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Enroll via IPN Plugin


This is the Enroll via IPN plugin. With this plugin you can:

  • Register sold products via PayPal IPN
  • Create purchase followup email (with the download link for digital products)
  • Allow the customers who purchased goods to opt-in for a product specific customer newsletter

You DO NOT need a third party paid service or license to use this plugin.


  • Main setup page of Enroll via IPN


To install Enroll via IPN:

* Install the Latest version of wpresponder from :

  • Enter your postal address to the Newsletter > Settings page to avoid spam complaints.
  • Create a newsletter and form for your customer service mailing list

  • Download the Latest version of Enroll via IPN from :

  • Extract the downloaded archive to a local directory.
  • Upload the Enroll-via-IPN directory to the wp-content/plugins directory of your wordpress installation.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Set up the customer service newsletter(s) and the purchase follow up email
  • Set up your IPN notification callback URL on the PayPal website


What is IPN?

IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification from the PayPal’s message service which sends a notification
when a transaction is affected. (Typically when a product has been sold by your website, refund for the
transaction has been initiated or transaction changed its state from pending to confirmed.)
For more information visit

Do I have to configure products?

No, you do not have to define products. In that case however you cannot configure a product specific follow up email
and have to use a different mechanism for proper landing page with a download link with the product the customer
purchased via PayPal. Consider a case where you have two ebooks and have only one confirmation email.

Can I process several products sold in one transaction via IPN?

Plugin currently does not support IPN requests with more than one product sold per transaction.
Only the first product in the basket will be processed by this version.

Can I have several products with the same name?

If you want to let the customer opt-in to product specific customer newsletters the product names need to be unique per product.
While you can probably setup two paypal buy buttons to sell a «CD» one at $19 and another one to sell a «CD» at $9,
the current version of this plugin requires a product name which is unique (for instance CD19 and CD9) unless you want all customers
to subscribe to a «CD» purchasing customers newsletter.

Can anyone help me with setting up the Enroll via IPN plugin? contains additional useful setup information.

If you have further questions please visit the plugin website:

And get in touch with me.


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