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Easy Digital Downloads es una solución completa de comercio electrónico para vender productos digitales en WordPress. Aprende más en EasyDigitalDownloads.com.

Vende sin esfuerzo

Whether it is selling software like WordPress plugins or themes, documents and spreadsheets, photography, ebooks, music, graphics or digital artwork, videos, or any other type of media file, Easy Digital Downloads provides a complete ecommerce platform that just works, so you can get back to creating.

Easy Digital Downloads is an invaluable tool that I use throughout my business and for my clients. I love its simplicity yet powerful features and library of useful extensions. EDD stands out as one of the only affordable options for scaling a business centered around providing digital ecommerce sites to its clients.

Mark Hunter – Mark of Approval

Easy and free, meet robust and powerful

Too often digital creators have to make the hard choice between affordable and powerful. Not with Easy Digital Downloads. It’s free forever. It’s easy to get started. Then, as you grow, there are hundreds of extensions to add functionality when you need it.

EDD me ofrece una sólida plataforma lista para usar, con la flexibilidad para personalizar todo lo que quiera o necesite. ¡Lo mejor de ambos mundos!

Brian Hogg – SellingPlugins.com

Here are some of the features supported out-of-the-box:

  • Complete shopping cart – Customers can browse your product catalogue, add items to their cart, and checkout when they are ready. Or they can bypass the cart using Buy Now buttons.
  • Highly customizable and clean checkout – Buyers can complete their purchase with ease, directly on your site’s checkout page.
  • Payment flexibility – Accept credit card payments using Stripe as well as PayPal payments. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also included via Stripe’s Payment Request Buttons.
  • Complete customer management – View and manage detailed records of all customers and their purchase history.
  • Detailed eCommerce reports – Keep track of your earnings, refunds, sales, and more.
  • Secure file protection – Prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing your product files without paying.
  • Códigos de descuento – Boost sales by offering potential customers coupon or discount codes which can be applied at checkout.
  • Works with any theme – Let your chosen WordPress theme handle the design. Easy Digital Downloads will fit right in.
  • And much more!

Traducido a tu idioma

Easy Digital Downloads ha sido traducido a más de dos docenas de idiomas y se añaden nuevas traducciones constantemente, permitiéndote tener una experiencia natural, nativa, independientemente de donde vivas. Si tu idioma no está disponible, ¡son bienvenidas las traducciones! Revisa nuestras FAQ.

Support for many payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal

Internet ha hecho posible que cualquiera pueda vender sus productos a una audiencia mundial. No importa dónde vivas, Easy Digital Downloads puede ser tu solución de comercio electrónico. Ofrecemos integraciones para la mayoría de los procesadores de comercio y, mediante extensiones de terceros, también compatibilidad con muchos, muchos más.

Payment gateways supported in the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Payments

Pasarelas de pago compatibles a través de extensiones gratuitas o premium:

  • Stripe Pro (reduced fees and preapproved payments functionality)
  • PayPal Commerce Pro (unbranded card payments and additional payment methods)
  • Braintree
  • Authorize.net
  • SOFORT Banking

What can I say? Stripe is my go-to payment processor and without this [integration] I don’t know what I would do. Connect EDD to your Stripe account in seconds and you’re done! Having a simple test mode toggle is also a valuable development tool.

Matt Whiteley – Whiteley Designs

See our payment gateways in the extensions catalog for a complete list of supported payment processors.

Easy Digital Downloads es un miembro verificado del programa de socios de Stripe. Este programa reconoce al software que cumple los estrictos requisitos de calidad de Stripe y proporciona a los usuarios de Easy Digital Downloads y de Stripe la confianza que necesitan para confiar en ambos con sus integraciones de pagos.

