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Plugin Name: ePaperFlip Publisher


The epaperflip_embed plugin is used to embed flipb and epaperflip digital catalogs into your wordpress website.
With a simple line of code you can easily embed your catalog into your site.


How to use the plugin:
[epaperflip_embed docid=»» dimension=»» width=»» height=»» center=»» disableflash=»»]
[epaperflip_embed docid=»3cf0520a-03a8-49fd-b235-a3e300d379da» dimension=»pixel» width=»800″ height=»600″ center=»true» disableflash=»true»]
[epaperflip_embed docid=»3cf0520a-03a8-49fd-b235-a3e300d379da» dimension=»percentage» width=»80″ height=»100″ center=»false» disableflash=»false»]
[epaperflip_embed publicationid=»12039c46-934b-4a5c-98c8-a495016b3293″ dimension=»percentage» width=»80″ height=»100″ center=»false» disableflash=»true»]

You must provide one of the following two fields.
1. docid : (Default null) String value used to target the document you wish to display
2. publicationid : (Default null) String value used to target a specific publication and display the most recently published catalog

These fields are not required.
1. dimension : (Default percentage) String value either percentage or pixel to denote whether you want the dimensions to be in percentage or pixel format
2. width : (Default 100) Integer value used this value to set the width of the frame in either percentage or pixels
3. height : (Default 100) Integer value used this value to set the height of the frame in either percentage or pixels
4. center : (Default true) Boolean value used this value to denote whether you want the frame to be centered
5. disableflash : (Default false) Boolean value used to denote whether you only want the HTML5 viewer to be available

PS: Percentage will be based on the parent div of this shortcode


Shinjo Melosh


  1. To install this plugin in wordpress simply download the epaperflip_embed file and upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder
    so the complete path would be wwwwroot/sitename/wp-content/plugins/ePaperflip Publisher/ePaperflip Publisher.php

  2. Activate the plugin in your WordPress plugins page. This can be found on WordPress administration page sidebar.


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