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Face Detection


This plugin allows to generate cropped thumbnails without cutting heads or faces. It detects whether uploaded images have faces in it thus when generating cropped thumbnails based on such image, they will be centered in the largest face found.


  • Generated thumbnails for an image before installing the plugin.
  • Generated thumbnails for an image analyzed by the Face Detection plugin.


What does this plugin do?

This plugin modifies those cropped thumbnails generated from uploaded images in such way whether there is a face inside that image, it will be in the center of the generated thumbnail. That way, it avoids cut heads or faces when displaying thumbnails of your images.

How does it detect faces?

This plugin uses a custom WordPress/PHP port of a Java implementation of the Viola/Jones object detection algorithm. Very technical stuff. Basically, you need to know that it is not 100% effective. But the idea is to improve its effectiveness in subsequent versions.

How I make it work?

By default, the plugin is disabled for all the image uploads. It is done that way because the process to detect faces is very heavy and maybe you do not want to wait that each image you upload to the server be processed for this plugin.

You can enable Face Detection for all uploads by going to Settings -> Media. But also, you can regenerate face-detected thumbnails for each image by going to Media and editing a particular image.


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