Take your store further with extensions

Con los plugins adicionales de nuestro catálogo de extensiones puedes super potenciar tu tienda digital. Algunas de nuestras extensiones destacadas son:

  • Stripe Pro removes the additional 2% processing fee as well as adds the ability to accept pre-approved payments (extension must be installed and activated).
  • PayPal Commerce Pro allows customers to pay by debit or credit card as well as alternative payments such as Sofort, iDEAL, Bancontact, and Giropay (extension must be installed and activated).
  • Software Licensing provides a complete solution for selling software license keys and distributing software updates to customers. Trusted by some of the most successful WordPress Theme and Plugin developers.
  • Los pagos periódicos permiten a los propietarios de la tienda vender suscripciones periódicas de productos digitales usando pasarelas de pago como Stripe y PayPal
  • La publicación en portada transforma tu tienda en un mercado multi vendedor totalmente funcional
  • Las comisiones permiten a los propietarios de la tienda hacer seguimiento de las ganancias de distintos vendedores
  • Las descargas gratuitas permiten que los productos gratuitos sean adquiridos más fácilmente, al saltarse el formulario de pago estándar
  • Zapier automatiza tu tienda conectando Easy Digital Downloads con más de otros 700 servicios web y productos
  • Las valoraciones permiten a los clientes dejar reseñas y opiniones sobre los productos que han comprado
  • Los productos recomendados aumentan los beneficios mostrando a los clientes recomendaciones de productos adicionales a su compra basados en datos de ventas reales
  • La restricción de contenido permite a los propietarios del sitio restringir acceso al contenido de la página de pago de los clientes
  • MailChimp conecta tu tienda con tu cuenta MailChimps para que puedas suscribir fácilmente clientes a tus listas de correo basadas en los productos que compran
  • AWeber contecta tu tienda con tu cuenta AWeber para que puedas suscribir clientes con facilidad a tus listas de correo en base a sus compras
  • Amazon S3 te permite alojar archivos con seguridad en Amazon S3 para una entrega de archivos más fiable y segura
  • Dropbox File Store te permite alojar archvios con seguridad en tu cuenta Dropbox para una entrega de archivos más fiable y segura

Estas son solo unas pocas extensiones de las que te ofrecemos para ayudar a optimizar tu tienda y vender más archivos. Consulta nuestro completo catálogo de extensiones para ver más. También hay cientos de extensiones creadas por miembros de la comunidad Easy Digital Downloads que puedes encontrar en nuestra página de extensiones de terceros.

Creado pensando en los desarrolladores

Extensible, adaptable, and open source — Easy Digital Downloads is created with designers and developers in mind. Consult our detailed developer documentation to learn how you can extend and customize your Easy Digital Downloads powered eCommerce store.

The Easy Digital Downloads API makes it possible for developers to make customizations such as:

  • Modifying the checkout form
  • Overriding default plugin behavior
  • Generating custom e-Commerce reports
  • Extending native features
  • Creating new product page templates
  • Integrating with other plugins and web applications

…and much much more!

Como desarrollador, es muy cómodo trabajar con Easy Digital Downloads, ya que puedes ampliar absolutamente todo lo que está disponible dentro de EDD.

Yudhistira Mauris – WP House

Obtén ayuda

Easy Digital Downloads is backed by top-notch technical support from our globally distributed full-time support team. We also have an extensive documentation site available. If you’re looking for faster support via email, we encourage you to purchase an Easy Digital Downloads pass or premium extension.

EDD has been a long standing, rock-solid e-commerce solution for WordPress. The team lives and breathes WordPress, understands the platform, and is embedded in the community.

Joe Casabona – Creator Courses

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Contribuir a Easy Digital Downloads

Development for this plugin happens in a public GitHub repository to better facilitate contributions from an active community of users, developers and designers. If you have a suggestion, bug report, patch, or pull request, please feel free to contribute here or to our code snippet library.

Looking to change e-Commerce solutions?

Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect digital e-Commerce alternative to Etsy, Gumroad, WooCommerce, Shopfiy, BigCommerce, or Wix.

You can use Easy Digital Downloads to sell your digital products with less fees than Gumroad or Etsy.

Si Easy Digital Downloads no se ajusta a tus necesidades, echa un vistazo a algunos de nuestros otros proyectos.


