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Elegance Modal Box


Since 1.2.0 Elegance modal box is responsive!

Elegance Modal Box is a simple plugin that helps you to show content in a modal lightbox immediately after user steps on your site. You can show ads, video, fan boxes, banners ot whatever you like.

Elegance Modal Box allows you easily to customise the modal box width, height, background color, border radius, wrapper’s background color and more. From plugin’s settings page you can define when users should see the modal box, if they should see it only once and store a cookie not to show them the box again, or to see it after each reload.

Elegance modal box can store:

  • Images
  • Banners
  • Text/content
  • HTML/JS code
  • Iframes
  • SWF Files
  • Embed video from youtube, vimeo or etc.
  • Google ads
  • Facebook like box

You can easily modify:

  • Width & height of the popup box
  • Popup & wrapper’s background colours
  • Popup box’ border radius
  • Popup content
  • When the user’s cookie will expire
  • To display the modal popup immediately or after some seconds
  • Schedule for starting on specific date range
  • To be visible side-wide or on a specific page.

In Elegance Modal Box you can show all kind of content – text, banners, images, banners, media even you can use all kind of shortcodes that are defined by other plugins.

Elegance modal box is a pop up with a wrapper and a close button. When a visitor clicks on the wrapper or close button, a cookie will be set for him not to see the pop up again.

How to add pop-up advertising to my site

  • Depends on what kind of advertising you want. If you want to use external advers as google adsense, show facebook fan box or youtube video, you should select Source code as content type, and add the code that you want to be shown.


Elegance Modal Box Installation guide:

  1. Find and download download Elegance Modal Box from or
  2. Extract and upload the directory elegance-modal-box to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Now when the plugin is activated, you have new button in your wp-admin menu, called Elegance Modal, go there to setup, personalize and activate your plugin


Why my modal box do not appear
  • Please check the installation nots.
  • Please make sure that you have checked the Acivation checkbox from the Elegance Modal settings menu
  • Please check the schedule settings


3 de septiembre de 2016
Big thanks to the support of this plugin for their help to display the modal only on my homepage. If you want to make this, uncheck the "Appear site-wide" box in the settings of the plugin and add <?php echo do_shortcode('[elegance-modal-box]'); ?> in your homepage php file Thank you again !
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  • Added responsive compatibility. When you upgrade, go to Elegance Modal Box Settings page, and mark the checkbox “Enable responsive” version. Note that, this will make responsive only the box. You will have to take care about the inner content.


  • Elegance Modal Box Update:
  • Schedule settings added
  • Site-wide or shorcodes use
  • Ability to choose content type between – editor/source code or image banner


  • Elegance Modal Box First Release – 15-12-2014