Extended User Search In WP-Admin


By default WordPress in WP-admin allows users to search only by username or email id.

But what if you want to search user by first name or last name or both. What if you want to search by entering only partial email address/id or username or by bio, you cannot do it as by default. WordPress do not come with this feature.
This plugin eliminate above limitation. Which could perform search based on full-name, first-name, last-name, email, username and bio.
«Extended User Search In WP-admin» Plugin that allows admin to search user much more deeply and overcomes the limit possessed by WordPress.

Note :- This plugin is inspired from «Improved user search in backend» and «User First Name / Full Name Search In WP-admin» plugins.


  1. Go to plugins->Add New. Click on Upload Plugin.
    2) Browse the downloaded zip file And click install now.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You are Done. Go to Users tab and enjoy extended user search.


27 de diciembre de 2020
The Learners on my courses never seem to know what email they used to register their account but most seem to know their actual name ha ha! This plugin makes searching my First Last or partial name super simple. THANK YOU!
20 de septiembre de 2019
I was so glad when I found this. But it doesn't work. Any suggestions?
16 de septiembre de 2019
I've never understood why the core does not allow user search in the admin - by firstname / lastname... (it searches username / email) - installed this plugin - and worked exactly as expected.
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