  • Vista previa de descarga de productos
  • Configuración de la descarga
  • Detalles de la configuración de la descarga
  • Historial de pagos
  • Detalles del pago
  • Códigos de descuento
  • Informes de ingresos y ventas
  • Añadir al carrito / botón de compra
  • Botones de pago de Apple Pay
  • Pantalla de finalización de compra
  • Pago con Google Pay
  • PayPal button on checkout page
  • Pay with PayPal modal


  1. Activar el plugin
  2. Ve a Descargas -> Ajustes y configura las opciones
  3. Crear productos descargables desde la página de descargas
  4. Inserta los botones de compra para cualquier descarga con el botón “Insertar descarga” junto a los botones de Añadir nuevo.
  5. Para instrucciones detalladas de configuración, visita la página oficial de documentación.


¿Dónde puedo encontrar la documentacion completa?

Full searchable docs for Easy Digital Downloads and all our extensions can be found at http://docs.easydigitaldownloads.com/

Where can I ask for help with my digital e-Commerce store?

Puedes enviar un ticket de soporte o una pregunta de preventa desde nuestra página de soporte en cualquier momento.

¿Qué tipos de archivos puedo vender?

Any file type can be sold using Easy Digital Downloads. You can sell .PDF, .DOC, .MP3, .MOV, .EPUB, .PSD, .MP4, .JPG, or any other extension which exists. On the product creation form, there is a file upload field which will accept any file type. Whatever file is uploaded to that field is the file customers will receive instantly when they complete a purchase.

Is an SSL certificate required to sell digital products?

Easy Digital Downloads puede funcionar bien sin ningún certificado SSL, haciéndolo fácil de configurar en un entorno de pruebas o desarrollo. Pero seguimos recomendándote que tengas un certificado SSL para tu tienda en producción, tanto por seguridad como para la tranquilidad de tus clientes. Aquí está la documentación

¿Qué temas funcionan con Easy Digital Downloads?

Cualquier tema bien escrito funcionará con Easy Digital Downloads.

Dicho esto, tenemos una bonita colección de temas libres que soportan Easy Digital Downloads, requieren mucho menos trabajo de diseño por parte del propietario de la tienda.

Mira los temas gratuitos aquí.

¿Hay algún archivo de importación de ejemplo que pueda usar para configurar una tienda de demostración?

¡Sí! Simplemente ve a Herramientas > Importar e instalar el Importador de WordPress, luego ve hasta wp-content/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/assets/ y selecciona el archivo sample-products-import.xml. Esto creará algunos productos y páginas del plugin para ti.

¿Puedo importar todos los productos desde una tienda existente a EDD?

¡Sí! Tenemos una solución de importación básica que importa un archivo CSV, así si puedes obtener tus datos en un formato apropiado entonces podemos importarlo.

Mis pagos quedan marcados como «pendiente»

Hay muchas razones por las que esto ocurre. Por favor sigue las sugerencias aquí.

¿Tienes un error 404?

Para deshacerte del error 404 cuando estés viendo una descarga, tienes que volver a guardar tu estructura de enlaces permanentes. Ve a Ajustes > Enlaces Permanentes y clica en «Guardar cambios».

¿Cómo muestro el historial de compra del usuario?

Coloca el shortcode [purchase_history] en cualquier página.

Si sólo quieres mostrar una lista de todos los archivos que el usuario ha comprado, usa el shortcode [download_history].

How do I display my digital products?

Hay varias formas diferentes para mostrar visualmente tu catálogo de productos, cada una documentada aquí.

¿Puedo configurar un programa de afiliación?

Yes! EDD integrates directly with several affiliate platforms that provide complete affiliate systems you can use to award commissions to your affiliate marketers. This means when affiliates refer customers to you, and those customers buy your products, those affiliates earn a commission from you.

Échale un vistazo a AffiliateWP

¿Puedo obtener las facturas de mis clientes en un PDF descargable?

