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Easy Digital Downloads – Additional Shortcodes


As simple as it sounds. Adds some additional shortcodes to the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. The shortcodes included all need opening and closing tags:

Show only if the cart has items in it
[edd_cart_has_contents]Content Here[/edd_cart_has_contents]

Show only if the cart is empty
[edd_cart_is_empty]Content Here[/edd_cart_is_empty]

Show only if the cart contains any/all of the specified items
[edd_items_in_cart ids=»20″]Content Here[/edd_items_in_cart]
[edd_items_in_cart ids=»20,34,25:1″]Content Here[/edd_items_in_cart]
[edd_items_in_cart ids=»20,34,25:1″ match=»all»]Content Here[/edd_items_in_cart]
[edd_items_in_cart ids=»20,34,25:1″ match=»any»]Content Here[/edd_items_in_cart]

Show if the user has made previous purchases (will always be hidden if logged out)
[edd_user_has_purchases]Content Here[/edd_user_has_purchases]

Show only if the user has no purchases. Includes the ‘loggedout’ parameter to specify if logged out users
should be included in seeing the content. (Default true)
[edd_user_has_no_purchases loggedout=true]Content Here[/edd_user_has_no_purchases]

Show content only if a user is logged in
[edd_is_user_logged_in]Content Here[/edd_is_user_logged_in]

Show content only if a user is logged out
[edd_is_user_logged_out]Content Here[/edd_is_user_logged_out]

Show content only if a user has purchased any of the specified download ids.
Supports multiple IDs. If a download has variable pricing, you can pass just the ID for all options, or : for a specific variable pricing option.
[edd_user_has_purchased ids=»20,34,25:1″]Content Here[/edd_user_has_purchased]

Software Licensing Support:
Show content only if a user has active licenses
[edd_has_active_licenses]Content Here[/edd_has_active_licenses]

Show content only if user has expired licenses
[edd_has_expired_licenses]Content Here[/edd_has_expired_licenses]


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1.4 – February 24, 2017

  • NEW: Add support for Software Licensing.
  • NEW: Add support for specific items in the cart.
  • TWEAK: Remove references to extract.


  • NEW: edd_is_user_logged_out shortcode


  • NEW: edd_user_has_purchased shortcode


  • NEW: Added edd_is_user_logged_in shortcode


  • NEW: Initial Release