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🔥 Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with Highly customizable Elementor essential addons and widgets to build websites in less time with no coding required. Both Elementor and Essential Classy Addons For Elementor plugins take your WordPress website to the next level.

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🆕 New: Image Scroll widget

Now, you can cteate image sequence play on scroll. Check it out now!.

🆕 New: Grid Post Listing widget

Now, you can cteate any custom post type or Blog Post using Grid Post Listing Widget comes with a modern style, advanced posts filtering options with highly customizable styling. Check it out now!.

🆕 New: Back To Top widget

«Back To Top» button to easily scroll long pages back to the top with multiple layout option. Check it out now!.

🆕 New: Business Hours widget

Highly customizable to display your opening times in any format. Check it out now!.

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🧱 Elementor Widgets & Addons Included

✔️ Accordion – Advanced Accordion Widget helps to display text and template in a amazing way and in a cool stylish design.

✔️ Advanced Text Block – Advanced text editor widget which contain H1 – H6, anchor and span tag.

✔️ Back to Top – Back to Top is a simple widget for Elementor allowing site visitors to get back to the top of your web page after scrolling page down. It have two Position Left & Right. with Offset Option.

✔️ Business Hours – Use Elementor Business Hours Widget on a website to display opening hours for your customers. You can manage with Day wise or custom you want.

✔️ Button – Button gives you an amazing way to create unique call to action button. Also it has Dual Button option.

✔️ Changelog – The widget allows you to create a nice and clear custom list with one by one animation option.

✔️ Chart – Elementor chart widget allows you to display your Line, Bar , Radar , Pie & Doughnut , Polararea and Bubble Chart with custom options.

✔️ Dark Mode Styling – You can immediately add Dark Mode to your Elementor website. Place this Dark Mode Styling Widget wherever you want on your website for the best layout on click light/dark as per user need.

✔️ Dropcap – First letter of the text as a Drop Cap with 3 different layout. You can set as a watermark text as background.

✔️ Grid Post Listing – Grid Post Listing is the perfect solution for blog based websites. It lets you display your posts in grid and masonry layout. With 5+ layout option with any custom post type.

✔️ Image Hover Effect – Image Hover Effect for Elementor comes with 25+ styles that add hover effects to your images with customization option with links.

✔️ Info Box – Display information using the info box widget of the EC Addons for Elementor. You can add a customized title,description, button and hint text.

✔️ Lottie – 5+ animation options. Scroll based animation. JSON Based Animation. Autoplay; On Hover, On Click, Mouse Over-Out Effect, Scroll Based, Inline and more and easy to use and light weight widget.

✔️ Marketing Link – The marketing Links widget is a perfect for marketers who want people to attract. Display an attractive button that grabs attention to user with two links.

✔️ Scroll Progress – Reading Progress Bar is a best way to encourage your visitors to scroll through the whole page and continue reading your content. It has 4 layout with Top, Bottom, Left and Right.

Social Icons – Create amazing social media icons and setup links. It have tons of social icon customization to use in WordPress using Elementor.

✔️ Title – Easy-to-use Title widget for Elementor Addons with 10+ layout and easy to customize.

✔️ Tabs – Tabs widget allows you to add any information or Elementor template you want in tabs. You can create horizontal or vertical tabs with click or hover.

🧱 Elementor Extension & Addons Included

Glassmorphism – Create a useful and creative design with glassmorphism and provide useful details to customers. Easy to implement any design with glassmorphism on Section, Column and Widget you want.

Lax Scroll – Simple & lightweight to create smooth & amazing animations when you scroll. With Fade In/Out and more.

Link – It’s a very useful feature. It set any section, column, and widget to anchor link.

🧱 WordPress Performance Included disable Script and functionality

🤝 Dashicons – Dashicons is the official icon font of the WordPress.

🤝 Emojis Script – They are smileys used on the Internet. If you don’t use it, Emojis script (wp-emoji-release.min.js) in WordPress creates an extra request, which adds to total page load time, and slows down your WordPress site. Professional website never use it.

🤝 Embeds – WordPress site now to load the wp-embed.min.js file. And this loads on every single page. The request itself is sometimes a bigger deal than the content download size.

🤝 Password Strength Meter – Introduced in recent versions of WooCommerce and WordPress, there is an integrated Password Strength Meter which forces users to use strong passwords.

🤝 Remove RSD Link – Display the link to the Really Simple Discovery service endpoint. For more info

🤝 Remove Shortlink – Shortlink is nothing but the shorter version of the post or page URL.

🤝 Remove wlwmanifest Link – WordPress automatically adds a wlwmanifest link to your site header for Windows Live Writer support. This is a link tag with a reference to your site’s wlwmanifest.xml file: Like.

🤝 RSS Feeds – RSS (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer.

🤝 Remove RSS Feed Links – add and remove action required.

🤝 Self Pingbacks – Trackbacks and Pings or Self Pingbacks allow blogs to notify each other that they have linked to a post. However, today it is mainly used by spammers to send trackbacks from spam websites.

🤝 XML-RPC – XML-RPC for WordPress was designed to enable remote connections between your site and external applications.

🤝 WP Version Generator – By default, WordPress leaves its footprints on your site for the sake of tracking. In sometimes this footprint might be a security leak on your site if you are not running the most updated version of WordPress.

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  1. Upload the plugin and activate it
  2. Edit any page/post using edit with elementor option
  3. On elementor widget menu, search/scroll and find the widget
  4. Drag and drop this widget, where you have to add
  5. Customize the options
  6. in a minute you have added the widget, Keep on crafting creative layout using Elementor Page Builder and Essential Classy Addons For Elementor.


Will it work without Elementor page builder?

No. It does not work without Elementor

Will it work with any theme?

Absolutely. It will work with any theme where Elementor works.


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Compatibility : Elementor 3.10
Compress CSS
Few minor bugfix and improvements


Compatibility : Elementor 3.7


Added : Demo URL UPDATE in readme file


Added : Image Sequence Scroll
Fix : Bug fix and Improvments


Added : Accordion
Added : Advanced Text Block
Added : Back to Top
Added : Business Hours
Added : Button
Added : Changelog
Added : Chart
Added : Dark Mode Styling
Added : Dropcap
Added : Grid Post Listing
Added : Image Hover Effect
Added : Info Box
Added : Lottie
Added : Marketing Link
Added : Scroll Progress
Added : Social Icons
Added : Tabs
Fix : CSS & JS load issue fix


WordPress 6.0 Compatibility


  • Elementor Container Compatibility


  • WordPress 6.0 Compatibility


  • Elementor Container Compatibility


  • Elementor 3.6 Compatibility
  • Minor Bug fix and Improvments


  • Elementor Tag Updated


  • Elementor Tag Updated


  • Darkmode Styling
  • Glassmorphism
  • Elementor Tag Updated


  • Initial version