Yes, with the Invoices extension, you can provide beautiful and downloadable invoices to your customers.


Are recurring payments (subscriptions) supported?

Yes, through the use of our commercial addon called Recurring Payments. Full documentation here. The Recurring Payments extension allows you to create subscriptions so that customers continue paying you over time. This is great for selling memberships, courses, all access passes, software licenses, and other products which require an ongoing payment.


28 de junio de 2022
I never go out of my way to leave a bad review but I really feel I need to, hoping others don't make the same mistake as I did. EDD sold an extension to another company leaving me to pay for what I already had. Ok fine, can happen. Then things became more and more complicated, buggy, heavily slowing down our website, filling the DB with unnecessary options and more. We stopped using it, but found out 2 months ago they still took $299 because we forgot to cancel apparently. After some email exchange, they were unwilling to refund, because we had accidentally activated the plugin once. If it's just one thing and they handle it well, fine. They did not though. After so many things going wrong and such bad support. I highly recommend pursuing other more modern options to sell you digital goods. We chose a SAAS platform and will never go back to EDD. There is no anger or resentment, just disappointment. In them and even in ourselves for waiting so long to wise up and choose a better platform for our business.
28 de junio de 2022
The team supporting EDD products rocks. I recently purchased the EDD All Access pass and all the Plugins worked initially with the exception of the "Compare Products" plug-in. After contacting the EDD tech support team they responded promptly and helped resolve the error I was receiving with detailed and very clear instructions. Thank you Mihai for all the support!!! Regards, James
21 de junio de 2022
Can't remember how many years I have using Easy Digital Downloads but it's a perfect solution for a lot of different kind of stores, and pretty easy to use, truely!
2 de junio de 2022
Using EDD for 4 years now and still very satisfied!
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2.11.6, March 21, 2022

  • Fix: Improved reliablity of PayPal Commerce modal while on checkout page.
  • Fix: PayPal Standard could throw an undefined variable notice when listening to the IPN.
  • Improvement: The link to configure Mailchimp could be wrong depending on the version of the extension.
  • Improvement: There was a hard coded string that wasn’t able to be translated.
  • Improvement: Add a link to documentation about how to activate a Pass license key.

2.11.5, January 27, 2022

  • New: Add an admin notice when the EDD Debug Log is enabled.
  • Fix: Importer has been updated to work with PHP 8.
  • Fix: Change how data is added to the debug log to prevent errors due to size.
  • Fix: Bundled product metadata is no longer saved to the download for non-bundle products.
  • Fix: A PHP notice was thrown when a payment had an unregistered status.
  • Fix: Stripe – JavaScript error when viewing a preapproved payment record.
  • Fix: Stripe – EDD 3.0: Incorrect tax amount being charged when customer uses a different country from the store’s base country., January 7, 2022

  • Fix: «Submit» buttons missing from Reviews and Recurring Payments settings pages.

2.11.4, December 27, 2021

  • New: Set minimum PHP version to 5.4 in readme.txt.
  • New: Add notifications to EDD screens.
  • New: Reorganize some settings locations to make them more predictable for users.
  • New: Improve user opportunities to give feedback to the EDD team.
  • New: Add support for webp images.
  • Improvement: Add the edd_ajax_remove_discount_response filter inside the AJAX remove discount function.
  • Improvement: If a license key has not been entered for a specific product, but it’s covered by an existing pass key, use the pass key for updates.
  • Improvement: Remove a confusing link for licenses near expiration date.
  • Fix: In some cases, download links were unexpectedly not allowing users to download files.
  • Fix: EDD Pass Manager was not saving the license key to the pass data during activation.
  • Fix: Purchase receipt emails were always assumed to be successfully sent, even if they weren’t.
  • Fix: Variable prices were missing the index when a product was first saved.
  • Fix: Exporting earnings results with an incorrect date range generated invalid data.
  • Fix: A PHP notice was generated when an invalid license key was entered.
  • Fix: PayPal Standard – Transaction links were not directing to the transation.
  • Fix: The Arabic translation file caused a fatal error; it has been removed in deference to the repository translation.
  • Fix: Improve earnings export performance.
  • Dev: CLI – Prevent PHP error when a malformed payments command is used.
  • Dev: Add helper methods the to the Pass Manager class.
  • Dev: Create an option for the store activation date.
  • Dev: Introduce the EDD extension registry for managing licensed extensions.
  • Dev: Save EDD licensed products to options for improved reliability.
  • Dev: Explicitly declare the payment_stats property for EDD_Payment_Stats.
  • Dev: Improve performance of edd_get_settings_tabs.
  • Dev: FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING is deprecated in PHP 8.1., November 1, 2021

