang, wordpress or both. Everything looks fine, but when clicking the duplicate button, the output is a blank page. Too bad!
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Registro de cambios

Version 1.2.1 | 08 Jul 2024

Minor: Added automatic translate for polylang demo button.
Tested Up to: Tested upto WordPress 6.5 and PolyLang 3.6.3

Version 1.2.0 | 22 Feb 2024

Added:Added Support with Gutenberg Editor.
Fixed: Minor bug  fixes.
Tested Up to: Tested upto WordPress 6.4.3 and PolyLang 3.5.4

Version 1.1 | 08 Jan. 2020

Added: Review notice
Updated: Duplicate Button text

Version 1.0 | 02 Jan. 2020

New: Initial Plugin Release