  • Fix: Fatal error in PHP versions lower than 7.3.

2.11.3, November 1, 2021

  • New: Add contextual EDD header to relevant pages.
  • New: Add quick link to EDD reports in the Dashboard menu.
  • Improvement: Update styling for settings tabs.
  • Improvement: Rename and reorganize some settings menu items.
  • Improvement: Adjust formatting of plugins list in system info file.
  • Improvement: License key fields now use a password input.
  • Fix: Undefined index: post_data error.
  • Fix: Upgrade notice not appearing after enabling sequential order numbers.
  • Fix: PayPal – Disconnecting PayPal account not working.
  • Fix: PayPal – Improve check for declined payments.
  • Fix: PayPal – Unable to switch payment gateway after opening then closing PayPal modal.
  • Fix: PayPal – Purchase can’t be completed when you have a long product title.
  • Fix: Unable to use discount deactivate/activate hover actions.
  • Fix: _edd_deprecated_function() – only trigger error with backtrace if there is a backtrace provided.
  • Fix: API requests have unexpected output when using Query Monitor.
  • Dev: Updated EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater to version 1.9.1., October 18, 2021

  • Security: Fix authenticated reflected XSS on payment history list table.

2.11.2, September 29, 2021

  • Improvement: PayPal – Product names now appear in PayPal.
  • Improvement: File download token validation has been reworked to be more compatible with caching.
  • Fix: PayPal – Ensure all numbers are rounded when sending price data to PayPal. This prevents errors due to rounding issues.
  • Fix: PayPal – Excessive error text when triggering a validation error on a mobile device.
  • Fix: PayPal – Multiple «Buy Now» buttons not working on the same page.
  • Fix: JavaScript error if the checkout button has been customized to not have an id attribute.
  • Fix: WP-CLI – price_id parameter not working with wp edd payments create command.
  • Fix: Stripe – Transaction link not working if the payment is pre-approved.
  • Fix: Stripe – Connect not working with certain countries.
  • Fix: Stripe – Numeric product name causes error.
  • Fix: Stripe – Payments able to be marked for preapproval when they shouldn’t be.
  • Refactor: SendWP – Update link to account area.

2.11.1, August 30, 2021

  • Improved: Better compatibility with caching when using PayPal Commerce.
  • Improved: Made it more clear when PayPal Commerce is successfully connected, but not set as an active gaetway.
  • Fix: PayPal Commerce – Rely on end-user locale when loading the PayPal Javascript SDK.
  • Fix: The download history shortcode was not aware of bundles with variable prices.

2.11, August 19, 2021

  • New: Introducing the new PayPal Commerce gateway integration.
  • New: System info page now shows Plugin Author or Update URI
  • New: Improved support for caching pages that contain add to cart buttons by using a custom token verification instead of nonces.
  • Improved: The extension updater class has been updated to version 1.9.0.
  • Fix: Download Notes could be duplicated in the email receipt.
  • Fix: The Paypal transaction ID links were using an older format.
  • Fix: The edd_items_in_cart cookie wasn’t setting the correct attributes on sites with SSLs.
  • Fix: Some bundled images hadn’t been optimized.
  • Fix: The discounts API endpoint could not filter a discount by ID.
  • Fix: When making an EDD Wallet deposit, the cart HTML would be removed when taxes were enabled.